Game Talks Jumping On Tyga's Lil Durk Diss Track & G-Unit Reunion (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) West Coast rapper The Game is finally speaking out on some of the recent big Hip Hop stories related to him. He sat down with SkeeTV to discuss his contribution to Tyga’s Lil Durk diss track “Chiraq To LA” and his former G-Unit crew reuniting at this year’s Summer Jam concert.

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 On Tyga’s “Chiraq To LA” Game said:

Tyga called me. When I first got the call I didn’t even know who Lil Durk was. So Tyga hit me like, “Yeah, we going in on Lil Durk.” I’m like, “Alright. Cool, I’m riding with the little homie.” I went in without hearing any Durk records. I didn’t hear Tyga’s part. I just did me. I gave it to Tyga, and they dropped it the next day.

On the G-Unit reunion:

Congrats on G-Unit getting back together. That was cool… I saw the pictures online, and I actually, genuinely, from my heart thought it was a cool thing. Especially for Buck who is a good friend of mine. I just think anything that keeps him going musically is dope. Yayo, 50, and Banks and I haven’t talk to in a long time, but just seeing them back together that was cool. I thought that was dope.

When DJ Skee asked Game what he thought it would take to for him to reconnect with 50 and the rest of G-Unit, The Documentary creator suggested Skee “work that out.”

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Watch Game’s interview where he also talks about his upcoming music projects and more below.

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  • Dreday410

    The Game in the Unit I can not see it working out right. I think there problems was bigger then the Buck problem…

    Buck was recorded on the phone cry but he owed 50 cent $275,000 that is a lot easier to get over then Murder, Shootings, House set on fire, Yayo House shot up, Henchman studio apt shot up

    • orlando jackson

      henchmen studio shot up by who? lol nobody was crazy to fuk with this man when he was out lol ask 50, one dead, a house burned to the ground and yayo mom’s house fucked up

      • Eli Pinilla

        Naw, henchman was being antagonized too. The people under him testified in court that supposedly 50 people was hunting him down and terrorizing people around henchman. And that there was no doubt in their mind that 50 people woulda killed Jimmie if they had the chance. And Chris lightly smacked him up once….shit got real on both sides.

      • orlando jackson

        lmaooo where did you get that info…. jimmy been stomping on queens nikkas neck for years even when ghost and sup was still check the daily news, who was hunting jimmy down in NY or even LA, you crazy it took 50, 5 years to put a song about jimmy, go listen holdon and see wat he said, now jimmy in jail he wanna go slap his son again? its a gay move, even banks almost got beat up in starlets if it wasnt for slow, banks would have get it then be on wshh

      • Eli Pinilla

        That was testified, in court. And 50 been put out songs on henchmen. That’s just the first one you heard. You can look at it one sided if u want, but there’s a lot of shit going on from both ends. And Chris lightly smacked ya boy in a meeting puffy set up. This is facts. Jimmie was doin his thing. But don’t think for one minute he was comfortable moving around either. Shit was gettin real. And game was managed by jimmie. Who got shot in hot 97 when that beef got started….wasn’t 50 people.

      • orlando jackson

        it wasnt jimmy ppl but game ppl, and right after that 50 went to squash the beef real quick remember the pic where 50 is kissing game it was take from this beef … the guy that shot the dude was a cop and was there to protect 50… so what’s your point, are you even from NYC, its like im talking to a fan from wyoming?

      • Eli Pinilla

        50 ain’t went to do nothing. Neither of em set that up. Al Sharpton went to Interscope and both of them and said if he didn’t see some money or was apart of them getting back together in public, that he would have 100k dudes protesting their music in front of their offices. That’s why they both looked the way they did then…..and you can look at it one sided if you want to. But they people got shot. And even if it was a cop on 50 side, his people shot when they people didnt. But you take the side of the informant who’s gonna be in jail for the rest of his life if you want. The boy 50 and his people’s are free. And them nggz ain’t goin nowhere. So you tell me who won.

