Tupac Biopic Producer Talks Tupac/Nas Relationship, Trilogy + MORE

Tupac Biopic Producer Talks Tupac/Nas Relationship, Trilogy + MORE

(AllHipHop News) If you followed Tupac through his music,  you would be justified in thinking that up until his dying day, Tupac had a venomous hatred Nas in his prime. LT Hutton, Producer of the upcoming Tupac biopic, spoke on Tupac and Nas’ relationship and how it could have been its own movie and more.

During an interview with Steve Stoute at SXSW back in 2012, Nas revealed that he approached Tupac and Death Row in Central Park after the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. According to Hutton during his interview with Life+Times, Nas was one of the many parts of Tupac’s life that could have been expanded on into its own feature length film:

To document all his years and all his relationships—from the Outlawz, to Leila [Steinberg, his first manager], to Mopreme [Shakur, his older step-brother], to even Nas’s relationship with him—is a lot. There could be a whole movie on ‘Pac and Nas, ‘Pac and Biggie, ‘Pac and the Outlawz, ‘Pac and his mother Afeni Shakur, ‘Pac and Geronimo Pratt, etc.

Last month, Marlon Wayans appeared on ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie and stated that
wasn’t real gangster but he acted gangster.” While Hutton does not explicitly corroborate that statement, he does explain that Tupac was not always the person he wanted to be in public:

When I pitched the film to John Singleton about what we wanted covered in his re-write, I called it ‘the trilogy.’ It’s who Tupac was, who Tupac had to be (for the world he was brought into) and who Tupac wanted to be. That was the fight in him. He had to be all these people and still try to be who he was, who he had to be, and who he wanted to become.

Check out the full interview here.