Hip-Hop Rumors: Another 90’s Rapper On The Comeback Trail!

You know…the 90’s was a LONG time ago when you think about it. But, the realness is that that is where it was poppin like crazy! They were down in the dirt with the people with Tims and Carhart suits on. So, its only fitting these excellent rappers are still around in some form or fashion. And they get a lot of chances than rappers in the 80’s and 2000’s for that matter.

I am hearing this dude is going to be making a comeback in the near future. He has been seen out and about the New York region and is looking to jump back in the game with his unique style and vocabulary.

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Yep. KM is one of the members of the famed Def Squad, Redman, Erick Sermon and others. He had a great run, street cred is good (he and Prodigy from Mobb Deep went at it once) and he even did a three year bid. That’s all for now. Hopefully he can do it.

Here are some of his songs for you all that don’t remember him from back in the day.

Keith Murray – “The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World”

By the way, Jeru the Damaja is coming back too. He’s definitely got a new album on the horizon. Remember he used to go hard at Biggie and Puff back in the day!


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eli Pinilla

    “The most beautifulist thing in the world” is one of the most slept on albums ever. An underground/NY backpack classic….and ” the sun rises in the east” is a hands down classic. Dirty rotten scoundrels!!!!! ” I do this for the ladys, not the bitches”!!!

    • There is no such backpack thing. This was only a term created by Rupert Murdock’s son (Now Fox News / Newscorp). They created a more
      conscious rap style to market to an all white crowd.

      • meanygreene

        i believe he started rawkus records

      • TheAfroRican

        Jarrett Myer and Brian Brater founded Rawkus but James Murdoch funded the label.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    I would buy a Keith Murray album today!!

    • scullyson

      Right and a Lord Finess Joint too

      • water_ur_seeds

        Finesse is often dropping music fam, keep a look at ‘Slice of Spice Records’…

      • scullyson

        Oh word…? Ima check for that..Good look

      • OnlyFaDaReal


  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    todays rap music listeners dont want lyrics

    • AlbertoRipRon

      These aren’t rap artists. These are MCs. There’s a difference between hip hop and rap….rappers and MCs.

      • Immortal

        You would never know that with this site. Whenever you put MC in the same sentence as anyone from MMG or YMCMB it’s a fail. And Illseed loves to throw it around like no one in their right minds cannot tell the difference between the two.

    • Executive

      Abcdefgpoppinmollyblahblahblahsippinleanfhjfdfgbcdd equals today’s lyrics.

  • Gonja

    A Keith Murray come-back would be dope..

    • meanygreene

      he did an album with canibus a few years ago

  • Dayum!

    Kieth Murray & Jeru The Damaja?

    Jeru was “The Frustrated Ninja” & he did “INVASION” for the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack!

    His old ‘chet gets more burn than today’s new ‘chet!

    • hoeyuno

      You cant stop the prophet….keith nice to…he kept getting locked up and record labels didn’t think he was focused.

      • Yeah, Jeru is the ‘chiz znet!

      • Yo! What is the price of gas in O Town?
        $1.40 per litre? / $6 a gallon.

      • hoeyuno

        Today it was $1.55 per Litre and like 5.8 L is a US gal……the gas situation sucks ass…80% of Canadians live within a hour drive from the US boarder so the smart peoples(usually the Chinese and the east indians) just drive across the boarder for gas.

      • Is that $1.55 in USD or Cannucks bucks?

  • STFUUIgnants

    strong lyricists arent respected nowadays, not like back when being cool AND intelligent was valued in hip hop

  • scullyson

    Keith definitely held it down during the 90’s.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Yea that new Jeru is dope.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    This site is always late for all news. Keith has been recording he and canibus had an album called undergods not too too long ago. hahah Allhiphop foh!

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  • Executive

    Damn! I thought it was bone thugs!