      • Dreday410

        You got your timeline missed up that pic was what Dr.Dre squashed because the album was dropping not Jimmy

        And the guy who shot Game boy was not a cop they keep saying that about 50 “He had a cop”

        Gunplay said same thing It was a cop so did Slow but when footage comes out its all goons on them niggas

      • orlando jackson

        officer ramirez aint a cop? df lollllll

      • Dreday410

        “5 years to put a song about jimmy”
        When they responded to games “300 Bars” diss 50 said Jimmy’s name

      • trapzilla

        Not to mention yayo smacked the shit outta dudes son

  • Escobar

    Game was salty off the reunion from those Instagram post, and IMHO I felt that Durk track was for pure relevancy.

    But, credit’s due, he’s speaking and accepting it like a man should. So, that’s respect.

  • orlando jackson

    Gayme you really didnt know bout durk, cause you didnt know big durk ” dontay Banks” was his dad and the twins were his unks and that karim was his mom’s cousin, the lil dude is a convicted felon involve in many homicide… full breed gangster… compare to you son’s of a stripper, remember the thong with the yellow hair its not gangster and you helping a guy from the valley??? you been around two gangsters , jimmy and big fase… thats it

    • Dreday410

      I think he was talking about from a music stand point not streets…..
      besides that was Lil Durk dad not him

      • orlando jackson

        durk a convicted felon see you talk bout shit you dont know… if you go to war to a guy or bout to make a diss go and check who the fuq he is, now you got a bunch of chiraq gang member laughing at you… saying they dont know you … lies is killing nikkas he was at AB pool party with slowbuck, adrien boner and YG but he doesnt slow ? :/ …

      • Mr007

        Who cares? Like u saying because you able to hang around a killa now u automatically a killa. And again if u r…..who cares? Everybody know or been around individuals that do certain shyt

      • donniebrasko

        This the type of dude that will nominate wayne perry for man of the year. To many dumb niggaz from the corner can use a computer now, its annoying!

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        but aint homie dry snitching talking about he (Durk) been involved in multiple homicides?

      • orlando jackson

        how do i snitch if they said he is terifying the city lol this nerd

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        he a convicted felon right? you on here talking about multiple homicides!!!! STFU

      • Dreday410

        ” if you go to war to a guy or bout to make a diss go and check who the fuq he is”

        you talking like he robbed people he got caught carrying a gun and charged again with throwing a gun in back seat when cops came

        I PUT MONEY ON IT he cried like his boy Chief Keek when he served 87 days in jail

      • orlando jackson

        he spent one year then 9 months never cried

    • Casor_Greener

      nobody care about big durk or anybody else in lil durk fam. many black and latino families got real killers/gangsters in them that don’t mean isht.

      • orlando jackson

        and you dont have none, so fuq is you saying? : /

      • Casor_Greener

        probably got more than you but that’s not the issue. you in here riding on these rap guys tips commenting on who real and not like you work for hip hop weekly or the source. shut ya mouth, watch the game, and don’t snitch.

      • donniebrasko

        Damn stick a fork in him, he’s done!

      • orlando jackson

        lol dayum biiitch you investigating on mii i like that now i can see the bish in u … i told you just like yo momma emotional on errthing…the goons part is funny is guys like you only see goons in their dreams so keep sleeping and enjoy the free wifi

      • Casor_Greener

        you really got me there “killer”…

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i didnt even understand his reply

    • Jonathan Bacher

      WHO are you writing this short novel for bruh ?

      • orlando jackson

        who are you to reply? :/

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Answering a question with a question, really ?

        My point is, LilDurk most likely dont care for you. So why the paragraph ?

        You can’t be older than 14 if you think you win cool-points for using corny references like “Gayme”… :/

      • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

        I don’t know if you’ve seen the video but there was some gay tensions between Game and Skee so he’s probably right. Gayme is a faggot.

      • I WILL BITE YOU!!

        he’s leaving a comment on the topic, about the topic you fuking
        tool. What the fuk do you think the comment section is for? and if he is 14 then why the fuk are you writing your own little short novel just to sit and argue with a 14 year old on the internet?! You’re just the typical (unt aren’t you?

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Hey Mickey,

        Yes, it was on topic. Coincidentally or not, it was also plain dumb writing. Much like your own, you posted just now.

        Enjoy the weekend and say hi to Pluto for me faggot

      • I WILL BITE YOU!!

