Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine

Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Facing Lawsuit From Alleged Co-Founder Of Beats Headphones

(AllHipHop News) The pending sale of Beats Electronics to Apple has Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine riding high as they are likely to cash in big from the deal. The major business move is going to greatly enhance the net worth of the two music industry insiders, but there is another self-described founder of Beats claiming that he is owed some headphones money.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Steven Lamar is seeking legal action against Dre and Iovine for breach of contract. The founder of Jibe Audio claims he was the brains behind the Beats headphones marketing concept, and he took the idea of celebrity musical artist-endorsed headphones to Iovine in 2006.

“Lamar’s concept envisioned a partnership between technology that would provide a superior audio experience and an iconic product design and brand identity promoted by a well-known and respected music artist,” states Lamar’s cross-complaint. “Iovine proposed that Dre be the celebrity musical artist to endorse the headphones.”

The complaint also suggests that part of Lamar’s original proposal was to sell Beats products in Apple stores. Beats eventually partnered with Monster for distribution, and Iovine and Dre were to receive a 20% royalty from the deal with Lamar/Jibe receiving a 5% royalty.

A 2006 lawsuit filed by Dre and Iovine was settled with Lamar and the design firm Pentagram splitting a promised 4% royalty from unspecified headphones sales. The defendants were accused of trying to produce their own line of “Beats” headphones.

Lamar states Pentagram’s Robert Brunner negotiated a separate deal with Beats. As a result, he and Jibe have been cut out of the royalty stream agreed to in the settlement. This led to Lamar suing Dre, Iovine, Beats, Pentagram, and the Hinrichs & Associates law firm.

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  • soyhiphop

    Dre has the propensity of crediting himself on other peoples work..ice cube and countless artist. Such as jay z eminem and others wrote some of his lyrics..daz dellinger d.o.c scott storch made a lot of his beats..so this is no surprise

    • tra mo



      Sounds personal!

  • Dam more money, more problems…….Be careful what you all wish for.


    Who didn’t see this coming.

  • Myleage

    i read that the asian guy who founded Monster came up with the idea of getting celebrities to endorse the headphones so he sent his son to find people and his son ended up meeting Jimmy and Dre and things took off there but Beats then HTC bout shares of beats and then Beats cut ties from Monster.

    so who is this guy and what did he do? and why are there 11 million different stories on how Beats was first made??

  • Brilliant marketing scheme!

    Sell $15 headphones to Blacks for $350 by pretending one of theirs helped make them.

    What’s next? Spending student subsidies on $350 belts and getting arrested for it?

    • DaHomey6Deuce

      OK ED usually your saying things that make sense ..so I won’t go hardbody on you, but in this case bruh your making an assumption which is just wrong:

      1. You need to look at the demographic of people buying BBD and I’m sure blacks are not the core segment. It’s clearly a mix.

      2. You can use that statement on 95% of hiphop or hiphop related merchandise. And frankly on non-hiphop celebrity pushed merchandise as well

      For instance: Did you know the production costs of ACE of Spades or Armand de Brignac is $13 and it’s sold for how much again……exactly

      3. The high quality clothes and kicks on your back and feet…you know the production costs is doodoo right…no..ask the children in bangalore, china, and thailand…just to name a few

      4. The beats headphones ARE a superior product in comparisson to the other headphones..in terms of quality and sound. BBD single handidly brought back the headphone game…The earphone game was killing the headphones before BBD

      5 You can’t blame Dre alone….what about:

      Diddy: Sean John – Ciroc- and trillion other things

      Jayz: cigars-Ace-Rocawear-Kanye ( lol)

      Lil Wayne: Skateboards-Truckfit

      50: G Unit Clothing-SMS-Vitamin Water

      99% of the rapgame Louis V-Versace-A&F-Burberry-McQueen etc etc

      we can take it back:

      Run DMC: Adidas

      LL Cool J: Kangol Bucket

      We own NONE of these companies…but we still endorse them..and sometimes for FREE

      Every consumer is schemed one way or the other and it doesn’t matter who you are…

      • I agree 100%, except for the cost of my clothes….you already know you won’t see me in “Armand de Brignac” & I would have lost $10 if I had to play jepordy to get that, but you are %100 right.


        ^^ That was the jist of my point! I know Blacks aren’t the majority consumers of BBD, not many can afford them & never will.

        We are a culture of consumers, not producers.

        Ninjaz will wake up 9am to go shopping in ChinaTown, but a Chinese person will do without before buying from a Black.

  • Hamburger Pimp

    what about the guy who actually designed and built it

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  • frankz00

    Repeat after me: “THERE IS NO DEAL!”

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