  • Guillaume Pilon

    jeru is cool

    keith murray ok

  • Fosho3528

    Only on allhiphop is your prison record part of your Rapper Resume. SMH at these horrible editors who keep me checking this page for their sheer stupidity. Props to Keith Murray though.

    • Q.

      Word. ..but that’s “sheer” not “shear,” G.

      “Shear stupidity” would be like a wack barber giving you a retarded haircut. IJS

      • Fosho3528

        I think you’re right.

  • Sleep

    This shit won’t fly. Love me some Keith Murray and Jeru, but kids don’t want real, they want real flashy. Lyrical has no place among the masses, everything has to be dumbed down. This is what happens when kids look up to people like Kim Kardashian and Souljah Boy, and Chief Keef, etc.

    • No we black people are programmed by sites like this who are being paid
      to feed us with rubbish. The average white Hip-Hop fan outside America
      prefers quality. They get their info from Hip-Hop DX. DX uses professional
      Journalists and has staff that know how to make an automated spell check
      on their computer. I just don’t hang out on DX, because I don’t like to be
      the only black guy in an almost all white crowd.
      It’s like going to a jurassic 5 concert.

  • Killuminati

    I fucked with the enigma album from Murray

    • old tymerw

      GIve these dudes thier do respect .But i was a liitle concerned at a keith m show he showed up with paint all over his clothes like if he just left paint ballen and di not change for the show just a little weird for me just saying

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Last I heard of Keith was that incident in Africa with his laptop getting stolen or something… I know he did a joint with Canibus a while ago, Bis stays doing them collab albums haha

    Both Keith Murray and Jeru are legends… But when legends come back they are never the same…

  • As if they were ever gone.
    AHH just doesn’t cover Hip-Hop much.
    AHH covers rap and pop as well as
    latest media hype. But has no clue
    what is happening in the Hip-Hop



  • YES YES YES, Hurry up Keith Murray.
    These youngens needs rap tutorials.
    Jeru was dope in the 90s too.

    Come clean and the most beautifullest thing in the world were
    my favourites.

  • meanygreene

    remember jeru was beein’ wit Lauren hill. never figured what that was over.

  • Ron Shurvin Jn Charles

    This is some ignorant ass shit. I never believed the studies saying that hip hop culture perpetuates black ignorance but claiming that “beefing” with someone and doing 3 years in prison positions Keith Murray for success is the depths of dumb niggas saying dumb shit. I’m out

  • Heres the thing. rappers who arent on majors anymore do independent albums just to put out. folks either buy it or download. they go to the shows though and that is where the most money is made. most of these rappers who sell a lil bit of records now dont even see that money.

  • Carlos

    If i could change anything in hip hop, I would change the mentality that artists who are considered “old” have to give up rapping. I mean, we are the only culture that does this.

    • Da Ledgendary


    • Q.

      You know why that is though, right? Because the Beast has conditioned us to think rap is just for adolescents. That’s why pop-rap sounds like nursery rhymes and lullabies.

  • NatzWilkinsonypi

    just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I didn’t believe that my
    sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from there pretty old
    laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only about 22 months and
    at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and bought themselves a
    Chrysler . see here M­o­n­e­y­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

  • TimeWillTellu1




    • i’mtelling

      That is because they actually have fans unlike most 90s LA rappers.

      • regalpimp

        Please…E 40, dj quik, , & too short are still seeing more $$$ than your 90’s NY rapper…and I love NY hip hop, but facts are facts…holla at more when a 90’s rapper has another platinum single, or sell independently like an artist signed to a major…

      • Super_Hero

        ok, Jay-Z. Jay is a 90s artist makes more then all them dudes put together. His single makes more then them dudes residuals. Nas makes more then them dudes put together. Methodman still eating. Even DJ Funk Flex is making major money. Too Short? lol. What was his last single? Now tell me what 90s LA artist single goes plat? If your indy its because you don’t sell like a major artist. Stop believing those lies. If they were true, Em and Jay-Z would be indy.

