Hip-Hop Rumors: MORE Racist Justin Bieber Footage On The Way?

“Say it again and I’ma crack a champagne bottle on ya knot, boy.”

Justin Bieber has started a firestorm of controversy based on the s**t that he said a few years ago on tape. Yeah, he said some stuff about “lonely n***ers” and joining the KKK and I think he even said something about killing African Americans. At this point, he could have said I want to “kill every n***a in sight” and I wouldn’t care. Why? Because, he’s dead to me now. BUT, here is the rumor. Somebody tried to shake Justin’s people down for a cool million to suppress this racist stuff, but they didn’t want to pay all of that. They tried to pay something like $500K according to some rumor reports. Anyway, the dude allegedly and reportedly has MORE racist footage that he’s about to dump on these streets.

I find this interesting. Its almost like, at this point, he wants to bury Beebz! I wonder will they have enough footage to get people like Mack Maine from defending the lil Canadian racist? I’m thinking at some point even those guys have to feel away. Or maybe they don’t know what the KKK is.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Executive

    That’s lil Wayne lil brother tho, lmao!

    • Casor_G

      What will it do but prove what it has already proven? At 15 this dude was an ignorant loser who probably didn’t like black people or was surrounded by a bunch of clowns who thought the isht was funny. It’s not hurting his career because his career is already finished.When was the last time Bieber had a hit? Hell I can’t even name his other hits because I was never at the age to listen to him

      I do give this chump a little respect for not paying the money

      • Yeah, but the only reason he didn’t pay, was because he would have to keep paying!

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  • Brindle

    Justin is a clown, and at 15 was more of a clown… we sound dumb for attacking a stupid person for what they did at 15 and we sound even dumber for defending a stupid person period…

    • Dave Williams


    • RightOn

      Yes sirr. If I may add, we sound even dumber when defending or attacking this idiot using the very word we have a problem with. Yet SOMEHOW, it’s OK for us to say it. How can we expect others to really understand how offensive, demeaning and disrespectful that word is, when we ourselves are using it as if it’s a word of endearment? Wake up people!!! It starts with me and you.

      • I like to think that when we say it, it obliterates the hurtfulness of the word, and the power that the word had over us. We took what they ridiculed us with, and made it meaningless for them to attack us with it. I don’t necessarily use it as a term of endearment as often as I use to but I still use it at times. I use it to talk about dumb sht that niggaz do…..sorry bruh had to come back, how can you not know why it’s ok for us to use it? Also it isn’t the same word, we obliterated the other one from meaning anything. …we can also let other people know how offensive that other word is by letn it be known or by knocking teeth down throats. No one in america is that naive anymore.

      • Bulli$hPride

        Sharpton doesn’t like niggaz redefining English words. Webster was his great great grandmothers rapist.

      • Twonpass

        Sadly, young folks BELIEVE they somehow made the word and its meaning less empactful then the first time around. Sorry to say to you all but you sound as retarded as the white folks. You can never erase history , and if you choose to ignore it or simply say it was in the past, then you are in for quite a wake up call..
        Life is 360 everything comes full circle.

        young people either dont know they history or dont want to know.
        Soon to be repeated, and none of you youngstas of this era even have the backbone to survive that.

      • Obviously u hopped your ass off the porch without reading my other posts when they first came out with this sht, I’m not young and I studied my black history more than most. How else was I gon get the knowledge of how they did my fam back in the g? In a classroom? Naw that’s one month only homie, our people intrigued me more than anything a teacher could tell me. You can’t hear how our people was enslaved and what they used to do to us and not be affected once your introduced to it. I have never forgotten my people’s struggle. If u don’t understand just leave it at that..but really twonpass u be sounding real white in my opinion at times.

      • Twonpass

        hahaha, slow down young buck

        I was commenting in general not to you directly…

        I was responding in conjunction to what you were saying….

        you obviously haven’t read my post in the past…

        I am nothing close to a white boy, cracka what ever u like to call em. I use intelligence when I comment, sometimes I jab , but all in all I keep it on a intellectual level.

        Now, if you are truly educated as you pointed out, then you realize there is no such thing as acting or sounding or being white..

        Patna Im from the concrete jungle homeboy educated in the streets, classroom and in the boardroom.

        I ain’t what you think I am because I speak and write with intelligence.

