Lil KeKe

EXCLUSIVE: KeKe's Perspective: H-Town -vs- ATL

Submerged in rhyme since the early ’90’s, Lil KeKe’s soul is intertwined within his sixteens. An original member of the Screwed Up Clique, Da Don, challenges his freestyle roots to yield mixtape and album success.

Shirking the mainstream chattel system the platinum-earning artist loyally upholds his independent journey. As Swishahouse’s flagship artist, Lil KeKe, does not disappoint on the mic. His latest effort, Money Don’t Sleep, drops May 27.

Posing the question:

Houston is home to lyrical beasts. There’s Scarface, K-Rhino, Bun B, Chamillionaire, Devin The Dude, Z-Ro, Killa Kyleon, Doughbeezy and more. J Prince is even credited with discovering Drake. Does it hold as much credibility as Atlanta as being the nucleus of Southern Hip-Hop?

Here are his thoughts:


17 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: KeKe's Perspective: H-Town -vs- ATL”

  1. Myleage

    atl got one hit wonders while texas got artists with no major mainstream hits but they still getting money and selling records. lots of big named artists did come out of both states tho

  2. trilltalk1

    this topic is meant to create problems. bottom line we all know H-TOWN has more lyrical artist. we all know a lot of the trends in H-TOWN have moved across the states. but the thing is ATL has more commercially successful artist then H-TOWN. this is a argument that cannot be won. i prefer H-TOWN music over ATL all day every day. but i am a H-TOWN dude so i am biased.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      “this topic is meant to create problems”

      When we start peeping the game, then many of us will stop playing into this division game

    • Obi Won

      No need to be bias, its true. But most people I know listen to more underground music. I cant imagine anyone buying a Rosco Dash or Future album. They have there roles, in music. parties, clubs, social setting.

  3. ccwaterbound32

    houston has more money then atlanta combined…houston don’t give a f**k about the mainstream…z-ro riding bentley and aint even on a major label….what does that tell you? whereas atlanta has more gimmicks and 1hit wonders then i care to count and these dudes be faking!!! texas in general is about gettin yo grind on…so im h-town ALL DAY!!! and this is coming from a louisiana cat…

  4. Obi Won

    What he said was true. As an outsider looking in, Houston in an indie level consistently put out music. Its like they rotate money towards each other. ZRO can do a concert right now and its guaranteed it would sell out there. ATL is on more of commercial level bc it seems like they have more gimmicky music. I still listen to Houston music, but ATL I haven’t listened to anything heavy in like 10 years

  5. johnblacksad

    Lil Keke is one of the best rappers ever!

    I won’t say Top 5 just not to spark no debate but he is definitely in my Top 10 D.O.A., and I ain’t debating that either!

    Don Ke!!!!

  6. bigdoe6

    One thing i can say about Houston is when i had a chance to visit the people actually support their own. You can be a nobody from Houston and put out a mixtape 2moro and sell them and people will buy your music. It’s part of their culture. I’ve been to a lot of cities and there’s really no support for their local artists. Houston has one of the best support systems for independent music so i have to agree with Keke on this one.

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