G-Unit Releases First Music Video With All Four Members For "Nah, I'm Talking 'Bout" (VIDEO)

G-Unit Releases First Music Video With All Four Members For “Nah, I’m Talking ‘Bout” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) G-Unit has been in existence for over a decade, however legal and personal problems have often complicated Young Buck, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo from sharing the same song let alone music video. Today (June 17th), G-Unit released the first video featuring all four members for their remix to HS87’s “Grinding My Whole Life” for “Nah, I’m Talking Bout”.

G-Unit released their debut album Beg For Mercy on November 14th, 2003, less than a year after Tony Yayo was arrested for felony gun possession in December 2002. Yayo was arrested again after being granted parole in Jaunary 2004 for possession of a forged passport and sent back to prison until May 25th, 2004.

As a result, Tony Yayo did not appear in any of G-Unit’s music videos for Beg For Mercy and Young Buck was later kicked out of G-Unit less than three months before G-Unit released their second album Terminate on Sight. Buck’s verses and appearances on the subsequent videos were removed from the album singles and Buck and Yayo never appeared in a music video together until today.

Check out G-Unit’s first music video with all four members below: