Hip Hop Rumors: Behind The Scenes Drama Of The BET Awards


The damn show hasn’t even started and there’s already a bunch of backstage drama.

MediaTakeout reports that a reliable source shared with them that the show is already “changing s*** around,” due to trying to accommodate bigger stars.

“The BET awards are forever changing sh*t around – performers, announcers even the entire layout at the last minute to accommodate for bigger name stars. Anywho, August Alsina was in talks for performing up until last week. They fit him into schedule and everything . . . until CB got released and (BET Awards head) Stephen Hill was quick to call Chris people to arrange a surprise performance of Loyal and Show me. Stephen isn’t stupid, he knows Chris’s first time performance out of jail will bring in viewers.

Long story short August (even tho he’s cool with CB) thinks their energy is too similar and it’s his time now – and the producers will have to make a choice. [So he’s NOT going to be performing].

Same thing for [Nicki] Minaj. She’s on this urban show tour to reintroduce herself as a serious rapper and does not want Iggy performing. But Stephen wants to capitalize off the buzz she has right now, on the flip side he doesn’t want to alienate Nicki and her crew….”