Suge Knight: I Didn't Kill Tupac Because Tupac Is Not Dead (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) We can either chalk this one up to intoxicated humor, intoxicated truth or just Suge Knight messing with the world. In a recent interview, Knight alleges that Tupac has not died.

In the interview, Knight references Dexter Issac’s 2011 admission of shooting Tupac at New York City’s Quad Studios in 1994 when reasoning why Tupac’s murder still being unsolved as being curious. According to Suge, the real reason Tupac’s murder has not been arrested is because there is no murderer to catch:

Why you think no one’s been arrested when they said they killed Tupac? It’s not just the snitching, be smart. Because, Tupac not dead. Tupac not dead, n*gga. You know if Tupac was dead, they’d be arresting

This is not the first time Knight has spread the word of Tupac being alive. Days after a hologram of Tupac Shakur performed with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre at Coachella, Knight first revealed his skepticism of Tupac’s death in an interview with 93.5 KDAY. In the interview, Knight alleges that “nobody seen Tupac dead” and the events following his cremation leave his death shrouded in disbelief:

His mother wanted it done quickly. He passed. So, this guy got about $3 million, personally from me in cash. Next thing I know, I never heard or seen from the guy.

Check out Suge Knight explain why Tupac is still alive:

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  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Just stop it Suge…

  • Tx_Vandal187

    He’s lying

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  • Brindle

    the most foolish fool is an old fool…

  • I don’t believe him, but what if it was true….would the legacy still remain the same?!

  • Eric Cartman

    2pac actively searched for attention. Do you think he’d stay quiet for 20 years? He died. Suge knight gives zero fux so he’ll lie to get attention or maybe he is full on delusional

    • David Gonz


    • scullyson

      Do you think he’d stay quiet for 20 years? >> HELL NO !

  • MrNoName2K

    man i dont know about all that crazy sh*t Suge talkin bout but on the other side…all the money Pac made in death..i would wanna come out either..

  • Escobar

    If Pac lives, then Pac lives. Let the man breathe, anyone who really knew what Thug Life really meant behind it all knows that Pac was trying to make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

    If Makaveli ain’t alive then Thug Life lives on til’ infinity.

  • OG Spicy Mike

    He set up the murder. He just covering his ass now. He’s a snitch and a federal agent! Read the book, The FBI war on Tupac Skakur and other black leaders. I forget the writer’s first name but his last name is Potosh. Suge is a turd from the devil. When you see him, punch him in his glass jaw. If you can get away with it just shoot him.

    • Tx_Vandal187

      Yeah he is

  • therealest1

    Damn, too bad that knockout that barber rendered and Akon’s peeps who socked him out couldn’t shut him up or knock some sense into his now irrelevant fat ass.

    • David Gonz


  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    It wouldn’t surprise me IF he is still alive, people ”disappear” more often then everybody thinks

  • leftcoast13

    If Pac was alive his so called fake death was the cause of Biggie being murdered , I don’t think he would have been able to live with that conscious, and if he came back he will be blamed for Bigs death

    • David Gonz


  • Terrance Goodman

    I wish.

  • digitallife

    If he is or isn’t it’s time to let that go…

  • Hector G

    i dont know whos dumber this fat clown or allhiphop for posting this

  • scullyson

    Suge must be smoking that wet or something.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Ok, so biggie alive ngga?!?!?! Cuz they ain’t arrest them dudes either…how bout jam master j?!?!?! He chillin with pac In cuba?!??! Cuz them boys who shot him up still out………dude ain’t been the same since he got knocked out..

  • One word. He needs?


  • xuimanuel .

    This isn’t the first time suge saying this outlandish things…as he go doubts cos he never saw the body to keep waffle on,his as personal vendetta against puff many cos he’s never been investigated by police as much as suge

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  • Bruce Leeroy

    There is a war going on behind the scenes we know nothing about. They are fighting for us, the masses, the regular folks that are innocent in this whole thing.
    There is the bad side (see illuminati) that wants to keep us in the dark and just use us as slaves while keeping all the wealth and power within.(see New Slaves). There is a good side, that is fighting for us. To free us from the wool that has been pulled over our eyes so we can realize our true potential as humans. They poison us with fluoride and gmo’s and diseases like AIDS (that there is a cure for but only for the rich). They divide us with race wars and class wars. It’s easier to rule when everyone is divided. The good decided after Kennedy was killed off it was time to stop letting the good die. So they fake their deaths and bring them in house to lead from behind scenes so that they aren’t killed off later on. (See paul walker, tupac, Etc etc, the list goes on). Where do u think the phrase “the good die young” came from.

