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50 Cent: I Would Have Went At Jay Z If He Had Helped Ja Rule (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent’s verbal takedown of Ja Rule led to several other rappers catching fire from the Queens native just for associating with the Murder Inc star. 50 recently spoke on that beef and the collateral damage to other New York emcees like Fat Joe and Jadakiss.

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While on Cosmic Kev’s radio show, 50 explained his initial attack on Joe and Kiss was because they appeared on Ja Rule’s single “New York,” and their assistance was hindering his goal of ending his archrival’s career. But after 50 no longer saw Ja as a threat, he was open to collaborating with both rhymers.

“I liked the record, so I felt like it was going to fix what I was doing, so I had to get ’em,” said 50. “Once we get away, and I’ve accomplish what I was after to begin with – [Ja] never got back in position and never became a threat to anything that I was doing – then I can reevaluate that and revisit those situations.”

When asked if he would have went at Jay Z if the Roc-A-Fella co-founder had done a song with Ja Rule at the height of the 50 beef, the G-Unit leader responded, “He would have got it like everybody else. He stayed clear of that motherf**ker.”

He continued, “Who you think Jay Z is?… There ain’t nobody that ain’t gonna get it at that point. They’re ain’t nobody within our culture that ain’t gonna get it. It was nothing personal.”

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Watch 50 Cent’s interview below.

102 Responses to “50 Cent: I Would Have Went At Jay Z If He Had Helped Ja Rule (VIDEO)”

  1. southside4lyfe

    Enough stop interviewing this clown asking him the same old bullshit so he can stay relevant. Make new music and stop talking about shit that happened 8 or 9 years ago. The youth of that time have kids now and careers of their own nobody is even paying attention to 50 anymore plus he need to recoup that 16 mil he just lost from his head phone lawsuit.

  2. Joseph Thomas

    im getting tired of hearing 50 “talk”…..shut up the talking and rap….plus he continues to talk about old stuff….

  3. 225CampLife

    50 is a has been living off the fame of that one album. He’s just trying to stay relevant. Plus I don’t care what anybody says, Ja Rule made better quality music than 50 IMO.

      • 225CampLife

        The thing that turned me off from 50’s music is that he dissed Ja from making r&b type music . Then when Ja fell off, 50 started making the same type of music. It pissed me off because Ja did it better.

      • Joshua Lyons

        agreed. its called eating off other people plate. as a person homie 50 is a shyster and a hypocrite.

  4. ..Trillion..

    50’s mentality is to real and street for the entertainment industry. its like he still thinks his on the block taking over people corners.

    • Marekso

      I think he’s not necesserily real in the street sense, because he’s known for snitching…he’s just desperate power seeker (remember that he co-wrote with robert green) and becomes really insecure when not in spotlight, he’s losing all his friends because of his alfa-male mentality…he’s even bully and act like female, taking shot at everybody, in his music for whole career and now via social media…he even clowned shyne in prison, type it in youtube 😀

      • PorchBoySlim

        Everybody keep saying he’s known for snitching lol…Who did he snitch on? The engineer snitched when Irv and them came and 50 got stabbed…the nigga that shot him is DEAD…Everybody he talked about in the Ghetto Qu’ran was dead, in jail, or already did their time.

      • DiscoverDior.com

        I know for a fact that 50 hired the feds as bodyguards, then walked around in bulletproof vest, like he is a killer when he was hiding behind the badge.

      • PorchBoySlim

        Bruh EVERY rapper had off duty cops as bodyguards at one point and time. Bodyguards are either off duty cops of ex football players and thats a fact. 50 was running around in bulletproof vest b/c he had real street beef. (preme for one). One thing about 50 is he really ran the strip..I personally know people from his hood and they even told me this…even OG Bimmy said 50 is a real gangsta and he was one of Preme soldiers.

      • PorchBoySlim

        No but Bimmy did an interview saying that he wanted to clear the air…he said I’m always gonna be Preme’s soldier but there’s was a lot of people saying shit that wasn’t true…I know 50 he a real gangsta. go to u tube…/watch?v=E8pGrzAi0Ms and you will see it.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Exactly…..bimmy and all them other queens Nggz respect 50, they just don’t like how he shitted on a bunch of og’s from the block….bimmy is also Waka flocka uncle, Debra attney brother…..

      • NEWSKULL

        ….bimmy is also Waka flocka uncle, Debra attney brother…..
        hmmm…. hence the mentality

      • Joshua Lyons

        he dry snitched on Preme in a old mixtape record….and let me not mention the order of protection he put on murder inc. Theres stuff we don’t see in the background..