      • regalpimp

        E 40’s “Bitch” and “function” both went platinum…”Function” featured too short, and the remix featured 50…I’ll give you Jay and Nas…those are 2 of the best 2 EVER do it…but Methodman??? Lol he gets booed off stage at an insane clown posse concert, and got clocked in the head by a bottle…E 40 could drop tomorrow and sell more than a major…his independent hustle is legendary, ask Master P and Tech, who admittedly learned their hustle from 40…

    • scullyson

      Kill that noise

  • I remember both them boys….

  • Reblogged this on SNS Nightlife Magazine and commented:
    Look at my baby daddy, Keith Murray. Doprah still loves you, sexy

  • That’s great but music is not selling like it used to sell…..The internet has taken jobs away from a lot of people in the music industry…..I used to like Keith Murray but, this dude is old as dirt, most old rappers don’t have a chance in the rap game once they been gone for so long….Smart rappers like Jay-Z and Dr Dre who built an empire while trying to stay relevant will always win, but rappers who felt like they are so great that they can step off the scene and return whenever they want to is not happening….His fans have all grown older and most of those people aren’t even computer savvy, and new fans are not easy to get, so there you have it……Do something else, help these younger Indie artist and show them the way so that they can be millionaires and you can be a part of it, point is stop trying to do it all by yourself, let someone else get a chance.

    • Da Ledgendary

      Some artist have other shit going on in life besides music, and what does his age have to do with making music. So because he’s older he need to stop rapping? His target demographic is 30 and up. You do not have to make music for 17 year olds and sell a million copies to be so-called relevant or make money. Today’s average hip-hop fan has placed more personal value in how much an artist sells rather than the quality of his music. Either the music is dope to me or its not. Another man’s record sales have nothing to do with my pockets. The underground indie hip-hop scene has been thriving for years without mainstream play, especially overseas.

      • Okay thanks for you’re comment…But here is the thing as I said rappers like Jay-Z and a few others have a lot of other things going on besides music too, but he has grown with his fans and kept us all in the mix everything he does was still Hip-Hop based…He didn’t just step off the scene to return back 20 years later…I think you need to understand that most of these rappers only return for ONE reason. And that reason is money..Only certain people are honest when they say that they “are doing it for the fans” people like Jay, Diddy, Dre, Eminem and others, simply because they never stopped working and they created enough money for themselves to never rely on the craft just for that sole purpose..If you think about it most rappers got into the game because rapping is the only means of making clean money…After they make all this money they get comfortable thinking that they are so good that they can just return anytime and do it again..Please tell me one rapper from the 90’s who stepped off the scene for over 5years and came back and picked up where they left off?

        At the end of the day, your fans grow older and if you are not growing with your fans then don’t expect them to be there when you return..If you love music great, wonderful…but if your over35 waiting for your favorite artist from the 90’s to release a record then you should really re-evaluate your life, because you have too much time on your hands.

      • Da Ledgendary

        I think you missed my point. Keith Murray will still have an audience. There is still a niche market for his brand of music. As far as him selling on a major, that’s a wrap, but if he releases albums independently and make a least $4 a copy or download, and if only 50,000 buy it, thats $120,000 generated. You don’t have to spend a lot of money anymore to produce an album, but whatever label he puts out on should at least recoup the costs. Say he has a tour set up at lets say 10 shows in the U.S. for at a modest $5,000 a show, that’s another $50,000 in his pocket. Overseas, he’ll make at least $15-20k a show and he’ll probably do a lot more shows over there and that’s where the bulk of his income will come from. Show money. Hip hop fans overseas appreciate real hip hop, know the history, and revere 90’s hip-hop artists to this day far more that American fans do.

