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EXCLUSIVE: Calvin Klein Bacote Explains Why The "Original 50 Cent" Gave Him His Name + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Calvin Klein Bactoe’s history with illegal activity has caused him to spend a large portion of his life in prison, but also emboldens his authority on crime. During the third part of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview, Bacote reveals why he never liked the nickname the “Original 50 Cent” gave him.

Since his release, Bacote has teamed up with community based anti-violence groups such as Guns Down, Life Up. In our interview, Bacote explains why these groups need more than increased visibility to maximize their influence:

I see change need to be made on both sides. On the side of the person who wants to commit the crime things there should be things there for…What I’m attempting to do now is get the organizations more involved with presenting programs and making the programs available. They know that the programs there, but they just don’t know where to look. Where to find them. A lot of times, that’s their fault too. We could put the programs out in their face, but at the end of the day it’s really up to you to take the initiative to follow up with it.

According to Bacote, Kelvin Martin, better known as the Original 50 Cent, gave him his nickname “Calvin Klein” when Bacote was 15 years old. After stating that he “never liked the name”, Bacote explains the origins of the name and why he eventually accepted it:

I’ve reinvented it from what you for it to be. So, Calvin Klein, clothing designer, that’s what I used to wear a lot. So, it was probably more fitting for him to call me that. First name Calvin, ‘that’s all you wear is Calvin Klein.’ So, it worked hand in hand at the time. I had rather people call me Calvin Klein than call me by my real name after I had made an attempted robbery.

Check out the third part of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Calvin Klein Bacote below:

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    so this is a revise vlad interview………..oh….kay

    • Keith N.’s an interview with the same subject.

  • RightOn

    His claim to fame is he committed crime with Hov. That’s it. Nothing to do with hip hop at all. Enough is enough!!! Some of us dont give a flyin….what he is or was called period.

    • King Dolla

      Nah nigga Hov claim to fame is he committed a crime with Klein dummy…The niggaz he based his life on is Danny Diamonds and Calvin Klein…kill ya self

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    Didn’t Dehaven try this? Get in touch with Dehaveen and see if they’re hiring at his work. You two can reminisce about the old days on lunch breaks.

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