Cuban Link Talks Big Pun Playing Dead, Fat Joe Blackballing Him + MORE


(AllHipHop News) For the past 13 years, former Terror Squad members and friends Cuban Link and Fat Joe have had public disputes over private  .In a recent interview, Cuban Linx explains why Fat Joe is the reason there will never be a Terror Squad reunion, one time Big Pun faked his death and more.

Back in 2003, Cuban Link alleged that he sustained a knife laceration to face due to attempting to break up a fight between Fat Joe and rapper Sunkiss. Link alleged that Joe punched him as a result of his attempts at breaking up the fight and after Link retaliated with a punch of his own on Joe, a member of Joe’s entourage slashed his face with a knife. During his interview with Hip Hop DX, Link stated that no Terror Squad reunion can happen if Fat Joe is involved:

Yeah, I told him I could do it but without the fat dude there. I told him the Fat Joe situation ain’t gonna ever be resolved. I can’t do business with a man like that. I’ve seen his businesses practices before in the past, and it led us all to be a ruined empire just by a personal association with him. Besides being a friend with him back in the day, the business dealings, I didn’t ever agree with him. I don’t think that could happen in a business sense with Joe attached to it. I told him if it was just the rest of the crew, I’d be more than willing to do it as long as the numbers is right.

Later in the interview, Link alleges Joe of influencing executives to not sign him and was taking higher percentages from Big Pun and Terror Squad’s work than he felt was just.

Big Pun’s jocular nature has been well documented in his lyrics, but more so in the in retelling of his exploits outside of the mic booth. Link retells a time during 1998 in the Poconos where Pun faked his death in order to get a laugh:

We were all on quads and we following Pun all day like he’s the leader. He had the big ass quad, the 800, it was funOut of nowhere he left all of us. He just jetted, and we couldn’t find him. And out of nowhere I see the f###### quad turned over by a tree. Over the tree was a big ass hill so I’m like, “What the f### happened to my brother?” I’m getting nervous, and we find this n#### on the side of a tree. It was a tree that leaned over the mountain, but he was on top of the tree with blood on the side of his lip. It was me and Sunkiss there at the time, and we’re looking for help and yelling, “Yo, Twin, yo, yo!” and this n#### just pops up and start gigging on us [laughs]. He caught us and s###. He was playing dead, and it was funny to us, but for a second it was real serious.

Check out the full interview here.