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G-Unit Releases First Music Video With All Four Members For "Nah, I'm Talking 'Bout" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) G-Unit has been in existence for over a decade, however legal and personal problems have often complicated Young Buck, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo from sharing the same song let alone music video. Today (June 17th), G-Unit released the first video featuring all four members for their remix to HS87’s “Grinding My Whole Life” for “Nah, I’m Talking Bout”.

G-Unit released their debut album Beg For Mercy on November 14th, 2003, less than a year after Tony Yayo was arrested for felony gun possession in December 2002. Yayo was arrested again after being granted parole in Jaunary 2004 for possession of a forged passport and sent back to prison until May 25th, 2004.

As a result, Tony Yayo did not appear in any of G-Unit’s music videos for Beg For Mercy and Young Buck was later kicked out of G-Unit less than three months before G-Unit released their second album Terminate on Sight. Buck’s verses and appearances on the subsequent videos were removed from the album singles and Buck and Yayo never appeared in a music video together until today.

Check out G-Unit’s first music video with all four members below:

  • youngplaya


    • Casor_Greener

      These dudes ok

  • @44wade

    Just like the old days lol, take someone else’s song and make a better version. This crazy. MMG and others out now, can’t do this, because people only care about hearing their original production.

    • Peter

      lol as if people only caring to hear their “original” production is a bad thing? tf

  • The Legendary Troll

    50 know buck is that nigga. he puts him first all the time

    • Mr.CPT

      they still need GAME to seal the deal.

      • Nobody don’t wanna admit that, they always say he wasn’t an origin member but blood fire….

    • On eythang buck still had fire sht after he left g unit.

  • Killuminati

    glad they r back

  • Eli Pinilla

    I ain’t even gone lie, I didn’t like kidd kid at all when I first heard him…..he’s dope.

    • has track die for is tough too!

    • bigdoe6

      Kidd Kidd been dope since he was in squad up with Lil Wayne. He was dopest with the freestyles.

  • SopasDePollo

    this mentality is why black ppl will never prevail.

    • RazaBladeKing

      Prevail over what? The most powerful man in the world (on paper) is black. The richest woman in the world is black. We already winning… ese.

      • SopasDePollo

        The richest woman in the world is White, her name is Christy Walton. Actually, the top 5 richest women in the world are White. The strongest man in the world is also White, his name is Zydrunas Savickas and he’s won the Strongest Man Competition 4 years in a row. Btw, I’m not a Mexican but you have no room to knock them since the richest man in the World is Mexican.

      • RazaBladeKing

        I meant most “powerful” as in the ability to make people do things (political power), not ‘strength.’ President of the United States = most powerful man in the world (on paper). Funny how you say I have “no room to knock” Mexicans, right after you come on a HIP HOP SITE and knock black people… vato. I knock whoever the f*** I want.,

      • Casor_Greener

        You were right on power wrong on rich

      • RazaBladeKing

        Yup. True enough.

      • SopasDePollo

        You must be riddled with ghetto candy because i clearly stated that I’m not Mexican. And you didn’t say powerful, you said richest woman in the world is Black. I guess that you believe that Oprah is the richest woman in the world when in reality she’s not even one of the top 25 most richest women in the world. You fish for black pride where that isn’t any to find.

      • Casor_Greener

        He’s also a immigrant from Lebanon. Keep it real bro

      • SopasDePollo

        How about Ortega? Isn’t he the 3rd ricchest? Btw, I’m not even Mexican. This proves how Black ppl can be as racist or even more racist than White ppl.

      • Casor_Greener

        What proves racism? You are reaching to make a point. All you have done is correct someone and you were wrong in some of your assertions so I corrected you. That must mean you are a racist according to your stupid logic

      • Sean Taylor

        I guess you haven’t read the new recently…..

        Microsoft founder Bill Gates has reclaimed his spot as the richest man in the world, according to Forbes’ annual list of billionaires.

