Hip Hop Rumors: Behind The Scenes Drama Of The BET Awards

The damn show hasn’t even started and there’s already a bunch of backstage drama.

MediaTakeout reports that a reliable source shared with them that the show is already “changing s*** around,” due to trying to accommodate bigger stars.

“The BET awards are forever changing sh*t around – performers, announcers even the entire layout at the last minute to accommodate for bigger name stars. Anywho, August Alsina was in talks for performing up until last week. They fit him into schedule and everything . . . until CB got released and (BET Awards head) Stephen Hill was quick to call Chris people to arrange a surprise performance of Loyal and Show me. Stephen isn’t stupid, he knows Chris’s first time performance out of jail will bring in viewers.

Long story short August (even tho he’s cool with CB) thinks their energy is too similar and it’s his time now – and the producers will have to make a choice. [So he’s NOT going to be performing].

Same thing for [Nicki] Minaj. She’s on this urban show tour to reintroduce herself as a serious rapper and does not want Iggy performing. But Stephen wants to capitalize off the buzz she has right now, on the flip side he doesn’t want to alienate Nicki and her crew….”


  • Brindle

    I don’t like Nicki or Iggy but I know a minstrel show when I see it, and BET is stupid for wanting to put Iggy on… Use your clout Nicki…


      Viacom wants Iggy on there, and she will be there. I hate what happen to BET. Less face it, Iggy is the new Nicki,(not talent wise), but maketing wise, I seen this coming a mile away.

      • Ronlg1

        You said “not talent wise” as if Nikki got real talent. Ummm ok.


        NO Niki fan, but she can spit when she’s off that pop sh*t.

      • Terrance

        Don’t let that barbie sh*t fool you.

        Nicki would body somethin on the mic when she is good and ready. Plus she is better than MOST male rappers out too.

        This, coming from someone who does NOT have her on the playlist!!!


    • cromthelaughinggod7

      BET is not black owned anymore there is no clout to use. Viacom is jewish owned now. I saw this coming years ago. Iggy will perform and Nicki will think that they will care and take iggy off but it won’t happen. August is ignorant he will kill his career real soon. It seems now this is a pattern and his arrogance will kill his career soon. When keeping it real goes wrong in 3 2 1.

  • meanygreene

    people still watch BET??? who? where?

    • Joseph Thomas

      im gonna watch the Coon awards only because Chris Rock is hosting…..

      • meanygreene

        God luck trying to stay enlightened

      • focus on you

        You can’t want to be too enlightened if you visit this rumor section.

  • Dope

    I never understood how come it’s cool to have BET awards, awards for latin performers etc.. but all those same people would flip if someone proposed to have White Entertainment Awards and call it racist.

    None of this separatist shit should exist.


      American Music Award, Mtv award, Billboard none of the represent black music, except for the pop act. Grammy Too. but that’s not racist. SMH!

      • Dope

        They give awards to genres, not races.

      • Brindle

        those award shows give awards to races, point blank… google the history of them that’s only changed for money or pressure…


        Cosign, was gonna respond but you handle it, aleast BET give artist you don’t see or hear daily some shine, even tho Viacom still pulling strings.

      • Da Ledgendary

        Your question is as ridiculous as “Why is there a black history month, but no white history month”. Did you watch last year’s Mtv VMA’s? not 1 black artist won an award. BET just happens to cater to urban music which originated in the black and latino community, but does not exclude white people at all.

    • Brindle

      fool, you got the…. oh, Theodore broke it down for you… its a white world, BET is just a small corner.

    • Slaughtr

      Motherfuka it’s called Black Entertainment television get the fck over it.All those white award shows been around for years and then you shoot some pssy shyt out your mouth. Nigga go create your wonderful zebra show.

    • DariusBeck

      You know why they have to have separate events…because their type of music isn’t honored or respected by other shows.


      Say what you want but blacks aren’t the reason shit is separate

    • soyhiphop

      Whites have their own awards they just call it dfferent names..the oscars country music awards vma ect ect..hey latinos and black cultures are not represented in regular award shows..

