Tupac Biopic Producer Talks Tupac/Nas Relationship, Trilogy + MORE

(AllHipHop News) If you followed Tupac through his music,  you would be justified in thinking that up until his dying day, Tupac had a venomous hatred Nas in his prime. LT Hutton, Producer of the upcoming Tupac biopic, spoke on Tupac and Nas’ relationship and how it could have been its own movie and more.

During an interview with Steve Stoute at SXSW back in 2012, Nas revealed that he approached Tupac and Death Row in Central Park after the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. According to Hutton during his interview with Life+Times, Nas was one of the many parts of Tupac’s life that could have been expanded on into its own feature length film:

To document all his years and all his relationships—from the Outlawz, to Leila [Steinberg, his first manager], to Mopreme [Shakur, his older step-brother], to even Nas’s relationship with him—is a lot. There could be a whole movie on ‘Pac and Nas, ‘Pac and Biggie, ‘Pac and the Outlawz, ‘Pac and his mother Afeni Shakur, ‘Pac and Geronimo Pratt, etc.

Last month, Marlon Wayans appeared on ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie and stated that
wasn’t real gangster but he acted gangster.” While Hutton does not explicitly corroborate that statement, he does explain that Tupac was not always the person he wanted to be in public:

When I pitched the film to John Singleton about what we wanted covered in his re-write, I called it ‘the trilogy.’ It’s who Tupac was, who Tupac had to be (for the world he was brought into) and who Tupac wanted to be. That was the fight in him. He had to be all these people and still try to be who he was, who he had to be, and who he wanted to become.

Check out the full interview here.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Pac was a nas fan and felt that nas dissed him On “the message”. It’s why he made it a point to attack nas as well. Listen to songs like “me and my girlfriend” which is similar to ” I gave you power” in its concept. And ” hold your head” which has s similar concept as “one love”. Even using the same “one love” chant but switching it to “one thug”. Plus the outlaws talked about them riding around with pac In new jersey listening to illmatic. And that nas and pac did meet each other in new york and were supposed to make music together. He was also a big de la soul fan and dissed them cuz he felt like they dissed him on “stakes is high”…..

    • They dont know bruh!

      • ShortDogg

        It is true broh!

    • majesticking

      Pac said he got his idea to make me and my girlfriend from I gave you power according to his outlaw fam. Just quoting his people.

      • ShortDogg

        True! Nas was the shit back thing and after 20 freaking years, he still is. Nobody messing with that rap run! All the heavyweights went after Nas. That is how ill Nas was/is!

      • Jon

        Nas is the Hip Hop version of the Spurs. Much better than 2Pac, Biggie and J but not flashy enough.

    • ShortDogg

      Tell the truth big homie and good points! PAC respected the hell out of Nas. People always try to make it out to be different, but you know PAC and Nas are two of the greatest to ever do it! Plain and simple! Nas just played smarter at the end! Death is death… You ain’t coming back from that shit! Dudes can be hard all all they want! Live fools! That is how you win!

    • poview

      One love is nothing like Hold your head. One love was in letter form. Hold Your head wasn’t. One thug chant is from Whodini’s one love. Though Nas one love is probably from Whodini as well but Pac’s one thug chant is the same as Whodini’s One Love Chant.

      • Eli Pinilla




        noun: concept; plural noun: concepts

        an abstract idea; a general notion.

        “structuralism is a difficult concept”

      • poview

        Yeah Pac got the “concept” for hold ya head’s chorus “one thug” from Whodini not Nas. Listen to Whodinis one love. Its undeniable.

  • IceBergSlim

    2pac ..The baddest cat to ever spit into the mic june 16 1971

    • dehova

      Thanks for making me realise it was his birthday today. I always forget him and my mum were 1 week apart. Now they both get to kick it. Anyway….

    • ShortDogg

      Not! Nas…big homie! Still love PAC though…

  • youngplaya

    This write up is full of missed words. It’s terrible to read. Step ya game up. Geezzz

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III


  • M*Murderist

    Nas G.O.A.T.

  • The_Good_Life

    QB known for bodies as well as rap that’s why, along with Brooklyn niggas, u never heard stories about them niggas catching l’s until P’s book…

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  • John Q. Public

    …youtube link to a clip of Nas in concert when they announce that Pac passed


  • Executive

    Great things could of happened between Pac and Nas, I coulda seen a collab happening.

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  • HipHop1980

    Tupac was a Fake STUDIO GANGSTA! Pac lied about knowing his real father in songs. 2pac Never Sold any drugs, his original rap name was MC New York. He started out as a back-up dancer for Digital Underground. He went to acting school.All his friends were majority white kids as a teen. He was a ballet dancer. He never got arrested till after he started rapping. He was from the EAST COAST!!! He didn’t move to cali till he was about 18 where he then lived with a white woman who tutored him and later became his manager.

    • plz tell me something new that i dont know about him, because people will still adore him no matter what

  • Poseidon

    Happy 43rd, old man. Keep shining forever….

  • Ace

    Marlon Wayan’s interview about PAC was misguided and attention seeking coz his nolonger relevant. He was talking like he and PAC were close but in reality he was just the guy PAC bumped into while shooting movies so I doubt they ever rolled on a daily basis. He claimed PAC had the softest hands so he was not a gangsta he just acted it bu PAC never claimed gangsta, he was thug against the system thus the title OUTLAW. PAC was asked once if suge was a gangsta and he denied suge was gangsta. How was PAC supposed to act while on movie set?? All hard and threatening everyone? C’mon man

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Pac didn’t bump into Marlon Wayans. They starred in Above the Rim together. You think that they never hung out in that time?

      • Ace

        My point exactly, they starred in a film together and how many other stars would have been on a set for PAC to spend all his time with marlon? He spoke like he knew PAC in out yet he didn’t but had to say somethng to get some attention after a career flop. You can’t claim you know all about someone just because you met them on a movie set

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        they are both from ny too so you never know … the real folks know pac wasnt presenting himself as a hard body criminal and what thug life is really about … but the perception in mainstream is that he was some kind of wild of the handle type dude … plus marlon is a comedian alot of that was just jokes …. he was heating pac up with them palmolive jokes LOL !! but you know marlon has nothing but respect for him … its like the time Nas said jayz was 36 in a karate class LOL !! …

      • Ace

        This guy said PAC was jus acting gangsta for his fans but ngga shot at cops without the media/cameras watching how’s that acting? That’s heart which not all gangstas wouldn’t do, same heart that got him spitting all them tracks

  • GP

    pac is rap bottom line

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