Teen Murder Suspect: "When I Listen To Rap Music I Want To Stab Somebody"

(AllHipHop News) Here we go again. For decades, accused criminals have used the “rap music made me do it” excuse for their actions, but in a murder trial in the United Kingdom it was the other side that brought rap music into the case.

An unnamed 16-year-old is standing trial for brutally stabbing 17-year-old Fico Dougan last September. According to the prosecution, the defendant was heard saying, “When I listen to rap music I want to stab somebody.”

Fico Dougan

Fico Dougan

The teenager then allegedly got a knife from the kitchen, returned to the living room, and stabbed the boy in the chest so hard the blade went all the way through the victim’s back. Witnesses say there was no apparent reason for the attack.

Others at the scene attempted to stopped the teen. A friend began yelling at the defendant, but he was “paying no attention; he was not listening.”

The accused teen was later arrested at his home. Police stated they found him outside burning clothes.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to killing Dougan. The defense is seeking a manslaughter conviction on the grounds of diminished responsibility due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    lock em up and throw away the key

  • RichFromBX

    stop acting like rap is singled out as the only type of music – people been saying the same thing about music as a whole for decades before their was rap music.

  • End of Days

    Hell between mental health and listening to most rap that is mainstream now, no telling… Sh*t went from Gangsta rap to straight up lemme try n fk yo girl, stab n shoot ya n’ go on twitter to confess about it and laugh at your dying body in order to sell records.

    • $42709766

      Right…and people act as if that type of shit isnt going to influence a teenagers mind. Yeah these kids gotta accept responsibility for their actions but these rappers gotta take some blame too.

    • Macnlx

      So after i have played the videogames Mortal Kombat or GTA I can go practice fatalities on people or jack peoples cars after kiling them.. or maybe after i watch the movies Jason or Psycho i can go around stabbing people…people allways will look for shit to blame

  • brotha_man

    1. the parents 2. mental health…..cant blame rap for everything

    • Twonpass

      hell, you cant blame anything or anyone for what YOU do….

      all excuses, and we all know how excuses and assholes work together.

  • Mark Lamount Burns

    Okay, okay, I get it: “Hip Hop has violent lyrics!” “It sends bad messages to young people!” “Rappers objectify women…blah, blah, blah!”
    At what point do people stop using Hip Hop as a scapegoat and start taking responsibility for their own messed-up decisions?

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  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • MrNoName2K

    Mental issues + lean + listening to “Rich Homie Quan”.. this is the result

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    im interested in knowing who this unamed 16 year old is, what is his background. other then that…………i guess blaming the devil got old, rock in roll got lame so blaming rap aka black influence is the easy route.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Damn, Black culture must be responsible for everything wrong in da world. Guess it has nothing to do with piss poor parenting, mind altering drugs or mental illnesses anymore. Go figure.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Please forgive me if my post sounds similar to everybody else. I typed first then scrolled down and read them. All great minds think alike. Salute to everyone that posts great comments on this site.

  • Obi Won

    Any music can have an influence on a person, I used to listen to 3 6 Mafia & Pastor Troy around 16, but it made me want to lift weights or party. Not snort dope, rob or kill somebody. Little dude has mental issues and probably has a drug influence. Sad news is still bad news in this case, but he should be evaluated.

    • Growing up listening to Kool G Rap & I doubt they will grow up to be a Wall Street banker.

      • Twonpass

        not true…you are assuming

      • Not assuming, speaking from past experience and the statistical norm.
        While there are exceptions to every rule, they require the discipline and foresight to make a conscious decision to improve, as opposed to simply surviving the everyday struggle.

        When Warren Buffet dies…who is his mansion going to be sold too? jay Z? Kanye? Me or you?

      • Twonpass

        Very true, I appreciate your response

        Thank you my brotha

      • >>Dapz

        >> Takes 2 & passes back

      • Twonpass

        I saw nothing…..looks away an exhales….

      • golder1

        Warren buffet doesnt live in a mansion. And you are assuming when you infer the type of music you listen to detetmines what you will become.

      • Again, speaking from experience, which is the best teacher while you compare book smarts and fancy pants degrees, but if there were a fancy pant degree on being Black, I could? would earn it.

        If you take 2 babies, from conception, I mean while the daddy’s electronic signal is still in the nuttsack, as well as the egg in the mom… ( Yeah, the sperm is merely the electronic programming of the egg that’s within the mom, so the whole electronic brain impulses, Virgin Mary, etc, is possible, but…..)

        Take 2 kids, from earliest stages & play gangster rap for one, and read the Wall Street Journal / etc. to the other, every day, for 20yrs, with the same education & give them both the same opportunities to be either or….which one to you think will be on Wall Street and which one doing time in the Penzo?

        Trust me, music is an influence, that’s why they are investing so heavily in …?Your favorite rapper?

        *Now I’m “assumng” your favorite rapper is pure trash.*

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  • soyhiphop

    Every time I see a saw movie I feel like chopping people in pieces..every time I hear country music I bring out a confederate flag and burn a cross in my front lawn..every time I hear a drake record I put skinny jeans bake a pound cake and watch the young and the restless lol..stop the excuses

    • Two_guns_Billy

      lol funny shit..the shit don’t get niggas less time so why do it?

  • This nigga is just crazy.I listen to the wildest shit and watch the wildest shit and I don’t just stab ppl for no reason.This is bullshit

  • He’s right though, when I listen to TODAY’s rap music, I usually want to stab somebody…usually it’s the artist rapping!

    • soyhiphop


  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    PTSD???? GTFOH this little bastard is just an asshole who cant control himself!

  • RichFromBX

    the only thing I want to stab listening to today’s hip hop are my ears so I don’t have to hear it anymore.

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  • JD

    Isn’t this what the idiots in Chicago do every day?

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