Cuban Link Talks Big Pun Playing Dead, Fat Joe Blackballing Him + MORE

(AllHipHop News) For the past 13 years, former Terror Squad members and friends Cuban Link and Fat Joe have had public disputes over private  .In a recent interview, Cuban Linx explains why Fat Joe is the reason there will never be a Terror Squad reunion, one time Big Pun faked his death and more.

Back in 2003, Cuban Link alleged that he sustained a knife laceration to face due to attempting to break up a fight between Fat Joe and rapper Sunkiss. Link alleged that Joe punched him as a result of his attempts at breaking up the fight and after Link retaliated with a punch of his own on Joe, a member of Joe’s entourage slashed his face with a knife. During his interview with Hip Hop DX, Link stated that no Terror Squad reunion can happen if Fat Joe is involved:

Yeah, I told him I could do it but without the fat dude there. I told him the Fat Joe situation ain’t gonna ever be resolved. I can’t do business with a man like that. I’ve seen his businesses practices before in the past, and it led us all to be a ruined empire just by a personal association with him. Besides being a friend with him back in the day, the business dealings, I didn’t ever agree with him. I don’t think that could happen in a business sense with Joe attached to it. I told him if it was just the rest of the crew, I’d be more than willing to do it as long as the numbers is right.

Later in the interview, Link alleges Joe of influencing executives to not sign him and was taking higher percentages from Big Pun and Terror Squad’s work than he felt was just.

Big Pun’s jocular nature has been well documented in his lyrics, but more so in the in retelling of his exploits outside of the mic booth. Link retells a time during 1998 in the Poconos where Pun faked his death in order to get a laugh:

We were all on quads and we following Pun all day like he’s the leader. He had the big ass quad, the 800, it was funOut of nowhere he left all of us. He just jetted, and we couldn’t find him. And out of nowhere I see the fucking quad turned over by a tree. Over the tree was a big ass hill so I’m like, “What the fuck happened to my brother?” I’m getting nervous, and we find this nigga on the side of a tree. It was a tree that leaned over the mountain, but he was on top of the tree with blood on the side of his lip. It was me and Sunkiss there at the time, and we’re looking for help and yelling, “Yo, Twin, yo, yo!” and this nigga just pops up and start gigging on us [laughs]. He caught us and shit. He was playing dead, and it was funny to us, but for a second it was real serious.

Check out the full interview here.

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    • Yea they put the beef sht on here 1st in the article so u know their intentions at ahh. Tryna stir up some sht…

      • Hahahah!

        In all fairness, so did Link.

  • BigDayOne

    The only time Cuban Link can get an interview is when he is talking about Fat Joe, its been about a decade maybe more and he has yet to do anything substantial since parting ways with Fat Joe but talk about Fat Joe

    • don king

      true but fat joe is not 2 far behind it. his no. subject is big pun also. he only talks bout pun, remy, 50 n sometimes khaled. they talk bout his career like “flow joe was nice… tell me bout BIG PUN. lean back was dope, tell me bout REMY. what bout 50?…” his discography gets limited 2 those 2 songs. his biggest buzz lately was cause of his weight lost n most interviewers were like, “u lost weight, good 4 u. pig pun was overweight 2, tell me bout…” cuban linx interviews r worse, but his music is ass 2, so no wonder tho.

      • Afi Keita James

        Their both a joke in hip-hop, at least fat hoe admits he’s terrible, cuban has lost it.

      • EniggaMA

        joe got classic shit

    • Casor_G

      Tired of this lame saying the same isht over and over.

    • I’m pretty sure he thinks about him everytime he brushes his teeth & sees that scar.

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    ugly ass nigga

    • Would you support if you thought he was “ATTRACTIVE?”

      • hoeyuno

        Haha. .new generation doesn’t judge there mcs like we do I guess .this ninja bought get rich or die tryin to hang the insert in his room like a lil kim cd. ..

      • Hahahah! That ‘ole staring his barber in the eye the whole time while getting a haircut @$$ Ninja!

      • hoeyuno


      • johnblacksad


      • EniggaMA


  • water_ur_seeds

    I dont care what anyone says Link is dope…

  • brotha_man

    cuban was nice when pun was around “Flowers for the dead” and “hey Mama” got heavy rotation back in the day

  • sorryas

    cuban link stfu

  • Afi Keita James

    Cuban Link is such a damn ass hypocrite, he talking about fat hoe screwing him when he did the same thing to his own clk rappers, ask level, D Cell and Figgaraw about him, he called rick ross a fraud, yet he’s rolls with the biggest fraud name pablo escobar jr and this is the same clown who compared mysonne to biggie and wants to beat up busta rhymes?


    let’s face it, cuban deserved to be blackballed, because he’s a sad little fool who used to be talented when pun was alive, when he died cuban’s career died with him, face it your almost 40 years old and has lost it.
    Plus he is an alcoholic for real.

    • hoeyuno

      Maybe. None of us are perfect though. Dude has alot of reasons to be mad sitting on the almost famous fence for like 2 decades..

