Hip Hop Rumors: What Rapper Caused NFL Player Greg Hardy to Assaults Girlfriend?

Nelly got these dudes out here goin’ wild…

North Carolin Panthers player Greg Hardy was charged with was charged with assault after an argument with his girlfriend about her past relationship with the St. Louis rapper.

According to CBS Sports:

“On Thursday, after a judge dismissed a request for a temporary restraining order against Hardy because the accuser failed to appear at a civil hearing in Charlotte, another judge, who had presided over Hardy’s bond hearing on Wednesday, amended the terms of the bond and he must now surrender all of his weapons and firearms, according to the Charlotte Observer.

According to the Observer, Holder’s protective-order complaint states “that Hardy was angry with her because of a short-lived relationship with the rapper Nelly, who is a part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. She stated in the court documents that she and Hardy had been trying to work things out and that she and Hardy were in bed together early Tuesday morning when Hardy ‘just snapped.'”

According to the judge, both Hardy and Holder were intoxicated at the time of the incident. Hardy’s attorney, Chris Fialko, maintains that his client is innocent and that Holder is responsible for the disturbance after she attacked Hardy and his friend, Sammy Curtis.

A 911 called obtained Wednesday by has Hardy telling the operator that Holder was trying to hit him with her shoe and that she hit him in the face twice. But a second 911 call made from Hardy’s downstairs neighbor claimed that the Panthers’ defensive end was “beating (Holder’s) ass.”

There was another 911 call from another neighbor who offered police more information, although the caller admitted he was afraid to do so.

“He promised me my name wouldn’t be involved,” the caller said. “Because I’m seriously afraid of my neighbor. He’s a huge guy. He’s 6-4 and 290 pounds. There were like eight guys right here outside my door. I was kind of afraid to say anything.””

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  • Taihair Djehuty

    Allhiphop, do you guys even have editors. “North Carolin Panthers player Greg Hardy was charged with was charged with assault after an argument…”

    I mean, an occasional mess up is okay, but your articles always seem to have them. And why are you guys always several days behind in your reporting?