LA Clippers Players Protest Owner's Alleged Comments Before Playoff Game

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (April 26th), Chris Paul stated that the Los Angeles Clippers’ players would not address the comments allegedly made by the owner of their team, Donald Sterling. However, earlier today (April 27th), the Clippers players staged a small protest during the pre-game of their playoff matchup.

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Today the Los Angeles Clippers face off against the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the Western Conference Playoffs at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Prior to the game, the Clippers players decided to address Donald Sterling’s alleged comments via their attire:


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The Clippers will reportedly make another statement on Tuesday (April 29th) when they face the Golden State Warriors at home in Staples Center:

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  • Terrance Goodman

    That is a cop out statement. Not playing is a statement. Any team would understand them not playing and happily take their stars. F these hen pecked negros

    • Not releasing a statement would have been better than releasing a statement saying they’re not going to release a statement.

      • brotha_man

        million dollar slaves

      • ‘Ole Hollywood Shuffle @$$ Ninjaz!

        ( Nah, it was a SMART move, smarter & deeper, would be saying nothing & letting them guess what’s on their mind. )

      • Terrance Goodman

        I respectfully dis agree. That’s the problem we do not make enough statements on a positive level

      • AlbertoRipRon

        And do what exactly? Black folks don’t make statments as a whole. Always waiting for someone to save them or pointing fingers at dudes they think didn’t do enough. Whole world is watching and you gotta know how to play the white man’s game to beat them at it.

        Plus if they did make a statement, your comment would have been “they shouldn’t have made a statement”. C’mon bruh. They made a statement on a positive level. You gotta know how to operate out here. Sometimes no words are better than words that can be misconstrued or used against you. You gotta know how to speak various languages to get your point across.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Not play we seem to sell our souls cheapl these days

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Smh. You can’t please black folks. That’s the truth. Whatever you do, its never good enough and blacks always feel they could have done more. It’s a shame really. Black folks are the dumbest race because they can’t think about the big picture. No wonder black americans are so docile but talk a big game. This is a game of chess. You don’t start the game off by going for the queen on the first move.

      • Terrance Goodman

        It’s is not about pleasing at all. It is about standing up and showing that we cannot be trampled and ignored.
        I see some how your superior intelligence allows you to judge a race as a whole. Put your sheet on already

      • Terrance Goodman

        Not I would not have said no statement is better. Laying the game is pulling the sick roll and hitting the grand dragons pockets

      • “No Comment” is on a positive level?

      • Terrance Goodman

        I just believe there is too much silence. We need to be more vocal. Defend ourselves

      • Like Bron Bron?

        Now that was a statement on a positive level, but this ” No Statement” ‘chet is a sucker move that will promote / encourage more fuggery, IMHO.

      • Terrance Goodman


  • plsDontreply

    money coons, told yall they was slaves or like Kanye say “new slaves”

    • Spadey

      Playoff checks are like play money to these dudes, I don’t think they are playing for the money right now.

  • Executive

    Fuckin house niggas, smh. The power of the dollar will make a nigga tuck his nuts.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      There’s always some nigga talking about “if that was me, I would have told that homie” Ayo, shut up man. They handled that shit appropiately instead of just jumping around like they bout to start a war. Here you name yourself after an Italian sportscar made by a company who don’t give a shit about your black skin and you calling folks house niggas, accusing them of being slaves to the dollar. Dumb ass.

      • Executive

        Your an idiot.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Actually you are.

        It’s *you’re, which means you are. Your means ownership. I hope you’re sterile.

      • Executive

        Your mother should’ve aborted you, it’s never too late though.

    • Spadey

      Playoff checks are wack, they already made 2013-14 salary…’s about the ring.

  • Executive

    They left their nuts at home.


    They aint protest shit ol uncle Tom house niggaz they have no pride no respect for themselves nor the black race what so ever aint no way in hell I would’ve played I would’ve sat on the bench in my regular clothes all game

    • Spadey

      Cause you have no pride or respect for the game of basketball… would sacrifice a championship ring that would make you happy… boycott and show you are unhappy….and that is suppose to make you feel better about what happened…..nah.


        Fucc that ring this is making a statement fucc letting that cracker jack get away with it clippers ain’t going to the finals anyway

  • anemia716

    This is something they have all worked towards for the majority of their lives. Please. Coon that, house nigga this…that’s half the problem.

    There is a much bigger picture.

    • DJ7

      It’s only the 1st round of the playoffs….you’re making it seem like it’s the finals…to which IMHO would make an even bigger statement if they boycotted. Going with the flow IS the bigger picture in this situation, wouldn’t you agree?

      • TruthSerum

        No, I wouldn’t agree, because for whatever the reason, breaking your contract and walking out on your obligations is gonna follow you around the rest of your career. No team is gonna want to do business with a man who lets his emotions control his rationality and walks out. I’m sure this isnt the first time anybody on that team has been called a racial slur, but letting it enrage them enough to walk out of a game and walk right into a breach of contract lawsuit isn’t gonna do anything but make it worse on them.

        How can you even rationalize this train of thought??

        “So the old white man called me a N!@#$, so my solution was to walk out on my pre-arranged contract so he could file a lawsuit and take all my money back from me……WINNING!!!!!!

        You separate the men from the boys by watching how they react under pressure. Keeping your cool and making the smart decision is the way to go here……….. Not throwing your future away on a racist old white mans sideways remarks.

        After the seasons over, I’ll assume we’ve seen the last of this guy anyway. The NBA ain’t gonna be able to sweep away the backlash if they keep him around. Till then, just keep your composure and focus on the big picture.

      • hongkongfui

        if standing up for what’s right is going to endanger your career, maybe it’s time to find a new career.

      • Can you give them jobs / careers paying the same?

      • hongkongfui

        No sir I cannot. Neither can I offer an 18 year old girl a job that would pay the same or more than porn, however I would still advise them to change careers.

      • You have to offer a viable solution with your advice.

      • hongkongfui

        True. My advice, use the degree they got from their university to land a decent job or use their savings to start a business. They may not be the most lucrative options, however at least they would be able to sleep with a clear conscious and pay bills.

      • No, No…that would be the most lucrative option…if they could read, write & count.

        I’m not saying they are all like that USC? athlete, but I doubt their degrees are as valuable as the person who worked 3 jobs to get through school….in terms of actually being qualified to run the business.

      • God Body

        Captured by money isn’t anything to be proud of. Anyone willing to not do business with them for standing up for OUR rights shouldn’t be someone they would even want to do business with either. How does that conversation go exactly. Oh we won’t employ you because some old white man called you a racial slur and you refused to be insulted and denigrated and walk away. Yeah thats not the kind of integrity we’re looking for you’re liability right there. REALLY? Anyone who says that can kiss my ass 3 times. You shouldn’t do business where you would not be employed or respected.

        OR how about been known as an Uncle Tom for the rest of your career because you’re happy to take money from known slave-master-minded franchise owners. Isn’t that a breach of the contract they signed? These players reputations are being brought into disrepute for being associated with this sterling the bigot guy. If anything they should be suing him for hurting their careers and earning potential. No-one wants to do business with an Uncle Tom after this.

        Thats why they wore their shirt inside out, they also have to protect their careers. Sterling is messing it up for them. The buying public should boycott and the players should protest verbally against their ‘Massa’ at the very least.

      • Business & morals have nothing to do with each other.

        The money don’t know where it comes from.

      • johnblacksad

        Every dollar is equal, every dollar has the same power… no matter where it’s from…

        >>>>> wishing us humans could do be the same!

      • Ryan Cole

        What team or court of law would hold these players accountable for walking out and fulfilling contractual obligations with the situation at hand. I’m sure there’s nothing in the contracts about having to be demeaned or belittled just because you signed on the dotted line.

  • Sean Power

    nice protest but as long as they keep playing he keeps making money, so take off all shirts you want he gets paid if want hurt him stand and don’t play for him

    • Spadey

      Maybe if it was the regular season, but the trophy is on the line.

      • Sean Power

        something are bigger than trophy ? if they win the trophy he wins even bigger

      • Ryan Cole

        Exactly. The whole organization claims championships, not just the players and coaches.

  • Trill Gates

    but you coons still played smh

    • Son Dollars

      They sign contracts dumb ass!

    • TruthSerum

      Your the type of dude that would let your anger control your decisions, make a stupid move and wind up getting sued for breaking your contract.

      Shooting yourself in the foot to prove a point is fools logic.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      But you’re using the derogatory word, coon, which was started by racist white folks because they said black folks look like raccoons. How you using their shit to diss them? You trying to clown them for handling it appropriately? You young bucks are dumb and gay nowadays. Shut up b.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    They handled it appropriately.

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  • MalcolmLittle

    So AHH decided to lock me outta my old account huh, ain’t THAT about a bitch…fukk y’all too…LOL But I digress…I see a lotta y’all are hot that the players didn’t do more, and I can feel where y’all are comin from. But dig…what everyone needs to remember is we live in an age where mufukkas are too shook to unite and take a stand against ANYTHING, and Black folks especially when it comes to us gettin dogged by the dominant society. At least they weren’t bein apologists about the shit and makin excuses for dude like so many Stepin Fetchit niggas do these days, or did we forget that quick how many bootlickin ass niggas were defendin Paula Deen? Those were the REAL coons. So while what the players did may seem minor to some who feel more could have been done, it’s a START at least, a step back in the right direction after so many years of playin the passive role. We as Black folks gotta keep in mind that due to allowin ourselves to be stupified by consumerism and frivolous bullshit, collectively we have a hellified hole to climb out of now far as consciousness, self-awareness and self-pride…but hopefully all the attention this incident is gettin, plus the protest, can be what sparks some of these youngins’ minds to see how real it truly is out here for us, and give em the much-needed balls to get on some unity shit and start standin up against the REAL enemies. Wishful thinkin? Perhaps. But anything’s possible.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    yall getting on the team for their small protest with the uniforms but what about all the fans who attended this game knowing that they are helping this racist MF stack millions. these players have bills and others who depend on their support financially. Its not that easy to just say I’m not going to do my job and sit on the bench or not show up at all.

    • Ryan Cole

      The game was in Oakland. Donald Sterling doesn’t get ticket sales money in a road arena.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    If I was Doc Rivers, I would gather up all my starters and tell them “I know I need you guys to win but we gon teach dis wrinkled azz cracka a lesson and we gon play wit all our bench players the rest of the playoffs”. I would play my starters real sparingly and I know the starting five wouldn’t have a problem wit dat. Fucc it, take dat saltine’s money while sittin on da bench. If Stephon Marbury can get paid for sittin da bench and refusing to play, they should have no problem. I know it’s about da fans and the city, but racism is bigger than the game. What you think would happen if a Black owner said “Don’t bring no honkies to my ish! Dat nigga woulda been workin da concession stand in da lobby of da arena before tip-off.

    • Shaneca Thornton

      Lmao bwhahahaaaa

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  • Guest

    I am just waiting for that wrinkled old bastard to come out and say he didn’t mean it that way or how he was not in his right mind or it was his mess talking.

  • johnblacksad

    damned if they do, damned if they don’t…

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  • Backwards shirts. That’ll get respect. I mean yeah, it was something but im still hoping that they just boycott the next game or the whole playoffs. I know, easy for me to say but I’d rather forgo a title this year than to be treated like livestock figuratively and literally (rather than just figuratively).

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