Injury Photos Allegedly From The-Dream's Attack On Pregnant Girlfriend Released (PICS)

(AllHipHop News) Recording artist The-Dream turned himself into police this week after his ex-girlfriend claims he attacked her back in April of 2013. Lydia Nam accuses the entertainer born Terius Nash of choking, kicking, and punching her while she was pregnant.

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The-Dream has proclaimed he is innocent of the charges, but photographs supposedly taken after the attack happen have now been released.

TMZ published the pictures that show Nam with bruises and scratches on her face, arm, neck, and leg. One photo features a newspaper front page with the date the attack allegedly took place last year.

Nam filed a police report in November 2013. She claims she waited seven months to report the incident because she feared for her life.

According to reports, Nash believes Nam filed the report to avoid being sent back to Canada. A visa concession allows for the victim of crimes to remain in the U.S. in order to testify in a criminal prosecution. Other reports have stated the accusations stem from a child support dispute between the former couple.

Nash was charged with assault, strangulation, harassment, reckless endangerment and child endangerment. He was later released on $20,000 bail.

Check out the photos below.



  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Self inflicted…………

    • soyhiphop

      Could be some bitches are muy loca

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Nicca I got my ex trying to lie on me about sh*t and we been cool for 10 yrs! Ain’t no loyalty in these hoessss. Free CB,

      • soyhiphop

        Lol no loyalty u seen that worldstar video where white dude snatch a chinese hoe from her man? Smh shit was embarrasing

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        If u talkin about that video just released on wshh like last night ? Yeah . Didn’t really peep it like that. Might have to review it again.

  • Blaq_Boi

    Why you holding up that pillow under your nighty? Oh yeah, this is meant to have happened while you were pregnant. #DezeNuts

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  • Jamel Williams

    I can’t trust no bitch that reports so many months after the incident that just seems fishy.

    • YouKnowNothing

      Typical nig.

      • Son Dollars

        Ive gotten more bruises changing my break pads… then they charged him with strangulation thats bullshit. She still breathing…lol

      • YouKnowNothing

        Who changes their own brake pads?! You can’t even spell “BRAKE” LMAO. Typical broke, uneducated, ghetto slob nig.

  • lol @ u


    • Pirate7x

      True and we don’t know if she started with him either, fair?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Word. Says she don’t put anything past anyone but by her post she siding with the female because she’s a female.

        We all know these birds be testing dudes. And this bird knew that she can push homeboy because of two things

        A) If he hits her and leaves a mark, he’s fucked

        B) If he hits her and leaves a mark, he’s fucked and will be losing some money

        All these birds know this part of the game. Why they don’t mind dating these celebs. Its a win if it works, a win if it doesn’t.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Because 98 percent of the females out there are birds. They know they can talk loud to dudes and if the dude reacts and is some round away cat, he’s going to jail. If he’s a celeb, he might go to jail and she gets paid. You broads like to test dudes to hide behind that. Silly ass girls

  • Cookie Fox

    I gotta point this out, you guys dont spell words right very often, its to the point on this article, you guys wanted to put Nash, but put Nas at the end of the article, i actually thought Nas was added to the article because of a similar situation, tighten up guys!!!


    The ‘Dream’ has turned in a ‘Nightmare’ & his 15 Minutes are UP! Nicca Please! Take a seat chubby………..

    • Son Dollars

      all he gotta do is spend 5 stacks on a make-up bag… ella ella eh eh!

  • It’s two sides to every story. Interested in hearing Dream’s version. If it’s true, f*ck the Dream. But I’m always hesitant to diss the guy based on a one-sided argument.

  • dehova

    Next time you see him at the grammy’s Jay’s gonna be asking him why he came barefoot. Bitch about to take the melanin off his black ass

  • soyhiphop

    I look down on niccas who hit women im not saying all women are above an asswhooping cause lord knows some deserve it. .but don’t do it if a chick stress u out to the point you wanna lay A back handed thunder slap on em. it quits let another dude catch that headache move on to a better girl if you’re the problem better yourself. .don’t hit women look at cb he’s not doing good

    • SBRon

      You left out PREGNANT!! IF he really did this & the chick miscarried or had a stillborn or some shit…? CANCEL XMAS!!!

      • soyhiphop

        Yea that’s even worse. .you don’t hit pregnant women or abuse women infront of your kid’s. .or abuse women point blank

  • baller187

    Why have babies with these chicks so they can take your money and be gone, now he is about to lose millions all for a nut

  • ImaFoolBoy

    this bitch lying her ass off

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  • MrNoName2K

    Damn man he did her something nasty. No matter when it was reported its still f*cked up on that niggas part. I got a mom, sisters, and daughters.. i dont know about yall niggas but for me, i cant get wit it. Of course a b*tch is gonna be a b*tch and say some f*cked up sh*t and try to get all up in a nigga face and talk all tough, comes with the territory.

    • Pirate7x

      I got several female relatives and friends and I still say we don’t know the whole deal in this case. On a few occasions some have admitted that women get too far in a dude’s face starting sh– hoping for a physical conflict to lock a dude up.

      Yes we shouldn’t take the bait but laws also give you the right to self-defense. I don’t know here but I’m speaking in general. And seriously women need to chil with some of the sick mouth talk trying to get rise out of men. Too many are not that discipined and will react.

      For the record I’ve NEVER had to put hands on a woman but I’ve observed and broke up drama that almost went there.

      • Son Dollars

        Have u ever noticed when 2 men fight its gone be some punches a little wrestling and maybe a stomp or 2. We just want to k.o. u and swell u up. But dez bitches bring knifes, bleach, razors…etc. They are way more vicious and know how 2 use words to make a grown man wanna cry. How many women are cutting niggas dicks off and shit. Everybody wanna scream equal rights but men are the main ones going 2 jail for the shit when women share the blame. But since she got nice tits and everyone from the police officer who came on the scene to the DA over the case wanna smash they become the poor defenseless victim. I say outta all the domestic violence calls 60% of them is a ratchet hoe tryn 2 see a nigga in jail and the other 40% is woman needing protection.

      • Myleage

        nah it aint the shit talkin…wait til u got a bitch destroying your shit and hittin you, scratchin you, and throwing knives at you then we will see your resolve.

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    man it looked like her grabbed her and scratched her. Not downplaying it but this does not look like an “ass” whooping

    • Son Dollars

      when ur rich and famous and touch anyone its assault niggas be falling like NBA players trying to draw a foul.

      • Pirate7x

        Great metaphor and true as hell. Shoot just as bad like european footballers (soccer payers), they worse than NBA players with drawn fouls.

        Groupie chicks, smh. ‘oh he scratched me’ after she likely jumped on him.

      • Son Dollars

        The game is too be sold not told…but as a people we in last place so Im giving it out for free. I tend 2 use metaphors like Confucius and Jesus…

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  • Pirate7x

    On behalf of D.L. Hughley who’s lawyers said he is forbidden to comment, I file this uder the “thirsty beeyotchez” category.

    Abuse is is no good either way. But the way these indusrty side pieces flip after very likely getting out of pocket with their meal tickets is ridiculous. If the assault is proven as unprovoked and not in his own defense, let the courts handle it. He better look out or end up sharing cells with Chris Brown.

    Funny ’cause you can see this groupie is having a hard time holding back ‘sefie smile’. It’s like ‘this is the first time in a 1000 IG pics I haven’t shown my azz in the mirror. This nicca gonna pay me…’