50 Cent: I Would Have Went At Jay Z If He Had Helped Ja Rule (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent’s verbal takedown of Ja Rule led to several other rappers catching fire from the Queens native just for associating with the Murder Inc star. 50 recently spoke on that beef and the collateral damage to other New York emcees like Fat Joe and Jadakiss.

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While on Cosmic Kev’s radio show, 50 explained his initial attack on Joe and Kiss was because they appeared on Ja Rule’s single “New York,” and their assistance was hindering his goal of ending his archrival’s career. But after 50 no longer saw Ja as a threat, he was open to collaborating with both rhymers.

“I liked the record, so I felt like it was going to fix what I was doing, so I had to get ’em,” said 50. “Once we get away, and I’ve accomplish what I was after to begin with – [Ja] never got back in position and never became a threat to anything that I was doing – then I can reevaluate that and revisit those situations.”

When asked if he would have went at Jay Z if the Roc-A-Fella co-founder had done a song with Ja Rule at the height of the 50 beef, the G-Unit leader responded, “He would have got it like everybody else. He stayed clear of that motherf**ker.”

He continued, “Who you think Jay Z is?… There ain’t nobody that ain’t gonna get it at that point. They’re ain’t nobody within our culture that ain’t gonna get it. It was nothing personal.”

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Watch 50 Cent’s interview below.