[NEW MUSIC] G-Unit-"Real Quick"["0 To 100" Freestyle]


When G-Unit were at their peak, Drake was in a wheelchair and imposing himself in the subconscious minds of every late-80s teen girl. Today (June 3rd), Drake’s infectious “0 to 100” has been remixed by the reformed G-Unit featuring Kidd Kidd.

Kidd Kidd is noticably not labeled as a featured artist on this G-Unit song. Every member of the Unit gives their patented style of rap, however it is the newest member of the group who delivers the song’s most impressive lyrical performance:

Don’t tweet me..see me when you see me/

Down to make the news, just to say that I’m on TV/

This clip Rated R, n*ggas PG/

Them shells burn like a bootleg CD.

Check out G-Unit’s “Real Quick”: