Hip Hop Rumors: Jenna Shea Exposing Rappers Sizes!

One of hip-hop’s favorite thots models recently revealed who’s packin’ in the rap game.

Jenna Shea recently sat down with porn star Mary Carey for a radio interview, where she rated her top five sizes, as well as lovers (not in any particular order) and also shared who’s lacking a little bit of somethin’ in that area.

Revealing that Lil Wayne has a “pencil d***” and Fabolous is the biggest she’s ever seen, she also goes in to details about a Kanye West encounter, but claims they didn’t sleep together because he didn’t have any money on him. Listen to the audio below.

  • Brindle

    prostitution has become a respectable and shameless form of employment

    • GP

      and they wonder why women don’t get respect, shid I thinking im finna start pimping these weak brain off brand fraps

      • Calico Joe

        It’s easier than you think.

      • pwid presents

        lol geahhhh

      • RapItUp

        Yea just be sure to miss that pandering charge… Sending cats away with soccer numbers..

    • lmaooo ain’t that the truth..

    • don king

      very true! i just cant believe what the hell is wrong in ppls minds 4 thinkin this whole sellin urself out in anyway is ok, as long as u gettin paid. where the hell r their morals at? do they even have any???
      lately i saw an interview with a prostitute who offers herself online. she said cause of her lookin very young, shes usin catchphrases like “hot young girl…”, but the catchphrase that got her the most attention was “i will play ur daughter” n the interviewer (a female of course) was like those men r ill n the prostitute agreed n said “its so digustin”. but not 1 time the interviewer asked her why she is doin this disgustin shit, does she feel ashamed of this or what the hell is wrong in her mind 4 even usin catchphrases like that. the interviewer didnt even looked at her disgusted. it was all bout the men beein ill n she just doin her job as “requested” as any other job n beein some kind of mans fantasy victim. those men r ill, but what about her??? she is offerin n doin this shit, plus shes makin money of those sickenin paedophiles n nobody says anythin bout it, cause shes just gettin paid? shit is crazy n fuckin disgustin!!!! feels like the world is goin down hill very fast nowadays.

  • GP

    I’d hit, but I wouldn’t pay her. you see she talking because she not getting those rappers no more so she needs money, and if she selling her self then she must be doing it for cheap cause she should be caked up mouth closed and spending mullah cha cha

  • Dudes getting $$$ & paying for what they got for free when they didn’t?

    • Bss ackward right?

      • Maybe it’s like that when you getting big money?

        I’m not, so right now, a B’ish gotta pay for this 4-9-3-11.


    • Calico Joe

      You never know…. Some of these dudes was probably tricking before the money and fame. I know some n*ggas right now living check to check and be tricking off.

      • Mayane, I’d tell a B’ish in a min, “Hotels cost $45, don’t come over empty handed. Bring something to eat on, drink on, smoke on & something to poke on!”

  • STFUUIgnants

    just do porn already hoe and stfu

  • Killuminati

    this shit was on vlad monday……

    • Look At Me!!! ☺

      This was on there three years ago. Her and another ho said the same thing

      • Killuminati

        Lol … Crazy.

  • hitman619

    in the word of Tupac…”Wonder why they call you Bitch”

  • Dadon850

    White trash thot. With that said, I’d still hit.

  • Mark Lamount Burns

    “No! We’re suppose to respect women, not treat them as objects! Us men are scum and we need to be better examples for our sons by showing them that women are queens!” -Male feminist (Yes, they’re out there)
    I love this planet! I love it so much that I want to love it from Mars!

    • GQ

      HAYYYYYY Mark, HAYYYYYY GurLLLLLL…Star voice*

    • southside4lyfe

      Either you are gay or a girl acting like a guy however if a woman acts like a hoe you treat her like a hoe good day bitch

      • Mark Lamount Burns

        Sarcasm dude…just sarcasm.

