RZA Says New Wu-Tang Clan Album Should Have "No Money or Business Involved" + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) RZA is Bobby Digital, an Abbot and apparently a world class music marketer ready to change the industry. During his interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, RZA explains how he came up with the same idea Beyonce used to release her Beyonce album, 15 years ago.

When the world at large reassembled their senses after being shocked that a Beyonce album was released without warning, they were greeted with not only [ ] but also 14 music videos. According to RZA, he told then-Def Jam president Lyor Cohen about this very same idea…back in 1999:

I remember telling Lyor Cohen, I was like ‘yo, let’s just go and instead of spending $1 million dollars on music videos, let’s make mini-movies to go with our music. Sell it  in a format, whether it’s double sided disc or something that you put into you car. You listening to it and your seats are bumping.’ Nah, they didn’t think it was a good idea.  Here it 2013, Beyonce basically does that. Years later. I told them that back in ’99.

He also made sure to address Raekwon’s gripes with the  management of the album and stated that Raekwon has informed him of his list of demands that need to be met before he works on the album. In the past, Raekwon has stated that complications on the business end is what has held him up. According to RZA, the magnitude of their history should supersede any business aspiration:

Nas just celebrated Illmatic at Coachella. Brings out Lauryn Hill. Brings out Damian Marley. He’s celebrating all week. He’s celebrating all week, kid. He’s going to celebrate all year. Why? Because, that’s history, kid. So, this is a chance to celebrate ourselves. It really shouldn’t be no money or business involved if it’s something for yourselves.

Check out the full The Breakfast Club interview below: