Lil Boosie: The Rap Game Looks Weak Now (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Boosie has only been free from prison for a few weeks, but the veteran rapper has already examined the Hip Hop landscape at the moment. According to Boosie, the game is not looking too strong.

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When asked by Complex how rap looks now, Boosie responded, “Weak… as far as what I talk about.”

He continued, “I’m in my own lane as far as the real music, as far as music that can touch people. Not just make people dance, but make people think.”

Bad Azz also stated he does not believe the South is on top of the game anymore. “Reality” is what’s missing from southern Hip Hop added the Louisianan.

“If you listen to a lot of artist’s records, you would think everybody in the south is popping bottles and riding in foreign cars,” he said. “It’s not like that. It’s more people struggling than more people ballin’.”

Boosie recently announced his next album will be dropping this summer. He will also appear on 2 Chainz’s upcoming Freebase EP.

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Watch Lil Boosie’s interview below.

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  • Dointer

    If you rap about the social implications of the ghetto and life itself Boosie, these labels are not going to push your stuff. I hope you stat true to your word on this one.

  • Obi Won

    Reason being people listen to Big KRIT, Curren$y and OLD southern music.
    Everybody not balling just like everyone isn’t struggling. Hopefully with Scarface dropping and now Boosie dropping it will help a little, but in this day and age, youngsters for some reason are born with bottles of Rose and a diamond watch. Record executives aren’t pushing music that make people feel good about themselves, only “i’m better than you” music.
    If he said that, it makes me wonder why the first features we heard about for his album was TI, 2 Chainz, Jeezy and Meek Mill. Hopefully just for shock value.

  • Montezuma1

    The rap game is weak because it lacks CREATIVITY. If we want reality we can turn on the news.

    • Live Well

      Street Hip Hop is supposed to be news for the hood. The news on TV is bullshit, homie. It doesn’t let you know what’s really going on.

      • Montezuma1

        Street hip hop is a fantasy world that allows lames to experience the gangsta life.

      • 1SOFLO1

        It became that way, not in the 80’s and most of the 90’s……When the word “bling blind” was invented, it all went down to trash from then.

      • Montezuma1

        Haha. I see it as a combination of “reality rap” glorifying one small part of the black experience and the “ballierific” life Puff introduced. Puff is the father of all that couture, “brand recognition” rap. Prior to him rappers rocked hoodies, backpacks, Timbs, etc. He threw on Versace and made BIG wear it and it was over. lol Now we have a mix of the two. The worst of the East and West. Then the South added their distinct style of Tomfoolery and you have what we have now. A mess. lmao

      • EniggaMA

        I always said puff destroyed hiphop

      • Live Well

        Only lames listen to street music with the expectation of gaining “life experience”. Your own life is the only place you’ll get life experience. Real productive street music is about giving a voice to the voiceless, which isn’t covered in mainstream media/news. But you are right, it all begins with creativity. If the art sucks then no one cares what the message is.

      • Montezuma1

        The vast majority of gangsta rap fans are middle class poseurs not project dwellers. They then copy the style, lingo etc and start claiming the “life” to be cool. Lastly, many of them started making the music because in that bizarro world putting in work means spitting a hot 16. Shots fired means someone got dissed and clapping back means you released a diss of your own. Lames Gone Wild.

      • I gotta agree wit u on this one…it’s funny because they try so hard that they stick out like a sore thumb. Funny how I done seen plenty fake azz wannabe hard azz cats get palm slapped…they normally stand there with the dik look on they faces..lmao I’m reminiscing now…them same cats get ran out the hood or they hang around til sht gets real…then poof puff the magic dragon is gone…Hunnit miles and running.

  • WeRallFucked

    This just in! Hip-Hop News EXCLUSIVE! The one trillionth rapper questioned the authenticity of a certain regional genre of the “rap game”…Misinterpreted free-style responses from his foes are expected to follow.

    In other news…[Enter Rapper’s name] talks about how his music is more than just music…he claims that his music is actually “A movement”….

  • EniggaMA

    When someone outside of the south says it they’re hatin. When Face says it he’s an old head that’s bitter. When this dude says it people listen. SMH. Dudes been spittin about real life.

  • Dolladae

    I never really liked Boosie music. I respect him for keeping it gutter but i real ain’t checking for his album or nothin. Rap IS weak btw. Thank God for TDE tho. They gonna help save this shit.

  • Brindle

    Finally, someone from the south, telling the truth about the south… Tellem Boosie, so they can quit dumbing down and ruining my music…


    more ppl stuggling and not poppin bottles (its like that every where) and always have
    been……….smart way to reel in fans tho….from other areas

    • Almost reeled me in, except on AHH, more people are ballin’ than struggling, but they only have “E” money!



      • Lmao str8 up pockets and car on E….

      • GQ

        Yo do realize that there’s people who post on here and any other site that’s REALLY got it? You right tho, its hella customer service millionaires these days lol. Then you have people who really got bread. I’m not into bragging about what My family and I have, but lets just say: We GOOOOOOOD!

      • Of course, JohnBlacksad is one of them, but those are the exceptions to the rule….because they don’t brag about it.

        Montezuma is another one, although he doesn’t know that we know who he is.

        50% of the country is on food stamps….I doubt the other 50% post exclusively on AHH.


        You & yours good & you don’t brag!

        The Ninja talking that he “Only smokes $200 blunts & wears new Jordans everyday” is different.

        Family men don’t really count because even if their pockets are empty, their family’s needs are met & 9/10 if they / we didn’t have a wife…we’d still be getting mad cheddar!

      • GQ


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  • Dave Williams

    finally somebody admitting southern rap sucks

    • Son Dollars

      yeah just like your wife!

  • Montezuma1

    Reality Rap is like Reality TV. Nothing real about it.

  • Devious

    The west is bacc on top of the game

    • Son Dollars

      lmao…. da south still holding it down!

      • Devious

        Lol yu thought boosie is right with nigga as like Fag ass young thug and rich homie quan talkin bout they the best in rap south brought out the first gay rapper

      • Son Dollars

        The thing is u gotta respect Young Thug because most of dez rappers are gay and atleast he aint in the closet. Pause…no homo because if u thing Drake aint gay?… Black Gay entertainers been getting a pass M.J. , Prince, Luther,… etc. The nigga is talented end of discussion!

      • Son Dollars

        and Rich Homie Quan is the truth!

      • Devious

        I don’t respect none of. That fag shit

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  • Ipullcards

    That’s because to many of his peers got deals!

  • He ain’t lying tho…nuthugger wearing azz cats nowadays crack me up…I can’t even take a nigga in skinnies serious…how the fk u get ya foot thru them tapered legs at the bottom…lmao dudes is jumping up and down to get in his pants like a bitch. Auto tuned out, r and b ‘ d out, no substance, yea rap definitely a lil fragile right now.

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  • Montezuma1

    I respect Boosie for pointing out what the rappers talk about isn’t consistent with the reality though. More than anything it’s not about real it’s about diversity in the sound and subject matter. There just isn’t any and that’s because of the lack of creativity. Every rapper talks about the same thing. The same way. No creativity.

  • Son Dollars

    The new Tupac… the industry is full of clones!

  • Terrance Goodman

    This nigga growed up. Been a boosie fan

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  • girl swagg

    yall right

  • When has this dude put out anything as good as Kanye, jayz, rozay, lil wayne, or e40, lets see this country negu step his game up.

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