      • I hear you…What you say make sense….Okay…But one thing though the reason why most foreigners are more aware of Hip-Hop than us who live here is because we actually know all the in’s and out’s and everything else that comes with Hip-Hop so our standards are higher…Fans overseas are more in love with America as a brand so their standards are lower because we are the leaders when it comes to music, fashion, and a list of other things. No matter what comes out of the USA everyone is going appreciate in a better way…Here is an example McDonalds as we know it here is just a restaurant that people in the USA mainly go just to get a snack or something light to eat, but the minute you go overseas like China for example, eating a meal in McDonalds is like a luxury. #justsaying

      • God Body

        I don’t think you ca handle the fact that different people like different things than yourself. When Hip Hop was new and coming up in the world. It wasn’t about celebrity and gossip. We didn’t even know what artists looked like. They were just a voice on a record. I had Rakims record for 2 years before I saw a picture of him. I didn’t really care about that. now you youngers are used to the whole promotion of image and lifestyle like that’s a necessary part of the concept of Hip Hop music. It might be like that for you, but it’s not like that for everyone. Some of us just like what we like, If that happens to be old to you it’s still relevant to us. I’m not really responding to you more letting others know who might get swayed by your foolish argument that there is another way of thinking.

        Old is relevant to those who like OLD. New is relevant to those who you are probably younger and want to express something different. Jay-Z is relevant now because of his image more than the quality of his music. His music is purposely positioned to appeal to those with the most disposable income. Those who are easily swayed by pushed trends and those who view his music as another facet to their pop music collection. That’s great for Jay-Z bank balance and good luck to him, but it says nothing to the people who made him popular in the first place. That’s not why we liked his music back in the day. That was not his appeal. He was niche and exclusive and that meant something to us. Now it’s cheap and easily accessible for everyone which like I said is cool for now, but we ain’t about that and have never been.

      • Things have changed since then and the platforms that are being used now like the internet, if they had it back then they would use it too….Don’t be afraid of trying something new, don’t be stuck in the past…I am very sure there are new artists out now that have the same sound and drive like older heads in the past, but because you never give them a chance you will never know.

      • God Body

        Seem like your afraid that the elders want to keep going with their music as though it’s somehow a hindrance to the young. The internet diminishes all of that. Everyone has an equal chance to make their music popular. We don’t need to be drones who only consume what we’re told to consume. Thats my fear for the younger generation, you seem to take it as a grievance if your preferences are not everyone else’s. You don’t need a co-sign from anyone if you’re true to yourselves. When my generation started Hip Hop we needed no co-signing. The previous generation had their own thing and they too criticised us too. That didn’t stop us, I love all that old soul RnB Jazz Funk and even some of that Disco. We kept on going with our thing though. Your generation has the same if not more opportunity to do exactly that. Do your thing, why are you hesitating to watch us elders. We ain’t stopping you, we might say your wack or your songs are bullshit, but, so what? If you believe in your bullshit keep going don’t stop for anyone.

      • Da Ledgendary

        No they actually appreciate lyricism and the content of the music. They actually study know the history better than we do. I listen to interviews all the time where artist say that overseas, they ask way better questions and are more interested in how the artist do what they do and their process of writing songs and things of that nature vs here in America, they ask dumb ass gossip type questions that have nothing to do with music because they just want to report on artists dirty laundry.

      • See I don’t know what world you live in but here in America celebs put all their business out in the streets for us to know…That’s the whole point of this website. As I said before we know these artists and the lies they tell…Half of them don’t write their own music, most of them lip sing, others use autotune, this is information we know about thanks to the media, and the artists who get caught up in their own lies…Point is fans overseas are usually misinformed and have different standards….Let me ask you this whats the point of caring about lyricism if you don’t write your own music? 80 percent of these rappers don’t write their own stuff…I can go on for days with this, but I don’t want to get off topic.

      • Qudus

        Quote: “but if your over 35 waiting for your favorite artist from the 90’s to release a record then you should really re-evaluate your life, because you have too much time on your hands.”


        So what do you really think we – the majority of ‘cats stuck in the 90s’ – are waiting for?

        Some formulaic records from a so-called new age rapper…’getdafucouttahere’ with that BS.

        I’m waiting for some KRS, Keith Murray, Craig Mack, Redman, Naughty By Nature, Outkast, Nas, Rah Digga , Wu, Black Rob, Cypress Hill, Common, De La, DJ Quik, Kurupt, M.O.P., Rah Digga, Ludacris, etc etc

        You can go ahead and continue listening to whatever it is that is out there that you bump but spare me your crappy post.

      • My “crappy post” got all of you people talking about some thing with substance…When I speak I have you people writing 4 paged letters, so I must be doing something right…It’s obvious that most of you have lots to say but wait for me to say it so you can join the bandwagon or not….I like to come here to speak my mind without caring about who likes it or not…As long as I am not being nasty or disrespectful….Now most of those artists that you mentioned one would say that their music is trash too…Just because you are old school doesn’t make you a legend…Believe it or not there was trash music back then too….What you really need to know is that most rappers from the 90’s are still stuck in a contract that they still can’t get out of because they were too busy doing everything else.It’s bigger than music tell you’re favorite artist to go back and re-read the contractual terms.

      • God Body

        Do you think we’re waiting around for the new Lil Wayne release? You get dumber by the sentence. I would rather buy a Keith Murray joint than anything I’ve heard from YOUR favorite rapper lately. Every style has it’s day some go, some go and come back around. Some people love the music from their younger days and still love it when they get older. I wanna hear new music sometimes but I want it in the style I like. So thats where people of my own generation can provide. I don’t want to listen to Nikki or Ross Geller I want some Wu-tang or even some Big Daddy Kane. So what if I’m 50 I still wanna hear it. while I mow my lawn or take my grand children to school. If I’m cruising in my car I might wanna put on the latest KRS One. How the FUNK does it effect you punk? Nah it doesn’t you’re just on here being a little impetuous boy ramping about he place and annoying people. FOH

      • You are missing the point buddy…Go listen to your KRS ONE and BIG Daddy Kane…If KRS ONE and BIG Daddy Kane introduced to the world a 14 year old rapper that has the same fire as they did, you would give them a chance and support it too because a legend is referring you to something new…And that’s the point I am making…Pass the torch and help out others, I don’t see anything wrong with that…..If it was up to you dudes you would have Big Daddy Kane and Rakim performing in a wheel chair to the grave. Give them break allow someone else to entertain you….This is why Hip-Hop discriminates against people of a certain age because you all want Rakim, Biggie, and Tupac to be the only ones and nothing new.

      • God Body

        You say that like there can be only one kind of music that is current. Thats the dumbest part of you argument. Old and new can run in tendem, I don’t want to go see Souljah Boy perform or download his latest mixtape. I do want Big Daddy Kanes newest joint. And there is someone (much like yourself ) who wants the exact opposite. So why is there no room in your low brow argument for both? Figure it out boy don’t sweat it so much.

      • I never said there can be only one kind of music, so your comment goes out the window.

      • God Body

        All this pass the torch talk is about what then? You need to throw yourself out the window. You wanna censor what people create like it’s your job to tell people what is good. That’s the job of a corporate radio programmer. This is Hip Hop.

      • Pass the torch means to continue running the race but give the chance to another so we all can win…At the end of the day it’s all for Hip-Hop right?

    • Phibes

      ^^^^ Ignorance at it’s finest!!!

      • You and you’re 4 word sentences…You need to add to the conversation with something more substantial.

      • Phibes

        Simple… Your comments scream ageism. You try to discredit this man’s comeback because of his age, not based on his skill level. Before you hear one track, you tell him to go away; hip hop doesn’t want you, that sounds ignorant. That’s like a 14 year old saying to a 21 year old, their too old to be rapping because he should be focused on other things like college, Grad school & getting a job.

        You said most of his fans aren’t internet savvy,which would imply most people over 40 don’t know how to use a computer. I don’t know who you know, but most people I know who’s over 40 know how to use a computer. Lol That comment sounds extremely ignorant. However, you’re correct in saying these new fans are hard to get. But that applies to everyone. No matter if you’re 16, or 46. You only hear stuff like this in Hip Hop forums.

        The first thing cats want to say is it was started by the youth. News flash… Most forms of music were started by the youth. But no other form of music wants to kick you out at a certain age except hip hop. You say help younger artist, how do you know he’s not doing that? Even better, why don’t these artists you say need assistance help themselves? Jay, 50, Puffy, Dre, etc,etc didn’t get a hand out, so why should these new artist? Work for it; grind it out, that way they’ll have some appreciation for this thing we call Hip Hop. To go even further, if they have the same
        attitude as you, why would an OG want to help them out? Would you help someone out who doesn’t show you the proper respect…probably not.

        You would never hear them tell the Rolling Stones, Phil Collins,Elton John, Cher, & all other white popular artist to do something else. In fact, they encourage them to keep going, not discourage them like you’re doing. But you only hear stuff like this in the world of hip hop.

        Bottom line is this; if the only reason you want older
        rappers to retire based on their age & not because they fell off lyrically. Then you my friend are practicing ageism & that is nothing but ignorance. Discrimination at its finest, & this is coming from a 24 year old brah.

      • Qudus

        Cheers for schooling Dior. He/she is so hypocritical it bothers idiocy.

      • You are a Cheerleader in a mini skirt….Hold on to you’re Pom Poms.

      • Great, substance is what I was looking for…I know you had it in you….Now let’s be clear on something, in general it’s not disrespectful to tell someone that they are too old to do something…Just like how it’s not disrespectful to tell someone that they are too young to do something as well….If you are in an occupation that require certain strengths and abilities that would compromise a person of an older age, then by all means you should tell them to take it easy not out of disrespect but out of respect and compassion.
        Secondly you have it all mixed up here, I am not saying to stop making music, but write for others, mentor others, introduce the world to younger talent that you believe can be the next big thing…Step back into the scene with some fresh faces, and convince Hip-Hop that they are worthy…Just because they had it hard doesn’t mean they should make it hard for others…That’s what I am saying…Most of these rappers from the 90’s have fallen off because they either couldn’t sell records like they used too or they just haven’t grown as an artist. It’s more than just having bars, lyrics and or skills, to grow and survive in HIP-HOP you have to have some kind of business ethic or else the record label will eat you alive, you can’t sit and wait until a label is ready for you, you have to continue grinding and show to label that you are working regardless….I understand what you are saying, it shouldn’t come off as ageism, but at the end of the day to remain relevant in Hip-Hop you have to continue to work and add to society…It’s more than just releasing a record, it’s about how you are represented on paper….Believe it or not most of these young rappers have better contracts than their older counterparts because they walk into Hip-Hop with some kind knowledge of how the music business work and based on how and what older rappers didn’t do when they were at their best.

        As far as Hip-Hop being the only genre that has an age limit, blame yourselves…Most older fans don’t want to invest into younger artists or even buy music from older artists, as they download it for free….Let’s also be mindful that these older artists were once younger as well and at some point their music was considered to be trash music too.

      • God Body

        You little man can’t tell big people what to do. If someone wants to rap and they’re good at it what you need to do is shut the FUNK up and respect the skill. If you don’t like it then don’t like it. Bringing your subjective argument to the forum is plain stupid. Mr Murray can rap if he wants, if people pay to see him perform or listen to his music on their mp3 players then that’s good for him, Hip Hop music and yourself.

        You’re a dumbass for telling anyone they’re too old for what they invented and crafted. go listen to you favorite rapper and leave your elders in peace to do what the FUNK they want. fool!

      • You should take you’re own advice and not respond to my post…I left a comment and if you want to add to it fine, but you really don’t need to force yourself..Fans can tell artists what to do because without fans there would be no artists..These artists are not working for free they rely heavily on fans and their money….I never once said that I wasn’t a fan or he should give it ALL up…Just help some people and submit your material through a younger more appealing group of people who are at the forefront of Hip-Hop at the moment…I am not even a NICKI MINAJ fan like that but as an example to the point, the chick understands how Hip-Hop and the music business works, it’s not always about content it’s about FANS and she listens to everything her fans has to say and that’s why she became an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR because she heard what fans of Kim and Foxy (from the 90’s) were asking for which they ignored and Nicki did just that and grown successfully. Now she is a bigger name than all those washed up chicks combined.