        Peace my Brotha…
        Keep the fight alive….


      • GitanaGitana

        You are lying to yourself to say we’ve made it such by referring to each other as n1ggas bc until this day we are still offended by its use and it is STILL used negatively. Some people would rather nurture the hurt by implementing it in daily life then fighting it all together. The word is not meaningless and you would be in denial to say it’s not wrong. Work on bettering yourself everyday and don’t justify anything that isn’t uplifting to the black community. If it’s not GOOD…then it’s bad…there is no neutral in a battle.

      • ‘Chet ain’t meaningless when it has the venom in it!

        “What up my Nucca?”


        “We don’t serve Nuccaz!”

      • Brindle

        I wish we didn’t use it, but I still do accidentally on purpose… but i will say, white people shouldn’t ever use the word at all… Mexicans clown each other saying “wet back” all the time but white people aint fighten to use their word…

      • Bulli$hPride

        A Negro was colored yesterday, will be an African American tomorrow and a Moor next week.
        A Nigga will never forget !

  • Mack maine talking bout he adopted black culture….naw bro he laughing and ridiculing ya azz behind closed doors..I already spoke my piece on the other articles and this will be my last. Fck JB…can’t stand wiggaz no way. I know plenty cool white boys that ain’t gotta act black to be cool but this fool was straddling that fence. Shoulda payed the bread cuz now his azz getn tossed back over that same fence he was straddling. Fck em fck em fckem

  • Dave Williams

    smh because he adopted a culture smh



    • chiboy773




      • chiboy773

        I knew it…Shalom brother…Judah taken over. Brothers an sisters better wake up or get left behind



      • chiboy773

        Yep yep, thats only the doing of the most high for me to even know you were judah. Keep pushing it my brother



      • Nah, that ain’t judah naz!

        LOL~N though!

    • They not 90’s catz!

      Lord Jamar is though!

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    illseed we know you still love him

  • End of Days

    They’ll defend anyone in their lil millionaire “hip hop” circle. If it was a broke white dude who still had black friends and said the same ish. They’d probably try to jump him n sh*t then post it on Twitter. Sell those souls for that paper.

    • Probably ain’t a probability. …that ass would be whooped in real life.

  • meanygreene

    Canada dry

    • johnblacksad

      lol tho

  • anemia716

    “Because, he’s dead to me now.”

    that’s a sad statement. were you sweating him that much before? this lil ass boy?

    • johnblacksad


      When was Bieber ever relevant to any of us? smh

      • Obi Won

        Exactly!!! He wasnt

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  • soyhiphop

    Karma that lil wigger has been hella bad ..hopefully this ends his horrible music career

    • $21384666

      He the next vanilla ice

  • Immortal

    This kids life is worse than “Malibu’s Most Wanted”.

  • Embassy

    Doesn’t every 15 year old kid joke about the KKK with his friends? SMH trying to hold a pre-celebrity teen canadian kid to the standard of a multi-platinum selling celebrity in the public eye in his 20s. Twitter didn’t even exist when he said this stuff. They mean as much as anyone calling someone a ‘fag’ on Xbox Live.

    Those kids playing Xbox don’t think about the social consequences of what they are saying and they don’t expect to be a millionaire public icon. They are just dumb kids trying to seem cool to their friends by pushing the envelope of what’s socially acceptable. Why should any kid under 16 have to watch what they joke about “just in case” they get famous. That just teaches you to fear Big Brother as you grow up. I will say though, all parents should teach their kids history, and respect for people. Yeah some stuff should really not be joked about, but I also agree with a lot of stand up comedians that say ‘no topic should be immune to parody, we should be mature enough to laugh at a rape joke or a racist joke or a political joke or a joke about ourselves, and seperate jokes from real life opinions’.

    People should stop recording conversations, and stop uploading stuff to the internet as an attempt to blackmail and get rich quick. I’m not defending the comments themselves, and if a grown man said stuff like that, yeah, destroy the guy. But a grown man didn’t say it, and it didn’t mean anything. And it doesn’t mean anything now that the kid became a celebrity, except that some greedy punk wanted to blackmail a celebrity to get paid.

    ALL THAT BEING SAID, Justin Bieber the grown man, is a moron, and he is getting two different things confused: 1. being a fan of hip-hop and the pop culture version of ‘how black people live’ and 2. trying to live in the pop culture fantasy world of ‘black people’ vicariously through his music industry friends and connections.

