EXCLUSIVE: KeKe's Perspective: H-Town -vs- ATL


Submerged in rhyme since the early ’90’s, Lil KeKe’s soul is intertwined within his sixteens. An original member of the Screwed Up Clique, Da Don, challenges his freestyle roots to yield mixtape and album success.

Shirking the mainstream chattel system the platinum-earning artist loyally upholds his independent journey. As Swishahouse’s flagship artist, Lil KeKe, does not disappoint on the mic. His latest effort, Money Don’t Sleep, drops May 27.

Posing the question:

Houston is home to lyrical beasts. There’s Scarface, K-Rhino, Bun B, Chamillionaire, Devin The Dude, Z-Ro, Killa Kyleon, Doughbeezy and more. J Prince is even credited with discovering Drake. Does it hold as much credibility as Atlanta as being the nucleus of Southern Hip-Hop?

Here are his thoughts: