Mistah F.A.B.

Mistah F.A.B. vs DJ Mustard Footage Released, Mistah F.A.B. Reacts (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) At this point add camera footage up there with death and taxes, as new and revealing footage of Mistah F.A.B. and DJ Mustard’s physical altercation at a June 8th YG/DJ Mustard concert in San Francisco.

In the footage it shows Mister F.A.B. being punched in the face multiple times by a number of purported members of DJ Mustard and/or YG’s camp as he attempted to exit the arena. Mistah F.A.B. immediately went to his personal Twitter account and addressed the footage:

Screenshot 2014-06-11 17.19.10Screenshot 2014-06-11 17.19.10Screenshot 2014-06-11 17.19.17Screenshot 2014-06-11 17.19.27

At the end of the video, DJ Mustard made sure to inform Y.G. backstage that he landed a punch on F.A.B.

Check out the footage below:

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    • Imadethisaccount Bcespnsaidso

      do u use the word nigga??? have u ever referred to a white person in a derogatory manner???


        i do… yeah, i call one racist before! is that’s derogatory enough or nah

      • all the time, but white people shouldn’t if they don’t want to deal with the consequences. and minorities shouldn’t support white people who try to unless they want to deal with stigma and isolation. Everyone can ultimately do what they want, and everyone has to deal the the requisite consequences. Especially when it comes to SELLING SOMETHING TO THE PUBLIC.

  • diggdoug

    who ???

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      COON ass niggas – that’s who – have no embarrasment

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  • jon dubock

    I thought being a man means you dont let petty shit get to you, to where you start acting like you’re back in highschool….

    • soyhiphop

      Not acording to ignant hood niccas..being a man is having 10 kids out of wedlock with 7 different hood rats..murdering your enemies. Going to prison and dying before 25

      • Guest

        I’m a hood nicca and I know that’s not what being a man is about. I love how kids from the suburbs act like they know what’s going on in the “hood.” GTFOH

      • soyhiphop

        Lol are youb implying im from the boondocs? Lol dead wrong cuz

    • Aleeko Deng

      Fa True! #realtalk

  • regalpimp

    Wow..Just what we need on the West — new beef…This should be a good time for us out here, bangin music, great weed, best weather, melting pot of exotic beautiful women, etc..But we still have to have somethin to fight about…We were considered troublemakers during the period we were blackballed from hip hop after the Death Row era…We have it all right now, but dumb niggas are always gonna have a beef over somethin…

  • Mr.CPT

    BUT if you have a problem with a nigga why sneak up on him while he is DJ and try to sucker punch him. You a bitch nigga for that and you get no points for that. That’s not being a real man that’s being a real bitch nigga!

    • ThaBoy

      Sucker punch? Nobody got sucker punched did you see the original video. Fab was directly in Mustard’s face when he slapped the dogshit outta him.

  • Brindle

    Wasn’t that bad

  • itsadamnshame

    I think of that part from rush hour when chris tucker turns around and sais lee why didn’t you tell me this man rolls like this

  • ThaBoy

    Mustard got slapped and his security had his back. Fab got exactly what he went there for.

  • Phibes

    Assed out! Lol

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Bay Area cats aint no punks!

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  • Clondyke Classic

    Sounds like the loser

  • soyhiphop

    Dude whent from being tough to becoming a human piñata..real quick

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  • #SS

    FAB a G to me, he went there, slapped the shit outta mustard and then fought all his security guards and still left standing on his feet, never touch the floor once, real dude! and one of those securitys was on steroids, FAB definitely dont got a glass jaw, he weathered that storm!

    • Johnny Boy

      He got fucked up. Look at his left cheek. Haha. Then he got choked, and thrown out the place. While Mustard and YG went back performing.

    • RonRico Jones

      Naw. That nigga thought he had home field advantage and his nuts swole up. That’s why he brought up Oakland and Bay niggas acting like they rockin with him and not helping. And that’s why he took his ass on stage instead of trying to catch dude on the humble.

  • DC King Of Hearts


  • niggas…..smh….

  • 7yoyo7

    Real gangstas wear Batman underwear. Good to know.

  • That didn’t look like security,but IDK

  • YEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAOOOO

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