        Well you sitting there arguing with a dumb 14 year old really says something about you, faggot 🙂
        PS pluto says go fuk urself you fuking comedian

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        is your name Mickey mouse calling people cunts? lmao

      • Guest

        Yeah you goofy looking (unt, what?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        you must be from the UK, only they use that word like its cool. carry on tough guy (or girl)

      • Guest

        I had no idea I had to go look for words that are “cool” what are you 40 years old? fix the fuk up dressing up like a damn teenager lool dikhead

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        What?…. nevermind? people like you try and put on a tough guy or girl role but that shittt doesnt work from behind a keyboard especially with that childish ass name you have. go play in pluto’s butthole. Dressing like a teen? what does that even mean? matter fact nevermind again!

      • orlando jackson

        does game care for you? am 14 :/? nope … is you gay or being homotional by gayme? yup you are … what you gon do now reply or move on? nope you will reply cause you a dick rider

      • keenan88

        Jesus christ go back to elementary school you sound like an ignorant moron.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Hahaha yeah that boy has mental issues. Been poked around with a stick too much

      • soyhiphop

        Im saying lol like does he think games reading this lol

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        If you think a paragraph is a short novel you’re plain illiterate…stop being an ignoramus. It was a simple comment. A 3rd grader could read that and want more to read…what’s your excuse?

    • Celz

      Game and Tyga ain’t known for the gang bangin shyt in Cali just bein honest.. But Game is really a street nicca from Compton he catch fades and beats niccas asses he known for that.. And basketball, and he stripped back in the day..

      But this is rap beef.. I know niccas just as wit the business as Durk family I know Game and Tyga do too.. It’s rap beef, Durk ain’t off limits cuz caught a few Fs and grew up around killas.. I know killas Game grew up around what’s the difference? So what Durk is more active than Game and Tyga this ain’t street shyt my nicca..

      • orlando jackson

        lmaooo gayme was working in a strip club as dancer even his own brother said it… where you been

      • Celz

        Reread my comment.. I said he known for basketball beating niccas up and stripping.. I got niccas all thru Compton..

      • Celz

        Don’t tell you think this shyt is real my G.. G Count even said he thought it would go viral.. Tyga and Durk was just in the studio vibin my G… Tyga and Durk are beefin over Durk sayin he pretend wants his wifey in a song nobody heard.. You really think niccas is gonna risk they livelihood over some he say she say? Game knows he got more bars than Durk and Tyga so he jumped in the beef to sell albums. G Count know he got more bars than Durk and Tyga and could hang wit Game so he pulled Games card on sayin all that Chi Town shyt for exposure. They playin chess.. All 4 of them niccas numbers is going up this year and no body is touchin no body period.. G Count and Durk got enough goons to slow up Game and Tygas tour money and Game and Tyga got enough money to hire up some niccas in Chicago.. Keef was already rockin with the track.. It’s marketing my nicca just enjoy the songs no one is going to risk jail over this lame ass beef..

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      involved in multiple homicides… if you know that how is he not locked up? and if he was involved and is a multiple felon, wouldnt this be considerd dry snitchin? im just saying you talking about this mans shady dealings and if its facts are all these homicide cases closed?

    • soyhiphop

      Umm sit down buddy lets see what you just wrote? You have a distorted sense of reality you understand? Look what you’re doing is far from tangible. You see it seems like you’re writting directly to game but hes not on websites reading you basically wrote nothing and made your self look stupid..enjoy your weekend

      • regalpimp


      • orlando jackson

        so why you you posting …. dick rider you need a pass to post on my comment

  • Killuminati

    if game was in the unit i think it would be more lucrative for both game and the unit…but i think 50 would rather see game not make shit and wish he was involved cuz a the whole game/50 situation

  • I_AM_Houston

    BS…Tyga either paid Game to jump on the song, or Game wanted to on his own just to be on some random Game beef with a nigga shit. And get real, if you heard of Chief Keef youve heard of Durk and most likely even Lil Reese. Game just be lyin lol.

    • TheAfroRican

      Exactly. Rappers these days will do anything for publicity or to stay relevant…..

