Rich Homie Quan Hospitalized After Suffering From Seizures

(AllHipHop News) Rich Homie Quan’s week started off on a high note. The Atlanta native was selected as a member of the 2014 XXL Freshman class, but according to TMZ, Quan is currently in the hospital recovering from two seizures.

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Reps for the “Type Of Way” performer say he fainted from heat exhaustion then suffered dual seizures. Quan was reportedly filming a video at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park with Problem. He is now said to be in “good condition.”

Rich Homie is the latest rap artist to experience seizures. Lil Wayne revealed he has been diagnosed with epilepsy which caused him to have seizures in 2012 and 2013. Rick Ross also suffered from several seizures in 2011. The MMG leader said that his medical issues were the result of him “not getting enough rest.”

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23 Responses to “Rich Homie Quan Hospitalized After Suffering From Seizures”

  1. YouKnowNothing

    Heat exhaustion causing seizures now huh? *rolls eyes* What’s next? Sleep deprivation causes seizures too!? Oh wait…

  2. disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    These same type a stars stay getting seizures and I think I know why…Mufuckas drink mad lean, fight the urge to sleep as much as possible, and probably drink zero water which causes the dehydration that causes the seizure smh…PROBABLY

  3. End of Days

    Heat exhaustion, like no one on set had a Gatorade… 100 negroes and not one hot damn Gatorade?! Ha…

  4. ab

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