  • Didn’t have to listen to the vid cuz Bottom line is she prolly took it down the thoat and in every orifice….basically u got fkd hoe who cares, she prolly dissn the niggaz that played her dumbass, why they giving these Lil hookers shine is beyond me. If the only instrument u can play is a skin flute hoe u need to diversify. I swear these broads lucky I ain’t in entertainment cuz I would tape that sht and have em eat sht off the floor or sumn…lmao



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  • Executive

    It’s all fun and games till your lymph nodes is on super swole!

    • $18592567


    • Savimbi


  • Executive

    Your fuckin dick be splitting like a Hoffman hotdog.

  • Look At Me!!! ☺

    The sad thing is she said this in a vlad interview in 2011 and guess what the video has so many thumbs down. She doesn’t like Wayne because he wouldn’t take her out in public lolol this ho delusions are grand

  • Look At Me!!! ☺

    She said six and seven is big so I’m a giant

    • memzie1986

      No she didn’t. She said she prefers to have sex with 6 and 7 inch dicks

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Hoes doing whatever they gotta do to stay relevant. What else is new?

  • Sleep

    What do rappers recycle more, ho’s or rhymes? I’m leaning towards ho’s. Looking at you Kanye.

  • Tom Donahue

    Im about 10 inches, all us canadians are at least 8 plus

    CANADA > america

    • t1m3b0mb

      Well if that’s true u lames sure don’t know how to use it I be stealing yo bitches all the time America>that boring place up north

    • Jared

      lol…love the caps

    • johnblacksad

      You gay motherfcuker… who gives a fcuk about your size? fcukin faggot!

      Canada stays dry! smh…

    • meanygreene

      Canada dry


      ole waffle colored nigga your dick is smaller than your thumb probably.

  • Didn’t bother listening. All these rappers cutting each other’s grass

    • Nyga07

      Idk why everybody salty at the chics need to be mad at this off brand azz dudes, video chics more popular than these rappers now adays

  • NatzWilkinsonypi

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  • dbfromdc

    HOES WILL BE HOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny the dude from the midwest who we all say wifed a hoe didn’t pay…looks like kanye ain’t crazy after all. Bout that bread…

  • tha OG

    This bitch need to Stfu

  • Can’t blame her, that’s what whores do…..Most of you rappers sleep around every chance you get, this is just one of the consequences.

  • Guest

    Real Talk!! Didn’t bother watching the video & giving smuts views. Reading the line about Fab made me say she definitely learned from Kat Stacks that his Street Fam isn’t scared to hit a woman or girl I should say when referring to these smuts. So regardless if he was a hermaphrodite she was def gonna say he was as big as Lex Steele. smh.

  • Markus

    You don’t respect yourself or carry yourself in a respectable manner, then how are men supposed to respect you? This was a 10 minute reason why females will be only viewed as money starved, emotionless low self esteem wastes of skin who are blessed with beauty but are not humble enough to handle it.

    • jgraves58

      Why are you talking about the actions of one female in regard to all females? Frank Ocean receives d*icks in his *ss, does that mean that all men do? You obviously don’t think very deeply.

      • Markus

        Because this female’s actions are on public display because she’s known a little bit. However if you check backpage, Craigslist and other similar sites, this type of behavior has been going on. It just doesn’t get reported because the people involved aren’t celebrities. Next time maybe before passing judgement on where someone’s comment stems from, you can exhibit some intelligence and question it before you condemn it.

  • 5% Hov

    So she is a prostitute right?
    No shade just saying….

    • BulldogCG

      I mean, “that’s what she said,” pun intended.

  • The Legendary Troll

    why do these bimbos think we give an f about this? she needs to get a life

    • She has a life and it’s called tricking…..Don’t act like a big booty and a smile won’t have you busting 2 nuts before you even get to the hotel room too.

  • Immortal

    every other city we go every other video i’ts all about you no matter where i go i see the same Hoes…. 2Pac and Nate Dogg “All about you”

  • Just some bastard #alcoholic

    Why would anyone pay to sleep with her? She is just another nut swallowing skank.

    • Axxell

      You answered your own question.

  • Montezuma1

    TMZ wouldn’t even stoop this low.

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  • kingofny


  • FrEnChY_pAbLo