        Gates’ net worth is now $76 billion, according to Forbes, having
        risen $9 billion in the last year. Gates bumped Mexican telecoms magnate Carlos Slim Helu off the top spot, which Gates has held for 15 of the last 20 years.

      • Killuminati

        Obama is half white

      • Gonja

        That was dope homie!! Lmao

  • Kyng James Blackmon III

    “Buck and Yayo never appeared in a music video together until today”. Not true, Buck and Yayo were in the “Curious” and the “I know you don’t love me” vids.

    • Gonja

      Buck and Yayo hooked this mf up too..

  • tra mo

    Is it me or does banks look like Mike will made it

    • considering Mike Will has been out for 2 years, i would say he looks like Banks…

      • bigdoe6

        These young ass niggas man. Smh.

  • Wrong.

    Tony Yayo – I Know You Don’t Love Me (Feat. Young Buck, 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks)
    Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon

  • Guest

    All-hiphop deleted
    my “fan comment” cause they got mad I put them on blast for mis
    informing viewers on information that includes one of the most popular
    rap groups of all time… Glad they have legit writers over there

  • KobieDixon


  • soyhiphop

    Thank god for this…… the rap game needs real gangsters man…all this lil wayne drake young thug soft nicca shit got the game ass backwards..since when it was cool for former c.o’s who took real drug lords name ok..we need the unit to make it to the top again and properly dispose of these fags in hiphop..cause them chiraq. Niccas is savages but can’t rap for shit

    • 48RAW


    • orlando jackson

      can tell that you a fan of sammy the bull… snitch is gangsta nikka… at least them chiraq nikkas are real gangsters none of the gunit guy are gangsters , a snitch lead the team, a crackhead was the capo, banks aka cry baby, yayo aka cant do shit with 50

      • Killuminati

        And u kno all these guys personally so we should take your word on who’s gangster and who’s not right? Ok I’m glad u shedded light on this for all of us

      • Eny Daboss

        so do you

      • Killuminati

        Good 1

    • We need more Moor music, I like the Unit but this Nigga shit is done, no more culture destruction

    • smashergrilla

      fuk u talkin bout 50cent took his namre from a known drug dealer robbin ass dude

      • soyhiphop

        But 50 was a real feared gangster nicca in south jamiaca. Im speaking personal facts that I know about…rick ross is not who he portrays at all he probably sold drugs that’s it..even trick daddy said ross was no. Known gangster. Do your research cuz ross was dick riding some dude call boobie and the boobie boyz..hes basically spitting their lifestyle in his rhymes

  • MercedNative209

    such a tragedy!

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  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Kidd Kidd tho…Fire!!

  • EricHiesenberg

    This shit is FIRE! continue UNIT…your making a dope comeback.

  • orlando jackson


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  • 80nigga

    You niggas who aint with this shit are the very weirdos that must be removed frm these comment sections

  • jdubba

    35K units sold 1st week. Nah Im talking bout

    • how many did u sell?

      • jdubba

        how many what, krills to you mom? she couldnt get enough

      • Gonja

        Take that “L”, you asked for it, lame.

      • jdubba

        I’ll take the L like you dream about taking 50’s nuts slappin on your chin.

      • Sinbk Legend

        U must be a slowbucks fan

      • jdubba

        I am a fan of your moms weekly $75 McDonalds check, covers an 8th of that good

      • WeakSauce

        Whats with the mom jokes?!

      • jdubba

        Imagining this crumb’s moms twerking for biscuits outside of Crown Fried makes me laugh. Thats really the only reason.