    • Casor_Greener

      Nobody heard of these random rap dudes. Lil Reese I heard one song “I dont really trust” and I never heard anything from Durk

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        “this aint what you want”

      • Papi Peligro

        Mess ain’t good but I’m old at this point.

      • Guest

        lil durk is bigger than lil reese. hes actually got a hit with tens of millions of views. lil reese isnt that big. im from the uk so i have a good point of views. i heard of lil durk because his song was on the radio but lil reese has never been played overseas. i found out who lil reese is through the internet.

      • ReLive

        But Game chill with SD tho

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      naw cuz not everybody that has shit going on has heard of these dudes and Tyga is Games homie for real so its not far fetched that Tyga called him and game just went in. shit you got any homies you ever rode for with no question?

  • Jason Mazur

    He backing off the beef in sucka fashion “I ain’t even know” FOH Just say you changed your mind cause you don’t want no trouble lol.



    • Killuminati

      game squashed that shit reallll quick

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        g count himself said it wasnt no real beef he just wanted game to let the lil nigs do they thing. of course the songs are gonna be hardcore but they talked on the phone and eveything straight. and actually checking somebody is going up to him face to face and making him stop whatever or bowdown…. talking over the phone is “working it out” there is a big difference. and G count even said the covnersation was cool.

      • Just BOB

        no excuses. game got put on blast. g count got the bd twins son to tell the camera they don’t know game and game didn’t know how to act then he got t.i,. to call g count for him so they could end the beef. i bet game said sorry on the phone like a lil bitch.

  • Clondyke Classic

    Game scared of them Bogus Boys

    • JS

      Lep and Bogus Boys are not the same things anymore. g count explains why in his interview. it has something to do with his brother getting killed or something.

    • Guest

      g count says hes still L.E.P. but not Bogus Boys. they had a split.

  • wayneDAgoat

    dj skee is on yayooo..sickk wit it

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  • Game need to let these little kid rappers do their own thing and get out of it….How old is Game now, he is getting too old for this beefing stuff, he been in the game for a long time, it’s time for change.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he is out of it this is old now, him and G count from LEP Bogus Boys have already talked and worked shit out. he is just answering questions from an interview but he has been out of it since he dropped the verse weeks ago!!!

      • JS

        game released a new song a few days ago and its a lil durk diss. i dont know exactly what he says but everybody is saying he dissed lil durk again after he talked with g count. its on worldstarhiphop right now.

      • don’t speak on your opinion of it until YOU have heard it, don’t form your opinions off of others opinions and state them as though you know they are true.

  • Dreday410

    Game stay following 50 ideas
    “game let fans come to your crib”
    50 did same thing for Animal Amb. 50 got thisis50 game got thisisgame

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  • spanky520

    hows game gonna start up another company when he did nothing with black wall street

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    That G-Unit situation would be a good look for Game and hip hop!!

  • slumlord_vinny

    as an older bro, i encourage some of the younger brothers to use your intelligence and stay away from ignorance with commenting on these young brothers situation. seek knowledge of self. the whole thing of whose real or whose not is senseless and makes us look ignorant as a people. i grew up with a few killers and people who let that thing go and the ones who survived and are living today lives are all f’d up. a few cats i know are also activists and trying to save the youth from ignorance. we must live for peace and taking another brothers life don’t make you real. it means that you don’t have knowledge of self and are into genocide.

  • Terrance

    Go check that Common video KINGDOM. Surprisingly HARDER than most of these GANSTA/TRAP rapper’s sh*t!!!


  • MildManneredReporter

    wtf happened to black wall street? and why is he sucking off young money so much?

  • Southcidal

    Call me a racist, but this white dj shit gotta stop. They can put on a suit and go eat on Wall St., now they wanna sit at our table and eat too. Ridiculous.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Game is a cool dude. All deez niggas talkin bout he soft because he used to be a stripper. A man is a man at the end of the day, no matter what he does for a living. Hell, ask 40 Glocc.

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  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    That’s lame…but real talk I’m pretty sure Tyga paid a nigga. This don’t just come down to amicability in the slightest.

    If he didn’t pay, it was just Game’s usual thirst for beef with niggas.

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