Hip-Hop Rumors: MORE Racist Justin Bieber Footage On The Way?


“Say it again and I’ma crack a champagne bottle on ya knot, boy.”

Justin Bieber has started a firestorm of controversy based on the s**t that he said a few years ago on tape. Yeah, he said some stuff about “lonely n***ers” and joining the KKK and I think he even said something about killing African Americans. At this point, he could have said I want to “kill every n***a in sight” and I wouldn’t care. Why? Because, he’s dead to me now. BUT, here is the rumor. Somebody tried to shake Justin’s people down for a cool million to suppress this racist stuff, but they didn’t want to pay all of that. They tried to pay something like $500K according to some rumor reports. Anyway, the dude allegedly and reportedly has MORE racist footage that he’s about to dump on these streets.

I find this interesting. Its almost like, at this point, he wants to bury Beebz! I wonder will they have enough footage to get people like Mack Maine from defending the lil Canadian racist? I’m thinking at some point even those guys have to feel away. Or maybe they don’t know what the KKK is.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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