      • God Body

        You still miss the point though. Hip Hop was never about being an international superstar. That just happened if it happened. There a difference between chasing it and being it. The internet make everything level. Youngsters don’t need help to put out music anymore than elder do. Just do what you do and it will sell it’s self if it sells at all. My opinion of you is that you’re hung up on image and lifestyle more than actual artistry and love for the culture. But that’s cool if that’s what you’re about. Others think different to you.

      • See now you’re talking bullshit….If you are a rapper then you are automatically a public figure, which means image is everything…And you know dam well that you are interested in knowing and seeing what your favorite artists is wearing, doing and going…In this day and age fans want more and they have access to more…You want to talk about being “hung up on image and lifestyle than artistry” Okay then why do you all hate Rick Ross so much? because he had a real job and refuse to mention it because of the negative backlash that you all would have given him anyway. Ross has mastered the art of making music and story telling which is what Hip-Hop is suppose to be about, but instead you all are hung up on how he looks, what he did for a living and how nothing he raps about is real….Slick Rick is one of the best rappers of all time in my opinion, and he is an example of Hip-Hop and what the art of story telling is all about, he never did anything he rapped about but could tell you a story that would have you hooked from start to the end…Now tell me if I am the one stuck up on image and lifestyle, you all need to look in the mirror.

      • God Body

        See there you go again .All you said was relevant to you, which is cool. Have your say and your view point. no one is stopping you. You’re the one who comes on here telling old people to hang it up. Nah boy. No one is hang up anything. You listen to your new rapper I’ll listen to whoever I want and that goes for everyone else who like to listens to Hip Hop. Telling people to stop is not part of your remit or anyone elses.

      • Okay Bro….This is the longest time I have ever spent on this site….You all have some good points but this is how the world evolves because human beings were always ready to try new things, the ones who weren’t willing to try new things get left behind thinking about how they could have, would have and should have. I tell you one thing, you would slap yourself if Kieth Murray came out trying to sound like something that he is not.

      • God Body

        Mr Murray will come out sounding like whatever Mr Murray is feeling like. Judge it on how it sounds and how you like how it sounds and what he says and how you like what he says it. If he comes with a new style cool, if he comes with a 90s style still cool. All it has to be is NOT WACK. Save all that celebrity ish for lady Gaga fans. Believe me if Keith comes out sounding like something wackadocious I won’t be supporting, regardless of what style he’s doing. The music will speak for itself. schooling you on what Hip Hop is here. My universal rules to making hip hop music should be: 1st rule ‘Don’t be Wack’. 2nd rule ‘Be Fresh’. LOL ‘Fresh’ haven’t used that phrase in years. But it still stands to reason.

      • Whatever dude….Kids are the ones buy music and going to concerts, I haven’t heard any real grown person talk about ” Yo have you heard that new Kieth Murray song yet” lol…You older people have mortgages, and so many other responsibilities….It’s a new day and the kids aren’t buying no dam Keith Murray.

      • God Body

        I think Murray and the rest know this. They ain’t expecting kids to buy their music. They might expect my age group to come out to a show though. You’re right we have mortgages and lawns to mow. taxes to pay and every now and then we go out and get our groove on to music we like. I saw my mom go out at the age of 40 years old to go see Tina Turner. Who do you think my age group is going out to see? I went out to see Wu Tang and EPMD. My Queen went out to go SWV the other day LOL. Our kids are grown we don’t need baby sitters anymore. I think the elder entertianers know their market. It ain’t stadium level events but it’s entertainment and it’s a living. We might just dip in the pocket for the right sounding music if given a push. You said people should try something new. Well how about old people buying new music from their peers. It can’t hurt and we have more money than you people. If my daughter downloaded me a new Leaders of the New School joint for my birthday I’d be over the moon. Tell Busta and ’em