    • Dreday410

      Well really if you count the real numbers it was 103,000

      47K was the US numbers not international market

      That’s why it was number ONE in 3 other countries on Hip Hop R & B

      US only counts a week for Music and Weekend for Movies that’s why the box office is always bigger in the International market

      Example: X-Men Future made $663 Milion but only $207 Million was domestic (US) and $456 Million was foreign market….. BA

      • jdubba

        funny how much time you took writing a response that wont affect the fact he’s a flop, like your moms tits

      • Sinbk Legend

        U mad or nah

      • jdubba


      • WeakSauce

        Yeah he mad

  • Dadon850

    Aye, that song dope but soon as Buck need some money he gone call 50 and 50 gone record his azz begging again. Watch

    • WeakSauce

      If these Unit nikkas already moved on from all the BS, why can’t ass fukks do the same?!

      • Dadon850

        Buck is broke, that’s why he with 50. He ain’t moved on from sh!t. And only homo azz n!ggas use words like “ass fukks”. FOH

  • Gonja

    That title is perfect (All Four Members)! Kidd Kidd definitely don’t fit in the G-Unit shit.

    • Dreday410


      In 2 Months Kidd Kidd will have spent the same amount of time in G unit as The Game did before he left (3 Months) and besides the Game fit because 50 WROTE ALL HIS HIT SONGS

      • Dat nicca Emm

        Point of correction, 50 wrote the hooks to hate it or love it and West side story, all Game’s verses he wrote them himself. Do watch 50 at the breakfast club where he congratulates game on how he can write raps but is not very good at writing hooks which is why Dre and Jimmy decided to do a joint venture with G-unit to propel Game becuse Dre knew he was talented but lacked something. Before you write or type out shit like that, do your homework boy. Don’t feed us with false information.

      • Dreday410

        Now rewatch the video he said

        “he could rap but don’t know how to song write so I gave him my second album and RE WROTE my second album”

        If someone create the song and you just add your voice they still created the damn song that’s why he was getting paid for all the credit and still can preform them live now

        Watch @24:00 mark

        Look up Game still paying 50 cent Million Dollars per album to not have G unit logo and credit rights

      • Dat nicca Emm

        Please go listen to UNTOLD STORY VOL 1 by Game when he was with an independent label in Filnmoe district. After that let me hear you talk that shit after you must have listened to that album or Mixtape prompt Dre to sign him. If Dre can see that in you then you are definitely talented so enough with the 50 cent bullshit already. Go and read what Trav one of G-unit’s affiliate had to say about 50. He does not want you to grow to be your own boss which is why I still believe this G-unit reunion thing is bullshit. If an artist on your label is growing then you are growing as well. Letting the artist to do his own thing makes you even bigger but 50 does not want that which to me I guess is why people around him turn to get tired of all the bullshit. My opinion only!!!!

      • hollywood tee

        No what 50 said was game can rap but can’t write songs big difference. We all can rap but writing songs is different ball game. And if you notice game anint did to much since leaving the unit. Game was wit dre for like 5 years before 50 made him the dude he is today 5 years so if he can rap why was sitting for so long….be real 50 made that 2 buck nigga.

      • Dat nicca Emm

        Please go listen to UNTOLD STORY VOL 1 to disprove all your false allegations against game. It was released in 2004 prior to his debut The documentary in 2005 and it was released under JT the BIGGA FIGGA’s label . That album or Mixtape to me was dope and it sold well fellaz. That was Game without 50 nor Aftermath nor Interscope backing him. So to me Game can write a song and not all the bullshit you guys are saying. Game spent a year at aftermath before 50 came in and not 5 years please stop already!!!.

  • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

    I must say this song is tight!!!

  • This is f**king dope!

    Not saying that often.


  • Blaq_Boi

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Fresh air!!!!!

  • Dan_Tebasco

    The beat is pretty damn dope and make the song pretty cool ackshelly

  • hollywood tee

    And to all the people who keep saying he flop yes he did. But do you dummies forget rappers anint even going gold nigga your fav rapper nigga is selling 200,000 tops. But it’s funny y’all only point out 50 and he the realist nigga in the game. But I guess you always hate on the people you wish you were lol

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