Tyrese, YG, Shaquille O'Neal, Spike Lee + More React To Clippers' Owner Being Banned For Life

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (April 29th), NBA Commissoner Adam Silver dropped the proverbial hammer on Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, banning him for life. Accordingly, the social media world blew up and celebrities began putting their bids in for the Clippers, sending Donald Sterling on vacations and more.

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Tyrese pointed out the irony of Sterling appearing on African Americans’ social media accounts:

Spike Lee, who was in attendance for Silver’s press conference gave his full support of the move in meme style:

A$AP Ferg advised Sterling to take this time to embark on a journey:

Check out more reactions below:

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  • ab

    The FREE MARKET should have decided his OUSTER. The SLIPPERY SLOPE is in effect. Next are those who PUBLICLY [and more importantly, PRIVATELY] speak out against the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA! We need to PROTECT the RIGHT of people to speak even RACIST comments. In addition, the fans should have RESPONDED with an ECONOMIC BOYCOTT, and the players by REFUSING to PLAY, thus driving him OUT of BUSINESS. That way, he’d be out via the FREE MARKET, and our FIRST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH PRESERVED.

    • Ipullcards

      What about the amendment rights to govern your own private business without absolute government oversight? Well that’s what the nba is doing. Piggy backing off of mark Cuban when he back tracked those very same comments you MADE! You mad? Black nor white, there is no room for it. What happen to meritocracy, why does wether or not u gain employment or social status based on race? Now if these comments stayed private I had no problem of him continuing ownership but that’s NOT the case. It was made public, he made someone very angry. And now, he deserves a bigots sentence, stripping him of his prized jewel his business. The nba is within legal perimeters! They tried this in the nhl and the league won! There’s already a precedent set in these cases. So gripe and moan all you want

      • ab

        You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about the League being able to regulate itself–no doubt. My only CONCERN is these days, with the NSA spying on American citizens–which is on official record–anything can be made public. Just ask General David Petraeus. Any of us could be fired for anything someone else deems as offensive. Who should decide this? And what are the parameters of what is offensive? I APPRECIATE this conversation because I am trying to DISCERN the big picture of what this means and what it could mean in the future.

      • Ipullcards

        I def understand your concern. Truth be told all those privacy rights acts basically went out the window with the patriot act. 9/11 was either schemes or was a situation of oppprotunity to know what every American is saying doing or even contemplating. Obama just passed some bs today the invades more privacy as if that’s even possible. But this reeks. He’s a slave master, he had to go. Sports is one of the few arenas in American culture where it’s a merit based. How well you play in college or how highs your talent ceiling, actually gets you a good better paying job. We can’t have him corrupt that

      • ab

        Agreed that he is a bad guy that had to go. But how would you answer the 2 questions I posed?

      • Ipullcards

        I believe sensitivity courses need to be apart of human resource departments. Americans believe we are the only ones on earth. Even in a land of immigrants we fall behind in ethical & cultural assimilation in the work field. 2 civil rights legislation needs to be refreshed period. Not so much leveling the playing field but making unlevelling illegal. That’s what I got from the top of my head while my daughter bugs the hell out of me. Hope it was suitable but please elaborate

      • ab

        With employees I would have no problems with firing someone. With owners, again I would say free market pressure. To me, sensitivity courses are lighter versions of hardcore re-education programs. And, I don’t think deeply-rooted ideologies change in that manner, it has to be through the free-will of the individual–both for racists, and for principled folks who would take a bullet for a righteous cause [MLK, Malcolm, Gandhi…]. Anyway, like I said, I am trying to figure this stuff out. Things are moving fast in our society, and we have to interpret and analyze events accurately and quickly, because there is always something else that pops up that deserves our earnest attention. Fighting the true Power Structure, as you know, is a non-stop battle, and they are serious about their mission. It’s crazy. Anyway, I’m out–Peace.

      • Ipullcards

        You’re right about that bro. It’s a never ending fight we all know this. That’s why this is an important topic. Stay safe & blessed!

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  • David Gonz


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  • Joe the Haitian Mulatto

    Make all sport teams publicly owned like the Green Bay Packers, get rid of the owners who have helped ruined sports in many different ways.

  • Black Adam

    American’s inability to get a long with each other will be the downfall of America itself. While you fight amongst yourselves ol Gov is poised to put you all in shackles. The entire color spectrum from darkest to lightest. Good luck.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    Once again, this privacy thing is gone out the window, he feels like a host of other rich, white people. the only difference is he got caught, what did this old bigot do that was so bad? He spoke his mind, and besides he didn’t lie!
    No matter how good those player skills are they wouldn’t get any money if it wasn’t for white owned companies. So what did he do that was SOOOOOOOO Wrong?