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Lil Za Gets Probation For Drug & Vandalism Charges

(AllHipHop News) According to reports, rapper and close friend of Justin Bieber, Lil Za has agreed to a plea deal in his drug possession and vandalism case. Za (born Xavier Smith) pled “no contest” to charges stemming from his arrest on Bieber’s home in January.

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L.A. County sheriffs were sent to Bieber’s Calabasas, California residence after a neighbor accused the pop star of throwing eggs at his house. Authorities then took Za into custody after finding the illegal substance MDMA (aka Molly) in his room. The 20-year-old was later charged with vandalism after destroying a phone at the jailhouse.

Along with the three years probation, Za was also ordered to pay $600 for the phone damage, a $1,000 fine, attend an outpatient drug treatment program, and work on a highway cleanup crew for 20 days. The judge in the case said he was impressed by Za’s good behavior in court and believes he will take his probation seriously.

Last month spoke with Za’s longtime friend Yung Stet about the perception that Za and Lil Twist were seen as bad influences on Bieber.

“I’ve known them since they were young teenagers like 14. They’re really good-hearted people,” said Stet. “I just hate that the media puts so much negativity on Twist and Za for Justin Bieber’s faults. Not even faults, because he’s just growing up in front of the spotlight. He’s young, rich, and successful. People are hoping to try and put negative things on him, but he’s his own man. I know first-hand that Lil Twist and Lil Za are not influencing him to do negative things.”

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  • MrNoName2K

    Just a bunch a teeny boppers that aint got sh*t else to do

  • I hope this has served as a wake up call for this dude.
    Many of us may think that he’s a fool and should’ve got a harsher punishment. Maybe he should have…..

    But let’s not forget that we’ve also been a youngen too partaking in silly things. Many of us have gone on to learn from our mistakes and become better individuals. What makes us think that he won’t?

    The kid may just be doing these things to fit in, I know I did a number of things to fit in when I was younger I then went on to realise I didn’t need to try and fit into any crowd.

    I’ve learnt not to cast judgement on a youngen, some of the things they do are part of their journey in life. This journey allows then to differentiate between good and bad. Some will learn from their mistakes and some won’t, I hope this dude has learnt a valuable lesson in life..

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