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      thats cause white doesnt represent anything but racism and tearing other people down for thier own growth and well being …. i mean you got guys like hitler, you got the europeans who invaded the native americans who then in slaved africans …. sad but true … altho us black folks say we dont have culture … but black represents alot of things … you can sort of blame the white community for that … cause they forced us to create a BRAND OF BLACK due to segregation … from music to dress to talk etc…..

      • Dope

        Awful things happened, but that is not to be used as an excuse to act the same way today. Many different nations throughout history have had slaves from many other nations, regardless of color. Slavery was pretty common unfortunately.

        But having a show like this is the same as saying ”Hey we all want to ride on the same bus, no separate buses for whites… oh, but we want a black only bus”.

        If one group of people, regardless of what binds is together, wants to have the same rights as any other, then it shouldn’t segregate itself from the other group(s) and then blame them for the segregation that they’re doing to themselves.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        tru but the only “seperate” about what your talking about is the name … BET … its not all black … there many other people of color that work there from behind the scenes to in front of the camera … but just like most channels it has its THEME .. dont get to caught up in that ……… its not that serious …. its not racist by anymeans …. and there is no judgement … imo BET is mainly just a station urban folks can go to and see people like themselves or programing that related to things that actually go on in your life … its like a fisherman watching the fishing channel ……….. its not a place for black power and to prejudge other races or anthing like that or even to alienate other races, thats not the agenda of BET ……

      • We’re already segregated,So should we not have our own awards and let mass/white media dictate what we as black ppl like? The Grammys,Emmys,Oscars,etc etc are all based on what whites like.What about what we like?Should we not award who we like that mass media doesn’t recognize yet.What about all the artists/actors etc that due urban things that aren’t noticed by white media? They deserve awards from their ppl too

      • And no race had a 200 yr chattel slavery run where their captives took their whole culture from them.Most places didn’t have generational life long slavery.why be on a hip hop site when what you believe is racist towards the ppl who made hip hop? You’re a racist troll.Shit ain’t equal and white privilege is real.You don’t have to look at race daily like blacks. “why they get black awards”? you’re racist.That’s a racist argument that racists make.

    • white performers are recognized on bet though. eminem, justin timberlake, robin thicke because those guys represent the culture well. beiber might be out though…

    • Because all awards shows are already “The white ppl award show”. other ppl have to have awards because things aren’t equal.Whites are the majority so most things are about them w/ others on the back burner.lack of equality is why minorities get their own awards. It’s not the same due to the history of racism against blacks/minorities in America. Because of racism,blacks/Latinos need to make their own awards not the other way around.

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  • John Q. Public

  • Guillaume Pilon

    iggy ))))) nicky

    on every levels

    • Are you saying Iggy is better than Nikki? Nikki looks a whole lot better and raps better if that’s what you’re saying.Iggy with her fake black voice

  • best_believe

    Nikki is Shook

    • Black Avatars

      This info came from mediatakeout lol……these niggas known for making shit up

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Don’t matter, dat award show has gotten so awful and ratchet I only watch for the laughs. Sorry if I offended anyone. Wait…… no da fucc I’m not.

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  • Frank

    somebody call the whaambulance. Fckoutthere.

  • Carlton Jordan

    this is normal show producing stuff. so…

  • Ain’t watched in yrs… least WE got sum kinda awards show tho.

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    • WE? as in RnB fans? lol

      • No WE as in human beings….lmao

      • lol.. well then humans done been HAD they own awards show

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    iggy has a buzz ?? really ?? she must be letting all the top exec get some buns .. real talk

    • yeah i cant stand her voice…

    • both of them bitches arent even close to the level of RapSody! and you know if anyone dethrones Nicki from this Mainstream bullshit, its gonna be Iggy! THE WHITE CHICK! you get your wish! A chick who wanna be barbie or the chick who actually is barbie lol

  • they will cater the event around the stars of love and hiphop.. lmfao… and only old white corny people will watch it

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