50 Cent Launches His SMS Audio Headphones

50 Cent Posts Message To Baby Mother On Instagram

(AllHipHop News) The long-standing conflict between 50 Cent and his son’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins has included allegations of abuse, neglect, gold digging, and most recently the rumored circumstances the rapper missed Marquise Jackson’s high school graduation.

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Some reports claim that 50 chose not to show up to his son’s ceremony. Others suggest the Queens mogul was barred from attending by Tompkins. As always, 50 addressed the situation between he and Shaniqua. This time he did it on Instagram.

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50 posted the picture below with the following caption:

I don’t know why you Hate me. I love you, for doing just what I thought you would do. NOTHING

50 Cent


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    LOL…that’s the truth loud and clear …its not subliminal,no need to name names….

  • Daddyshangout

    That Fell of a building………….smh

  • johnblacksad

    I just don’t get it (this is not to talk bad about Fif especially)

    What do you gain by doin this?
    If I’m sitting on above $100mil or $200mil… there’s no way I won’t break my baby momma a mill or two. C’mon you had a kid with the b!tch… why would you wish to see her in the mud like that?

    Maybe I’ve never been involved with a crazy mean b!tch, maybe there are some b!tches out there that deserve to be treated like this but I personally don’t get it.

    This “I’m all about my money” mentality is too much sometimes… you ain’t takin that sh!t to hell with you when you go. (fyi, I don’t believe in hell… just being cynical with it)

    Then I see a lot of ninjas complainin that africans sold them to slavery… go head and say I’m off-subject but I see no difference with this

    • Ipullcards

      He’s given her millions after millions u must not know the story. And you’re all over the place. Try to stay on topic the both thought she had a meal ticket he’s given her opprotunity not just money, but she’s a greedy bitch from the curb! And uses her son as a toy. When he gets older hers gunna learn and distance himself from his mom if he’s smart

      • johnblacksad

        ok… you must be right

      • trilltalk1

        dam you must know 1st hand about they personal shit? cause you typing like you were there when he was giving her millions as you say. what you read on a website or hear 50 cent say. does not make it gospel, you sound a little bit to involved with this man life and hang on to every word he say. NOW I AIN’T SAYING YOU A DICK RIDER, BUT I’M SAYING YOU A DICK RIDER. get a knife and cut it out my nigga. OK I SAID THAT NOW CARRY ON.

      • Ipullcards

        Lmao you sound gay af lol corny ass lil niggaz trolling because they don’t have no food in the fridge and nothing better to do. Lol you prob suck big dix for burgers? Dic riding my post haha. I got fans everywhere. Watch you respond cause you already a fan

      • trilltalk1

        lol i guess you told me

        i pullcards you need to pull 50 cent dick out yo mouth. lol WEIRDO ass nigga

      • Ipullcards

        where they get these flamers from. Call someone a dic rider but than u dic ride the same person u called out? Can def tell you got your GED . Yo moms really should of swallowed you. Or took it on the face, cause you’re a waste like really.

      • trilltalk1

        lol i am going to leave you alone my man. i can tell you not witty enough. a few years back we use to be witty when we were cyber beefing on here it was fun. but you making this to easy so it ain’t fun. pay me no never mind and i will do the same.

      • Ipullcards

        Lol cyber beef? See how corny and lame u r! I’m done this guys retarded

      • trilltalk1

        well what else do you call it? cause in real life two men could not do this with out someone being punched. i am talking about your OBSESSION with 50 cent life and you are talking about my mother in a very VULGER manner and trying to insinuate that i am gay. now does your internet mind, lead you to believe? there would be know physical altercation, after an exchange of that MAGNITUDE in real life.

        anyway you are not good at this back and fourth. where them DETROIT niggas at that use to snap on this bitch, or the ISREALITE nigga that lived in JAPAN or the L.A CRIP NIGGA, or the NEBRASKA or the PHILLY BARKSDALE nigga.

      • Ipullcards

        *yawn* lame.. Have a good day!

      • Casor_Greener

        Well damn…That escalated quickly

      • Ipullcards

        Lol lame kids smh

      • guddaboy

        stfu u just goin by wat 50 is tellin u. u will never know the real story. I wanna hear wat she have to say. im sure she got sum shit on 50 that the world would love to kno bout.

      • Ipullcards

        I’m going by the same sh1t your ass reads that’s how u start a convo? Stfu? And wonder why Donald sterling don’t like niggaz it’s ppl like u no respect

      • soyhiphop

        Whats with the stfu? Do you say that to n!ggaz faces or are you guddaboy the internet goon! Stop it cuz we grown here

    • Casor_Greener

      He is paying 80K in child support. That’s enough for her to provide for him. IF she got a problem she can tell the boy to go live with his father…bet she won’t do that. Plus the son seem like an ungrateful mofo. Get out his Momma ass

      • guddaboy

        that’s not enough cuz da judge look at it like if u gone live a lavish life so r yo kids or child. I say make dat nigga pay out millions on child support, but his son grown now. and I thought child support ends wen da child turns 18 or is dat just in florida?

    • bigg dogg

      some of us have foul ass baby mommas that diserve that much loot.. i dgaf how much im stittin on

    • BALLER ✔️

      50 trying to get to the top of the forbes list can’t do that if you throwing millions away

  • Phatt Killah

    Yea some of these chicks are evil man! They make their bed they have to lie in it like everybody else. I don’t know the whole story but I think she was trying to turn her son against 50. I don’t blame him. Plus these chicks be gettin over too hard and aint never rapped a bar. Look at how Kelis doing Nas. It’s one thing to be a nice person, but it’s another thing to be a fool! Kepp your $$ Fif. YOU earned it, not her

    • johnblacksad

      oh… so you tryin to say… she wasn’t with him shootin in the gym?

      (nor gettin shot at in that car… jus sayin)

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  • soyhiphop

    Bitch eating for free like maNy of you hoes..dont wanna work and use the child support to go clubbing buy your self designer this designer that..he said it bitch u got 3 years left of free living hoe excuse me for paraphrasing

    • Ipullcards

      TrillTalk1 Moms just like that’s. Niggaz need to start shooting on these chicks faces and stop birthing ransom babies. That’s all her son is to 50 a ransom baby!

  • So I can’t post my opinion on this? They wont let me say anything? I didnt curse post any site or nothing. …I guess my opinion is true

    that means when he turns 21 hes free from all financial worries! his baby mama probably just want money so he said cool you can have it…take the money and ill be ok as long as i dont be fighting you in court

    • guddaboy

      i thought shit gets cut off once da child turns 18? somebody talk to me, df she an extention?

      • Ipullcards

        Nah depends sometimes it’s 21 or if the child goes to college it can go up in age. Depends on the state.

      • Asked the same question

  • Got one nothing ass baby momma, fk the dumb sht I went and got my son and he lives with me. Most of these bad baby mommas won’t let u get the kid cuz he’s a paycheck to them. I have 2 I’m on child support for and she always complains that the child support ain’t enough but guess what? She decided to get fkd by the system because I was paying her too much money in the beginning, they slashed my price in half at court. When shit gets hard she always complains about not getn enough, but she will not relinquish the kids to me…my boys old enough to call me themselves so I don’t deal wit her at all. Fdb

    • meanygreene

      file for custody,bruh sole custody.

  • guddaboy

    50 mad cuz she fuckin another nigga. dats y he burned da house cuz he caught her wit another man in da house he paid for lol. 50 a bitch nigga. yall cant go with everything 50 say cuz all u gone hear is his side and not his baby mother. plus he got sum shit on her so she cant write a book and tell all.

    • therealwayno

      But the real question is what is her career, or what does she do for a living?

      • FRUKOH

        use 50 cent

    • Jack Wade

      What are you talking about how does this make 50 a bitch, he’s right you think a baby momma needs 50k a month to look after a child that shit is ridiculous girls have kids for a paycheck its sad

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      So we should go off everything YOU say?

      • 50 did not burn that house down. The streets know who did that

      • Ipullcards

        Please preach to the fool

  • Come on, this is bullshit…50 need to be a father to his child and not just a paycheck…All the money in the world and he acts like he is still on the street corner in Jamaica Queens….Only black men find excuses to not be around their kids as if these kids asked to be in this world….50 need to take his millionaire ass somewhere and have several seats.

    • Jack Wade

      way to make it racial cause we all know there are no bad white fathers out there, also how you know 50 didn’t talk to his son about this maybe he promised to make it up to him I cant believe how naïve some of you are do you really not understand how the media works?