    • Tx_Vandal187

      Real spill homie

    • Realist4200

      ……so Paul Walker’s and Tupac’s deaths were hoaxes so they could “lead from behind the scenes”? LOLOLOL. Did you just spit Paul Walkers name out because he’s the most recent high profile celeb death? And imply he’s working with some secret good guy squad to save the world -LOL. Oh man.

      Also: the phrase “the good die young” probably comes from depressed people trying to make sense of the loss of a loved one….

      Hollywood has your mind f#cked.

  • Bruce Leeroy

    Kanye will be next if he keeps it up the way he has been. The bad will get him if the good don’t get to him first. Mark my words.


    • Roger Hudson

      I thought I was the only one who thought this way thank you!

    • GQ

      Anybody who believes in Illuminati is a fckn idiot

      • Ace

        Wow your piece of advice man, the bible says even when a fool is silence his considered wise. Call pple idiots with a lot of ignorance ain the one. The Freemasons, illuminati is a society that’s existed since the days of the crusaders, check any history and also look out for their temples they not hard to find and you will be welcomed but a member has to refer u

    • no one caresabout kanye.. he married kim k.. any and all “knowledge” or “wisdom” kanye drops is nullified by marrying the biggest fame whore of the last 100 years.

    • Tx_Vandal187

      They just puppets

    • Ace

      It’s all about money and power in that order.

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  • Jason Mazur

    1) I wouldn’t care if he was alive and resurfaced. That would only mean he basically wasted every drop of talent and influence he had and deprived himself and society of what I could only imagine would be some historically great accomplishments and changes.

    2) Suge is a fool. A lost, hurt, misguided, washed up, has been, addict holding onto any thread or shimmer of hope to stay mildly relevant and re attain some sense and sort of purpose. He is inclined to say or do anything making this intoxicated rant nothing short of tom foolery and bullshit.

    *the views and opinions expressed in this comment are those of J. Mazur and in no way reflect those of allhiphop. Haters, trolls, cyber thugs, keyboard gangstas and the like are invited to kiss my ass or kindly piss off.

    • MrsOno

      Thumbs up to your disclaimer!!!! Freaking hilarious😁


    This untalented EGOMANIAC is back making up stories of ‘2PAC’s alive’ or ‘
    so & so’s got a bad deal’ just to get in the press…..This HAS BEEN hasn’t been NEAR a hit in over 20 years & had the BIGGEST FAIL in Music Biz history! PLUS many, many people feel he had PAC killed, or HOW can he be sitting next to you in bucket seats inches away & if the shooter hated YOU TWO, how can he be FULL OF BULLETS & you barelty grazed! GTFOH with that BULLSH*T! F*CK SUGE, his 15 minutes BEEN up long ago!

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    I heard that Suge Knight had Tupac killed so that he could eat Pac’s heart and gain all of his Thug powers.

    • imagine if thats what he really did.. lol..

    • Tx_Vandal187

      Like that black dude from the Jason movie..lol

    • Guest

      how i imagine it went down

    • Tx_Vandal187

      how it went down

  • Tx_Vandal187

    Suge works for the feds…he sold his old pad to some Hollywood big wigs who use the spot to touch young boys word to Brian singer the producer from xmen and a Disney tv dude

  • Tx_Vandal187

    If Pac alive Eddie Guerrero is teaching me how to do a frog splash…LATINOO HEATTT!!!

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  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    These pac stans been talking about the same shyt for the last 17 years. Their world stopped moving on sept 13, 1996

    Cali niggas have nothing else to brag about cuz their coast been shit since pac got wet up lol and don’t get @ me with that Kendrick Lamar shit cause u know that nigga wack

    • pauleyPee

      Wow, you can’t really think that to be true. You obviously haven’t been to the Pacific Coast if you do… On second thought, Jack Sparrow did indeed say that sometimes, you have to let the ladies believe their fiction.

      • fJJ

        Jordan, I think he’s a belieber.

  • Doc McStuffins

    he wants us to believe it took 3 mill to get that body cremated? lol a vat of acid and a barrel homie I woulda got it done for 50k tops

    • hoeyuno

      Didn’t you watch the whole documentary..the acid preserved the bones and teeth so the Australian forensics could identify the victims with ease..

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  • fJJ

    I don’t think tupac would want to come back to this shit hole anyway. society are savages if you look beyond face value

  • jon dubock

    Puffy making millions off wack music…Suge making thousands off federal informant money…who winning Suge???….

  • MercedNative209

    i was just with 2pac the other day and he sold me a mixtape

  • hoeyuno

    2pac got plastic surgery and came back as…**drum role** the one and only Justin bieber!! Everybody knows that.

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  • Ambrose Gibbs

    2pac music will, live, forever.