      • God Body

        I can’t talk for anyone elses opinions on Rick Ross. As a rapper his pretty good, as a song writer he bores me because his subject matter doesn’t switch. You presume everyone has the same opinion of him due to age. Thats where you argument falls over.You got us all in your assumed little boxes and you can’t grasp the concept that not everyone fits them. I couldn’t care less if he was a correctional officer or not. His image means nothing to me, I judge him on his music output. Thats where you and I differ. I’m not sure you understand that. It’s just about the music for some people.

      • I have never seen anyone on this site give Ross the respect that he deserves…Yeah I assume most of you all have the same opinions because not too many people in here have a voice of their own…Most jump on the bandwagon just to be cool….But not very often do you hear someone say that Ross is a pretty good rapper…So there you have it we have something in common.

    • if a mofuca wants to rap, then let a mofuca rap!!! why he need your co-sign? lol all saying what he needs to do n shit.. lmfao.. talking bout making indie artists millionaires LOL.. nigga keith murray ant no god damn millionaire

    • Sean Taylor

      “His fans have all grown older and most of those people aren’t even computer savvy”

      We’re talking mid-90s which listeners are in their 30s – 40s. I don’t know of any 30-40yr old that doesn’t know how to use a computer.

  • W.$.G.T.$

    To relax my mind, so I can be free

    And ab-sorb sound that keep me ’round

    Doin my thang, constantly with no worries

    Peace to KEITH MURRAY!

  • Slaughtr


    • Stop screaming boo, use lower caps.

    • these cats are clowns…. “Another 90’s rapper”….Wow the headline was a playout…. seems protocol says hip hop is only allowed young inexperienced music… no grown semi-informative music… #ByDesign

  • Q.

    Was Keith Murray the first major rapper to record under his real name…? #pre-kanyehip-hop

    • digitallife

      No he was not…plenty of those from the 90’s prolly the first solo one tho.

      • Q.

        Okay. Name a few.

      • digitallife

        From the same bricksquad Erick Sermon, Parrish, and now prior to keith but newer than bricksquad Nas, Tupac, Craig Mack, none other than the fresh prince will smith…and the list goes on fam. I know you thought you was gonna catch me on the spot with that one, i’m sure we can come up with more if we bother…matter of fact i’ll take it back further Kwame!! Yes Mr. Polka Dots is really named Kwame.

      • Q.

        Good sh!t. Those were good examples, but I was thinking about big name MCs who went by their gov’t, first and last together. Craig Mack and Keith Murray blew about the same time, 94-95-ish. Erick Sermon might’ve been the OG who did it though. Good call!

      • Freezamon

        HITSQUAD NigguH!!!!!

  • digitallife

    My boy Ridiculous is working with him so yeah there is truth to it

  • Just some bastard #alcoholic

    The sun rises in the east is such a good album.

  • pwid presents

    I fux wit homes

  • John Holladay

    the reason people don’t like “old Rappers” “new music” is because they don’t evolve. These kids today could give a phuck about the streets when you were running them. Your flow still the same.. being realistic only northern rappers be whinning and bitching about that. Its because since hip hop was birthed there they feel its only right that people respect them. Phuck that once music spread people were no longer forced to listen to just northern rappers on a mass scale. So it aint that they were so great they were just the only large scale option. Most of those rappers whack people just pay homage because they did it first. Just because you first dont mean your sh!t wasn’t whack

  • John Holladay

    People still sell records they give the fans what they want and their shit go platinum. When they dont they shit go wood and then they start crying people dont know hip hop this is genuine..yea yea genuine and still wack

  • Sean Taylor

    Ahhhhh the good ol’ days.

    Those 2 videos bring back memories. Man I miss the 90s.