Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake And Rihanna Are Done!

I thought it was already over, but it seems like its official to the bone gristle. Drake and Rihanna have called it quits. It seems like they just kept fighting. I can’t imagine what over, but maybe Drake didn’t wanna share the down pillows? I don’t know. Anyway, a recent report by US Magazine is telling it all.

“Rihanna and Drake had another fight. He is too in love with her, which has always been the problem. They have been fighting, but that could all change any day now. It is how it always is with them.”

Anyway, this is all know know that they are on another break from each other. Drake didn’t make it to the MET Afterparty Rihanna threw. But, I’m thinking he may have wanted to avoid, Jay Z! LOL!!!!

Anyway, nah…good that Rihanna is back on the market now.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Rihanna IS the market lol

  • Okay. I want in!

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  • This Drake dude acts like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are the ONLY two women in the world…Get over yourselves

    • Jessica

      lmao!!!! if only you knew!! drake a hoe!!

  • dee robinson

    Rihanna smashing everybody including that wigga jigga

  • Eli Pinilla

    Rihanna prolly beat drakes ass in her lambo

    • johnblacksad

      LMAO! smh… poor Drizzy

    • gurdyghost

      there will be a tape released soon of rihanna beating the shit out of drake…..how long can he remain silent……….

  • Twonpass

    Sadly she dont got enough respect for her self, chasin clown after clown and wonder why you still at the circus

  • $30071418

    Lmfao@that pic of drake. Looks like he bout to start shooting.


    I wasn’t going to beat it today but I accidentally went on my site again…


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  • ZUBU

    SMH…….. Ri is such a wild child I would be shocked if she ever settled down got wifed-up had a child, etc.
    Having said that Lil’ Kim has done it so I guess its possible

    • JD

      Lil Kim grew up a lot when she went from being a black woman to an old Asian lady.

      • Slick Blak


  • The Legendary Troll

    Rihanna got all the money and fame in the world yet cant keep a man for shit lmao. that should tell you something.

  • baller187

    she is always done and she is still ridin it, got tog ive that thot credit, she like to give it up

  • Drake so damn lame man….I remember seeing a porn where homegirl had bruh legs cocked up and was fkn him like she was the dude…Bet they got that kinda action going on….Ralph tresvant. ….I do wonder were they get these rumors from tho, AHH be acting like this shit is str8 truth, I doubt it but for all we know Drake may have that ho on a tight leash…lmao doubt it cuz homegirl seem like she ain’t wrapped up on just one nigga

  • Freezamon

    The Brawd is average..she got a five head….and blunt breath…there are regular chicks that out class this thot on GP.

    • blunt breath? da fluck is wrong with blunt breath? as long as its from a blunt.. who cares? pass that blunt

  • Kron187

    come on now, bitches like Rihanna just want hard dick and that party life.

  • had no idea they were together.. didnt care if they were, def dont care that they arent anymore.. lmfao