Rick Ross Facing Lawsuit Over "Stolen" Pictures

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is reportedly being sued by a photographer. TMZ reports Armen Djerrahian has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, and the photog claims Ross has been using pictures he took without his permission.

One photo in particular is the image of Ross holding his hand to his head like a gun. Djerrahian also says he shot photos for other MMG artists like Meek Mill and Omarion. The pictures have been used in various mediums according to the photographer.

Djerrahian’s work has appeared in numerous print magazines. He has also directed commercials and music videos including Lloyd Banks’ “So Forgetful” and K. Michelle’s “Fallen.”

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24 Responses to “Rick Ross Facing Lawsuit Over "Stolen" Pictures”

  1. Jared

    Damn so you can’t even use an image of yourself nowadays? You need permission for that? That’s real

      • Marekso

        Like these suckas were artistic or what…10 years old can take a photo and use photoshop, people are oversensitive and suing for shit…YOU AIN ARTIST, YOU JUST BOUGHT CAMERA FOOLS

      • Dope

        I agree to some extent, but still, if he was hired to make some photos and he did his job, then he needs to get paid

      • Sean Taylor

        He paid them he just doesn’t have permission to use the photos without the consent of the photographer.

        Read the contract next time Williams.

    • TRIPLE_R

      Fact is that you can’t use images for your own promo, CD’s and all that for free. Those images came apparently from a magazine photo shoot. So he has all the right to ask for his $$$$$. That’s what’s real.

  2. Arrie Mental Woodard

    this is his fault…. dont hand over the negatives or actual photos with being fully compensated.


    These pics are from several magazines, not MMG’s promo. Dude needs to get paid that’s it. If someone would have use Ross’ music illegally, what do you think he would have done? Read the all article before you talking nonsense issshhhh.

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