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Calvin Klein Bacote Talks Going To Jail For Jay Z

(AllHipHop News) “I never felt more alive, riding shotgun in Klein’s green five,” rapped Jay Z on his Black Album track “Allure.” Now the man mentioned on those bars is speaking out about his history with Jay Z.

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Calvin Klein Bacote connected with VladTV, and the author of Neighborhoods Under Siege shared stories of him and Jay back in the day. One particular story covered a time when Klein says he helped prevent Jay from a possible ten-year bid in prison.

“We were at a party and mayhem just broke out crazy,” said Klein. “Jay and I wound up being the ones to get caught. We actually got locked up, charged with attempted murder, attempted murder to maim, battery assault, and possession of a deadly weapon.”

Klein says was able to convince the alleged victim in the case to drop the charges on one of them by paying $50,000. He decided to take the charge so Jay could go free.

“I actually took the case on and went to trial,”  adds Klein. “Jay testified on my behalf on that, but if it had not been my wittiness of going to the guy and talking to him and working some things out… A lot of people don’t realize that Jay would have lost his moment of opportunity because he and I both would have both been sitting in there doing more than 10 years, because I went to trial facing forty years. In the state of Maryland you do no less than ten.”

After being asked if Jay offered to take the charge, Klein reveals Jay did ask if wanted him to do the bid, but he chose to let the aspiring rapper take advantage of his opportunities instead.

“I didn’t want him to miss that opportunity so I told him, ‘Nah, we did what we had to do to get to this point and I’m going to take the weight of the case. I just want you to go home, straighten everything out and come back and bail me out. That’s what happened,'” added Klein.

Klein ended up doing four years for an assault charge.

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  • End of Days


    • Brooklyn Stoop

      check the interviews he did with jack thriller on this is 50

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    all these stories just show how real jay is…………

    • Joe L. Garcia

      the nigga stated that Jay offered to do the bid…. now if he went and took the fall for Jay that’s all him

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        he got more interviews on thisis50 where he talk about how him and jay fell out.
        dude said jay gave him a 10 mill budget to get his ish together pretty much, but jay aint wanna end up like Irv and murder inc………..jay told dude this and dude said he get it. he called jay about a deal he wanted to do, the deal didnt go through cause the people on the other side tried to bump up the price.
        long story short the deal didnt go thru…………jay told dude, next time make it make sense. dude got all in his feelings about that…………

        im listening to the interview like………..what??? you got made cause jay said make the next deal make sense. man………..it reminded me of the scene in goodfellas when joe pesci “OG” came home and wanted to son him when he kept telling him to shine his shoes.

      • Joe L. Garcia

        and we all know what happened to Billy Bats……

        Then again Pesci got his too….

        I kinda feel sorry for this nigga.. Duke probly spend his whole day telling Jigga stories.. Nigga could get paid telling these tales! hahaha

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        He was on the diss Jay band wagon when dehaven came home. and if you remember calvin klein was working over there at Akon camp………….so lets hear THAT story, how did that fall apart.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        What’s really funny is he sounds a lot more humble now than he did two years ago.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        WAAAAAAY humbler. 2 years ago he talked like jay role was to get them chinese food or some ish

        now jay ready to take a case for you but him seeing the potential jay had he “decided”………oh okay.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I bet he sees how just has taken care of Emory and now he feels stupid.

        He talks about how he hung the phone up on Jay to keep him out of his investigation but never told him or Ty-Ty why. But when he got home he still wanted him to hold him down not knowing why he hung up on him.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        he mentioned that stuff too … this isnt new info … im sure if he asked what jayz specifially did as far as moving them units his answer will be the same he was a worker …. but he aint have access to the pies and the connect that was CK ….

      • johnblacksad

        I noticed that too


    STFU N!GGA….you went to jail (FOR YOU) that’s the game and you was playing it
    well until you started this (WRITING A BOOK…..INTERVIEW TELL ALL TYPE STUFF)

  • The_Good_Life

    Street fame is false religion…

  • baller187

    again another nigga jay should break off, he dont need all that money

  • TheOnlyCoop

    He sounds a lot more humble now than he did when he was hating on the Kay Slay show. Guess he see’s how Jay held Emory down when he got out.

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  • Sean Taylor

    And this is news why?

  • digitallife

    Hmmm yeah right..this dude has changed his stories about Jay like 90 times now, go did up that old fed magazine where he aired out Jay’s “hustler” era as complete nonsense, ever since then he’s been on damage control.

    • Ipullcards

      Sure did. But we need to use our own deduction of the facts with him and jays relationship. They were stand up to one another until one didn’t like what the other did. It’s like jay left him hanging after his fed case but from what I know, and read jay had nothing to do with that, so why is he so mad? Or why was he so mad

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