    He needs to remember who he is. He is a whitebread kid from rural Canada, that got lucky with a youtube account at the dawn of youtube celebrity, and was guided by executives into being a boy-idol industry. He is rebelling against his roots and authority figures like all young people do, by turning to what seems edgy and cool (Bieber thinks black people are edgy, dangerous and cool, and THAT might be racist).

    By using what he thinks is edgy and boundary-pushing to be cool, he is just like the punks calling you a ‘fag’ on Xbox.

    • Pardon me but…

      Fugg Him & YOU!

  • AK

    race jokes we all made them at that age

    • chiboy773

      How many racist jokes youve made towards whites that equivalent to slavery and the lynching an killings of blacks?

  • I think that this Bieber person pissed someone off, and they are out to destroy him…He is making it easy for them though….But you all know I gotta ask the question, what make Donald Sterling so different from Justin Bieber?…At least Sterling really made alot of black folks rich, what has Justin done for the people and he gets a free pass?

    • TheAkademik

      the problem was Sterling owning the Clippers and players and fans wanting him out….for Bieber we just need to stop buying his music and going to his shows

      • Great I will tell you the difference…Sterling made his comments out of the privacy of his own home on a phone call….Bieber recorded himself and posted it out to the world…So I am surprised that rappers that hang with him in the clubs are not even more upset, but I guess when you disrespect black folks through Hip-Hop it’s okay because rappers are such frauds that they can’t tell one from the other.

      • TheAkademik

        what? Bieber did not post this out the world

      • It was on his youtube channel before he got famous.

  • chiboy773

    Any negro defending him is a straight coon. We all were 15 once but how many of you sat around and made multiple racist jokes about white killings and lynching? Probably none cause they didnt go through it..KKK did atrocities on black people so for him to make those type of jokes was not an accident an you know youre being taped…Most of us was getting pu**y at 14, you knew right from wrong

    • Where are the WHITE friends defending him?

  • Jonathan Bresnihan

    First of all, we ALL have our own prejudices and biased attitudes in life (not ALL of which necessarily HAVE TO do with just race). Secondly, the difference between a young punk like Bieber and a senile old kook like Sterling is a whole other matter entirely; but leads to by last point, being that nothing that Justin Bieber says is of any real importance or relevance to me nor should it be to anyone else. What has the REAL potential to threaten society are the racists in the BLACK robes and the ones in the blue uniforms with police badges. The long, sad and documented history of Donald Sterling was tolerated and accepted by the NBA and by those who knew him for far too long. Who knows how many more judges, officers and CEO’s just like Sterling are out there. Recently, a white supervisor at a cotton company in Memphis, TN threatened to hang several black employees while using using racial slurs for drinking at a “white” water fountain. While this low-level knucklehead was almost immediately fired afterwards, I worry about executives in high places with this kind of mentality.

    • True!

    • AlwaysBlossom

      Biebers grow up to be Sterlings 🙂

      • Jonathan Bresnihan

        I can assure you Bieber will grow up in prison or in rehab or in obscurity.


    look at all these house niggaz taking up for racist bieber


    I wasn’t going to beat it today but I accidentally went on my site again…


  • AlwaysBlossom

    What I’m tired of are all these brainwashed negroes who think that because White people like our music/culture (they like to steal) and hang around and be friendly towards them that they aren’t racist. What I also can’t stand is their selling out…I’m glad we are taking our culture back. Hip-Hop is returning to its roots…slowly, but there is a turn around coming.

  • Splatter

    dude was never that good of a singer. and that’s what he is, a singer. they incorporated the fact that he knows how to play the drums in order to call him “multi talented”. lil girls are a huge market for labels to prey on and Justin satisfied that niche. they probably didn’t think he would go chris brown and get a bunch of tats and hang with rappers and all that. now after these comments dude has become ghost out of embarrassment and probably fear of getting snuffed by cats in the street. I think he’s getting the pass by everyone cuz he was 15, that makes me think of the Boondocks episode with R Kelly. at 14-15 you don’t have the sense to move out the way when R Kelly is peeing on you?? Justin had enough sense to know that shit wasn’t cool and especially not to record himself saying it. I guess he never thought he’d be a big enough star to have his every move watched.