      • What world do you live in? It’s a black thing and you dam well know it…Most black fathers just don’t care…Most court cases are filled with black fathers who the judicial system has to chase down just so they have pay for the child they they brought into this world….Stop blaming the media

      • If 50 had a white girl’s baby, he would never be acting like this…There is something to be said about how black men treat black women….She was good enough to lay in bed without a condom, and now he can’t respect her enough to handle his business without going on social media, and missing out on his sons important day.

      • meanygreene

        your acting like black women(most, not all) are some beacon of light. I will tell you EXACTLY what she saw. she saw a thug, a go getter, someone that was all about money, and she fell for it hook, line , and sinker. she never thought if he could be a great father/husband, if he would love her and treat her with love and respect. that is the reason 72% of black women that are mother are single. don’t blame him, blame her for knowing how he was and still decided to make a child with him

      • DontReplIWontRead

        Last time he talked to his son he told him he a nothing and not his son he also tried to burn down their house. Fifty cent fans don’t get that hes a cold person

  • I wonder how she got 3 yrs left of free living when is son is already at least 18? I thought he was their only kid? Must be something in the court paperwork. Maybe she gets paid until the son is 21?

    • Jack Wade

      last thing you said is right it stops when he turns 21

      • KillaCogs

        if they go to college it stops at 21

      • KGThaYungsta

        Marquise (his son) is only 16

    • DontReplIWontRead

      His son is 16. You dumb,niggas never read but love commenting

  • Get off social media and handle your business…No human being in the world should prevent you from making sure that your not just in your child’s life financially but physically as well.

  • bigdo

    lol, he’s making sure to try and save face.. he’s not fooling anyone though.. at some point it ain’t gonna be about her, it’s about ya son, and being there for him..

    • Yup, it really has nothing to do with her it’s about the kid, and we all know how much energy 50 put in hate, beef, and drama….50 has shown the world what he really meant by get rich or die trying….He got rich and continued to be the same asshole that he has always been.

      • bigdo

        it has to do with them both… she should really be encouraging him to come and be apart of his son’s life.. but whether or not she is, he’s got to want a relationship and never quit on that son of his…that’s what being a parent is all about..sacrifice, even of your ego.. whole thing seems like it’s a huge toxic situation.. i do believe that she’s been gettin in that kid’s head with nonsense as well… just overall, they both reek of crappy parent cologne.. i feel the worst for that kid.. he’s entering the most important and formulative years of his life perhaps and his folks are being fuckwits.Good luck to him..

      • Yup

      • bigdo

        worst thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.. there’s still plenty of time for things to change.. they all can turn it around and know each other..

      • DontReplIWontRead

        50tried to burn down a house with her in it. 50 fans don’t have sense.

  • JackieBrown

    Actually, if his son continues on to college he will still have to continue with child support. 3 years turns to 7. Hopefully he will continue on to Grad, Medical or Law School $$$.

    • Ipullcards

      Facts I said that scroll way down there lol but it varies state to state but if he decides to go to college she can seem injunctions and continuance of child support payments

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      even with a college kid most states only go to 21…. hence the 3 years left statement

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  • makuwalkbowlegg .

    50 math might be a little off,he forgot about his other baby momma,so add 21 more years after those 3.
    “Old Ottis said,it’s cheaper to keep her,i said it’s cheaper to keep her”- Martin show

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  • IceBergSlim

    5o..You didn’t go to your sons graduation even with all your comments about the rap game amongst other topics you seem to be on top of your game. However I can not see me missing my kids graduation. Once in a lifetime. You can not get that back and you are for sure not hurting your childs mother but you for sure HURT your SON..REAL TALK

    • Motion Fiction Media

      Agree. He claims he didn’t know about it. Really? You didn’t know your son was graduating or when he was graduating? Graduations are always around May and June. He obviously doesn’t even speak to his son then because he would have known if he talked to him.

  • $17637591

    Am I the only person on this site that thinks this lazy MF Shaniqua needs to get a job. What type of example is that setting for their son? What man would be ok with his baby moms not workingand living off child support and having her bum a$$ boy friend living in the house you bought for your son?

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  • ghettogov

    50 can pay for his sons schooling, but he can’t buy class…How does this guy still have supporters?

  • ShortDogg

    50 go hard

  • ShortDogg

    Dude can’t rap a lick but funny as hell with all of millions!

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  • meanygreene

    I was watching Dr. Phil one day, did you know some states can force you to pay child support, even if it was proven that you DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT father the child. talk about getting screwed

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