      • PorchBoySlim

        Sooooo you didn’t even read what I just said huh? lol Everything said in the song was common knowledge Preme was in prison from 87-97. He already did his time…and The engineer is the one that snitched…when ur name comes up in court cases the judge can put the papers on without being asked. There’s a video of Bang’em smurf talking about it he even said that 50 never snitched and it was the engineer and smurf was beefing with him when he talked about this so you know its true.

  5. johnblacksad

    clown azz n!gga… you lookin worst than Ja Rule right now…

    irrelevant azz n!gga tryin to hang on to whatever he can…

    survival instinct will turn the hardest n!ggaz into b!tches…

    can’t wait till this Animal Ambition flops so we can stop hearing about him

  6. Montezuma1

    This ni99a here. Stay talking. Put some points on the board man. You get shot you talk. Yayo momma house gets shot up you talk. Your soldier gets killed you talk. You just a talking ass bytch. You ain’t gonna do shyt. Just as bad as Game. Every other word is somebody else’s name. To be so rich you’re not aging well either. Must be all that hate.

    • Eli Pinilla

      He did, they went back in forth on it on mixtapes…..that was before 50 even blew up. Which kinda shows how long he’s been on jays radar

      • Eli Pinilla

        The clown act!?!?! I don’t see him tap dancing or doin any coonish shit. He’s doin promo runs for his new album and they Askin him questions. He’s been dropping new music and videos every week. It ain’t his fault allhiphop and the like only post excerpts of interviews. …..it’s all add bait. And they know they will post these parts of interviews and cuz it’s 50, it’s automatically gonna get hits. Good or bad comments. So you go to 3 other websites and that’s all you see. Makes you think it’s 50 talkin shit everywhere instead of seeing that the websites is all doin the same shit to get some clicks

      • johnblacksad

        I’m sorry but when in 2014 a n!gga starts a sentence with “I would have…” he is automatically disqualified in my eyes…. he should know better to just shut up

        I have no problem with 50! His marketing ‘technique’ is lame, played out, boring, not constructive… etc

      • Eli Pinilla

        Dog, Nggz that start sentences with “I would have” normally have enough history in the game to be able to say that. Shit, at least he still trying To drop music. So using your criteria, rakim, big daddy kane, g rap, mob deep, dip set, the lox, and anybody else who speaks on their past or what they did or would’ve done different are automatically disqualified…shit, I just seen nas talk about illmatic for a month str8. And that was 20 years ago!! Not 10. I see jay talk about his reasonable doubt days. Or how jada kiss woulda never dissed beans…. The man has a history he can speak on….and he’s already put number on the board. He’s tryin to retire his jersey at this point.

    • Marekso

      I totally believe that what you seed in your life is what you’ll get as a result…on some karma philosophical level…50 spreading hate for years, in what kind of position would you expect him to be now ? Even his label partners couldn’t stand him…hater deserve to be hated

      • Eli Pinilla

        Ok, So 10 years from now, the Nggz hating on 50 gonna get the same karma of hate 50 is receiving now if you believe that to be the case….so it’s just gonna be one giant cycle of hate karma…..

      • Marekso

        I think you’re right 🙂 that’s the reason to deal with your grudges…Pac got killed for that fight back mentality

    • DLOUPO

      NA this nigga brought up jay name like he always do he stay wit jay and puff dick in his mouth they be like “so fifth I herd u a new daddy” 50 be like puff daddy, yeah I hate that shit! Big homie is trash. Enough with this clown 50 cent

  7. DiscoverDior.com

    Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Reportedly Trying To Prevent Hours Of More Tape From Being Released—This is the time when I feel that 50 should stop hating on his own kind and shed light on real issues like, the Clippers and Donald Sterling……………..There is a bigger issue at hand and once again 50 has nothing to say about it, but quick to tear down his own black brother. #fail

    • Hector G

      you are so depressing….you literally just said that you’d rather have 50 focus on talking about racist white people that are irrelevant to his situation??!! beat it bud and go read the other 5 pointless articles on allhiphop about donald sterling with your simple a$$

      • DiscoverDior.com

        Irrelevant to his situation? He is a black man who break bread with these same racist ass people, 50 is not just a rapper…..Yeah, only black folks get publically disrespected, and think that it’s not their battle to fight. #typicalblackmentality

      • Jonathan Bacher

        “To disrespect” is not a verb asshole. And no, your comments dont have anything to do with this article or interview that was recorded before the Sterling bs.

    • Marekso

      Club fans and players are those who should take actions…NBA won’t do shit and talk from irrelevant people neither helps

  8. DiscoverDior.com

    50 has made millions and is so successful, why is he still on this “crabs in a barrel” mentality? He doesn’t have to address these issues anymore, you have reached a new level 50, get over yourself, so many world issues that could use your star power, and all he does is talk about taking something from some other rapper….. #blackpeoplesuck

  9. J. Jordan

    Funny…isn’t beefing with other big names EXACTLY what killed his popularity in the first place??? If he would have dissed Jay, it would have been yet another group of fans who abandoned him that much quicker. I mean, Nas ETHERED Jay, and Jay’s career went on to be bigger and better than ever. Has dissing Jay ever worked for ANYONE? Serious question.

    • Dubz

      It’s not like he won the battle with the Lox. They made better diss
      records….he just had a cult like fan base. So to make it sound like
      “Oh I would have went at Jay too” I doubt it because it would have mess
      with his paper…And he probably wouldn’t have had the blessings from Em
      and Dre.

  10. disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    50 cent is a complete clown at this point….constantly brings up old stuff like this to try and stay relevant….nigga your rap career is done!! no one is checking for you anymore….you had the streets in your hand and could of kept making good music and you chose to crossover and make candy shop…..enough said

      • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

        oh wow a million views….i can go put a video on worldstar and get a million views…mimi and nikko got over 10 million views in a day…what does that mean? Exactly nigga, nothin…this nigga is not relevant in the rap game….when was the last time he dropped a cd or a successful single….i get money? foh

    • trilltalk1

      streets is that all you niggas know? man the streets are there to serve there purpose. how many niggas you know worth over a 100 million still inthe streets. any nigga from the streets will tell you the same. it’s the niggas that never been street that don’t understand that.

      • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

        must be a NY nigga…notice i said rap career…the bulk of his money has not came from rap….if u like dancin to candy shop thats cool my nigga, lol

    • TopShotta

      you right son… see how going at RIck Ross worked out..Ross still relevant and he’s not… all this beefing ish is what truely killed NY…him and Jah is one thing that not rap beef but everybody son what you mad for you rich…lets make this music …lets go…but not this way …classic starting to look like the fall of the Roman empire

  11. tra mo

    Dam man u can look in 50 eyes and tell he aint got a soul internally he views everybody as potenially being competition look how his day 1 niggas is nowhere to b found he just a rich goon thats all he dnt care about being alone niggas like him gon b ok if his family member most close to him dies he a dangerous nigga to b around if u fool enough to think he can b your friend i dnt think his thoughts and actions are purposely meant to b cold but that’s Wat his upbringing turned him into so thats just who he is his mind never elevated out that animalistic mentality of a street nigga i observed him and watched his interviews over the years and wat he says about his personality and how he views other people is all him i kinda feel sorry for him but u can tell he likes his life just the way it is


      for real Man… I guess he learned how to turn off that anima instinct on some occasion… but in this video, His eyes didn’t lie it is really him…That’s “Boo Boo” right there not 50 the artist… just Based on that I am sure that Nigga sent someone to burn his baby momma House like that was nothing… 50 is def a psycho… lmao… and for some reason most psycho are very successful people…

  12. David Gonz

    bro jas crew tried to kill the guy. of course hell never drop that ….. its luke jeezy saying the gucci beef is old lol. you tried to end dudes life. that type of beef doesnt dissapear.

      • David Gonz

        supreme funded murder inc. where u been?


        “Preme” didn’t fund “Murda Inc.”!!! That’s why they won their case. When you posted “jas crew”, I thought you was talking about some new schitt!!! Must’ve meant to post “Ja’s” crew???

      • David Gonz



        “GRAMMAR NAZI”??? Get the phukkk out of here with that bullschitt!!! Have you ever heard of “spell check”???

  13. ShortDogg

    50 is that real dude! The other guys are just soft! I must admit it, the nicca goes hard when talking in the interviews. 50 can’t rap worth a shit but dude have heart! Can’t trust’em, so I got to them bust’em!

  14. Joshua Lyons

    when Nas did a track with Ja did 50 go at him….or how about when Lil Wayne did a track wit Ja…or how about when Trick Daddy did a track with Ja….so and so fourth….homie talks so much shit I can smell it over here in Miami.

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