[NEW MUSIC] G-Unit-"Real Quick"["0 To 100" Freestyle]

When G-Unit were at their peak, Drake was in a wheelchair and imposing himself in the subconscious minds of every late-80s teen girl. Today (June 3rd), Drake’s infectious “0 to 100” has been remixed by the reformed G-Unit featuring Kidd Kidd.

Kidd Kidd is noticably not labeled as a featured artist on this G-Unit song. Every member of the Unit gives their patented style of rap, however it is the newest member of the group who delivers the song’s most impressive lyrical performance:

Don’t tweet me..see me when you see me/

Down to make the news, just to say that I’m on TV/

This clip Rated R, n*ggas PG/

Them shells burn like a bootleg CD.

Check out G-Unit’s “Real Quick”:

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  • don

    Lloyd Banks still that nigga

  • PorchBoySlim

    These boys are ready to work!

  • Infinite8

    This sh*t cool right here and that G-Unit “Nah I’m Talkin’ Bout” go hard in the car right now!! I was pleasantly surprised!

  • Apollo Showtime


  • Killuminati


  • Boomie Rogers

    Bruh…damn. G-Unit came back hard as fuk!

  • everyone up from ymcmb, mmg down to dipset is shaking their heads like wtf bout to happen this summer… NAH I’M TALKING BOUT?!

    • Jason Mazur

      lol, like hold up, I thought we offed these dudes……should be interesting

  • orlando jackson

    this is why i dont read comments and only check by myself wack af

    • 2Gees

      Everything aint for everybody. For instance, winning just isn’t for losers. I personally like this. Some people didn’t like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and that was the best selling album of all time. Wonder how blogs would have sounded back then? LOL

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  • ll3acdafukup

    Fif now go get Shyne, Sheek Louch, and Ransom and shut this MFER down!!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he tryda get shyne n shyne dissed him..said he dont run wit rats

      • ll3acdafukup

        Yea I know but a NEW YORK MOVEMENT is bigger than Shynes predisposition. That nigga need to bury the hatchet line his pockets and get a real lawyer to help him find a way back to the States

      • Bumpy Johnson

        word ! u right…..n they do need a NY movement …lets make hip hop make sense again please lol.

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    This is what the game needs anyway, make everybody step their shit up

  • dbfromdc


  • Elayorx El

    0 to 100/ real quick/ used to steal thick/ now I’m into books, pages peel quick
    feel this/ a real miss/ ride or die type/ neva talk spit, only when to deal d*ck

    Buck-Fifty deals sh*t/ G-unit mass appeal/ Lloyds of London banks wash yayo through the steel/
    Kidd times two, Drake Piru hot/ take you back to Philly back when them crews popped/ smell smoke ohhwop
    Pen game felonious/ meditate Thelonious monk style/ favorite colors gold, and black/ cans of Nu-Nile
    My crew wild/ well at least they used to be/ I’ll never forget, saved all our rhymes in loose leaf/ stay true to peace

    • ll3acdafukup

      Not bad youngin… ” neva talk spit, only when to deal d*ck ” old man might have to hand cuff this line from ya bruh! LOL

      • Elayorx El

        LOL…nah, I appreciate that fam, word up. Ain’t nuffin, you can have it…LOL

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