Azealia Banks Throws Shots At T.I. & Tiny; Tiny Responds

(AllHipHop News) It appears Azealia Banks’ decision to stop beefing with other celebrities was just a short-lived change of heart. Or maybe Ms. Bank$ had a temporary relapse back to her old ways, because the New York performer took to Twitter to take another shot at past target T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

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A tweet (since deleted) credited to the “212” rapper’s certified Twitter account was a not-so-subtle insult aimed at The Family Hustle reality show stars.

AB Tweet

“No Mediocre” is the title of T.I. latest single featuring another Banks rival Iggy Azalea. Azealia and Iggy clashed in the past over placement on the XXL Freshmen cover in 2012. Banks was upset that Iggy was given a spot in the magazine. She felt the native Australian should not have been the only female represented because of the controversial lyrics in Iggy’s song “D.R.U.G.S.” which included a reference to being a “slave master.”

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T.I. played a role in introducing Iggy to the public, so the Hustle Gang leader defended his protégé against Banks’ attacks. That lead to a feud between Tip and Banks that apparently still has not been resolved.

This time it was Tiny who had a response for Banks. The former Xscape member used her Instagram page to ask the young Harlemite a question.

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75 Responses to “Azealia Banks Throws Shots At T.I. & Tiny; Tiny Responds”

      • RazaBladeKing

        Welp, the numbers are in, and he’s wrong. A.Banks > Tiny. I agree. Azalea’s like… the ugliest fine chick or the finest ugly chick, I can’t decide. “I’d hit it” gets thrown around a lot, to the point that it’s lost meaning, but… I think I finally found the line. Azalea Banks can get it, Tiny cannot. There’s the line.

      • TrapGQ

        I guess you re into women who look like tranny boys.. Anal sex much? She probably has a penis. She acts like a crack out tranny I know. Once again though.. I do like her music but this women is a mess! LOL

      • Killuminati

        yea i dont listen to the tranny music and shes fugly too lol

  1. ghettogov

    I’m almost ashamed that there was a point in time where I actually listened to this chick music…she can rap but her songs ain’t nothing special. I liked that she was unique but she hasn’t found her sound yet so she be all over the place with it…one minute she sounding like a white girl next she talking some thug Shit in a lil kim type voice. Jumanji was the first thing i heard from her and if you listen to that you can hear some potential. She way too bigheaded at this point to do herself any good right now though.

  2. Mosdaze

    Those pictures show the obvious favoritism towards tiny from the author. That broad looks like a light skinned smurf/oompa loompa bastard child. And that voice..Jesus T.I…

      • Mosdaze

        Do you need a definition or what? They got a goofy as banks photo and one with this down syndrome midget dolled up trying to look sexy. Get it?

      • Mosdaze

        Main Entry: fa·vor·it·ism
        Pronunciation: ˈfā-v(ə-)rə-ˌti-zəm, ˈfā-vər-
        Function: noun
        Date: 1763
        1 : the showing of special favor : partiality 2 : the state or fact of being a favorite

        See the 2 pictures and the obvious favoritism of the picture choices? One a “sexy” one of Banks, the other a “unflattering” one of Tiny..

      • Bhella Bell

        The picture on Tiny’s instagram was posted by Tiny but it’s clearly Rihanna and one of the many memes she posts. It wasn’t the author of this trying to show favoritism- by any definition of the word- to T.I. and Tiny.

        Similarly, the photo of Azalea is the one that Tip posted of her to go along with his rant.

        People are so quick to try and make somebody feel bad about themselves (posting the definition of favoritism) perpetuating animosity among Black culture aficionados, just like they want you to do.

        If you’re really feeling like looking up some definitions try, gentrification, appropriation, economics and reality-check. Stop letting this ish get to you. Gotta love one another! *Besides, these people are already RICH— they could not care less about your daily happenings or the beef at your job site <— That's the reality check part— A better focus of such precious brainpower would be, "How to Get My Money Up like Them?!" ;)*

      • BATMANfromDaHood

        tiny actually looks good in this picture

      • Celz

        Get off that wack bitkh’s sack.. She gon be the black Kreayshawn in a few mins.. Her target demo is gettin older by the day.. As they age her potential sales are getting lower by the day.. She already lookin at wood.. What she gon sell next year? The year after? You SELL negativity once you have nothing left.. You GIVE it away when you had nothing to begin with.. Bitkh better get her Bryman College on while she has the chance..

      • Mosdaze

        Haha I agree with you for the most part. Alot of people thrived on negativity prior to even making it though. She already is the equivalent of kreyshawn I’m not buying or even downloading this broads music, I’m just pointing out this sites obsession with this fake ass gangster and his meatball looking dumpster. Every chance they get they throw out these corny ass rumors and so clearly side with him. You’d think someone at ASHH was his federal handler.

        And Bella the second half of your message is the truth. That first half has so much fuckery in it though. You think I got Rihanna and tiny confused? Obviously was referring the the thumbnail picture, the main picture above the article.

      • TrapGQ

        This is terrible but she looks just like a Tranny prostitute that lives down the road from me I see out on the streets. I ve talked to her when shes in the market she seems cool but none the less this girl looks just like her… Oy.. I still like her music but DA AM she is annoying LOL Get some therapy chick you scary and cray cray!

      • ifukedyourmom

        lol just found it funny because I didn’t even pay the pics any attention, just read the story, and when i read your comment the i noticed but “I” don’t think it had any influence on the opinion someone would get from reading it and if it did they are pretty closed mind…that’s all so “RELAX”

  3. B.U.

    Banks should just get on Love and Hip Hop if she’s so thirsty for negative attention. She’s lookin more and more dehydrated by the day.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Tiny is hideous….But Azalia is FAR from gorgeous.

      • Celz

        Looks matter.. But I’d rather have a boss chick like Tiny over an ignorant low self esteem piece of trash like whatever her name (don’t care enough to learn how to spell it) is…

      • Guest

        That don’t look like no “piece of trash” that is a stunning woman. Maybe you’re talking about yourself.

      • NUNYA

        Not a good pic of her…she looks like a man!!!!!!!

      • TrapGQ

        She looks like the horse off of HE-HAW.. I like her music but she doesnt have a Kayne ego like how shes suppose to be coming off. Shes coming up as some whiny, the world owes me something, juvenile, antagonist with severe mental disorders. This bitch is angry at the world LOL

    • Guest

      I thought she was a model at 1st. She is a beautiful chocolate sister. What the hell is wrong the idiots who hated on this pic? Are ppl that cruel or just blind?

  4. RomeRebel

    I never had a dislike or annoyance for an entertainer, but this broad here is like gonorrhea just keeps popping up even when you’ve thought it went away.

  5. CJ

    I don’t know alot of ABanks music, but I really don’t think putting down the way another black woman looks is the way to promote your career. Get a clue Banks haters turn out to be the ones people love to hate. Who cares how anyone else’s wife looks like? They are married, they obviously like each other, and its none of your business. This just shows Azealia is shallow and doesn’t have much else going on. Time to find some real material.

  6. BATMANfromDaHood

    bitch aint got no buzz going, so she going for any and everything to keep her name on bullshit ass articles like this one here. yet i still have yet to hear any music from a.banks…like for real lol. so idk. if you ask me , it just sounds like a talentless disgruntled bitch.

  7. fooopa

    the only reason Azealia is coming for TI is because Iggy is on No Mediocre and they’ve rivals for years now… I mean still tho like Azealia’s got a point lol

  8. IMonONE

    First off who is this chic? Sounds like she just a hater. Tiny has accomplished so much. She probably can learn a few things from her . Other than that she need to shut up and have several seats

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