      • Afi Keita James

        and cuban deserves nothing of a kind, he’s such an arrogant asshole it’s a crime, where was cuban almost 25 years ago when pun abused his wife and he did nothing and where was he when he abandoned his own clk members.

        he did this all by himself and he’s gonna have to live with it for the rest of his own miserable life, at least as awful as pitbull is, he has become the bigger man and of course level has become a better man, what has cuban link, a straight up loser and a shadow of his former self.
        i miss when cuban was pun’s best friend.

      • hoeyuno

        Haha I got one of those with my pops probably about 20 years ago

      • Afi Keita James

        Why can’t they just let the late pun rest in peace, it had gotten oversaturated now.

  • Guest

    Cuban Link held it down for TS back in the day when Pun was alive but come on Cuban it’s been 14 years since Pun passed and you and Joe can’t unite together. Everybody that was cool back then that had issues were able to move on and come together for the fans. Cuban has to learn to swallow his pride and be the bigger man in the situation.

    • Afi Keita James

      I Doubt it, they want nothing to do with each other and possibly will never reunite together again.

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  • Kevin Anthony

    He was nice. Crazy how things go down sometimes..if he linked back up with the beatnuts it would be a good look for him. For those of you that don’t know me, I put on for the Culture. Im a fan of Hip Hop just like the rest of yall, not selling anything, not expecting anything. I’m an artist who does this for the love For real. “The Classics” is a mixtape where I pay homage to all the Dope Mc’s that came before me (Nas, Pac, B.I.G, Com, Apathy, X, Guru, Jay, The Wu, an more) I need “Yall” to spread the word if you believe in what I’m bringing to the table. I appreciate every last one of you, much love. Go to Soundcloud type in Kevin Anthony-21

    • His ‘chet is Official!

      Show support & check it out!

  • Afi Keita James

    Cuban Link just like fat joe has jumped the shark since pun died, he has never been the same since then.

  • hoeyuno

    My dawg!!! Cuban got skills. That Warriors joint is dope. I know cubans sitting on a ton of music. If mysonne didnt fugg up the bang bang boogie ish with fif we might have a new album by now

    • Angelo Vazquez

      how you figure that was mysonne? in my opinon it was two things, Hoc.45 and S-one got caught up in a case, and then Lord Tariq back Rick Ross when he came through the Bronx while he was beefing with 50…….so how you come to the conclusion that Mysonne messed it up?

      • hoeyuno

        I thought mysonne was involved in that rick rawse ish.and i thought that cause of somethin cuban said in a bad though….. are mysonne and cuban cool then??..I like mysonne..his ish Is hard on that kay slay rise of a city tape..

  • bigdo

    good to see Cuba still out there… we need some new, quality music from him…he hasn’t put anything out in awhile… the same goes for Seis…

  • Afi Keita James

    Yes fat hoe’s an industry snake, see the song heavenly father, but cuban is no better.

  • king

    Cuban Definitely One Of The Best

    • Afi Keita James

      Until he jumped the shark after pun died.

      • king

        Doesn’t matter what he did because lyrically he still one of the best

      • Afi Keita James

        He USED to be, but since pun died, he has become a real sad joke and ruined his own reputation.

      • king

        It still doesn’t matter lyrically he is still one of the best

      • Afi Keita James

        Will you stop saying that already, cuban was great when pun was alive, aside from 24k, he has fallen off after pun left us.

      • king

        I don’t agree with your statement I believe he is one the best lyrically.

      • Afi Keita James

        Back in the day.

      • king

        Lyrically he can out do many of today top stars.

      • Afi Keita James

        Except level martinez and kendrick lamar.

      • king

        I said top stars Lil Wayne two chains etc etc.

      • Afi Keita James

        I could care less about lil gayne and 2 chainz crap, cuban fell off years ago and that’s my opinion and if you don’t like it, then go f### yourself and ts isn’t good anymore without it’s flagship star the late big pun.

      • king

        That’s exactly what I trying to get across with you … That is my opinion he can lyrically go toe to toe with the top stars in the game and if you don’t like be gone.

      • Delando Fuentes

        Thats false checkout his cd called chain reaction. He’s still one of the best lyricist around

  • Alpy

    Cuban link is nice but come on already you been beating the Fat Joe situation for years now. Make soem good music already and stop bitching about ancient history!

    • digitallife

      You must’ve missed the part of being ain’t playing your shhh don’t matter what kind of music you making if the only outlet is the internet. How many rappers you got trying to breakout? These dudes had an anthem last year even 50cent co-signed that shhh ain’t even get a street hour spin on the local radios.

  • GP

    Cuban stink and fat hoe wont come together at all, they too busy worrying about who ate the last doughnut! I mean u cant get mad at the man, you tryna break up a fight between you fellow label mates. and get punched. come on now ya’ll if someone punch ya’ll you going swing back. but for fat hoe to let someone slice the man and do nothing that’s a hoe move. in my fiddy voice” that fat nigga thought lean back was in the club my shit sold 11mill his shit was a dud” classic!

  • Afi Keita James

    And cuban has a lot of enemies as well, ask level, figgaraw and d cell on how he almost did the same tuing to his own clk rappers, almost leaving them for dead and figga warns if he comes down to miami again or he’s dead.

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