Game Talks Jumping On Tyga's Lil Durk Diss Track & G-Unit Reunion (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) West Coast rapper The Game is finally speaking out on some of the recent big Hip Hop stories related to him. He sat down with SkeeTV to discuss his contribution to Tyga’s Lil Durk diss track “Chiraq To LA” and his former G-Unit crew reuniting at this year’s Summer Jam concert.

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 On Tyga’s “Chiraq To LA” Game said:

Tyga called me. When I first got the call I didn’t even know who Lil Durk was. So Tyga hit me like, “Yeah, we going in on Lil Durk.” I’m like, “Alright. Cool, I’m riding with the little homie.” I went in without hearing any Durk records. I didn’t hear Tyga’s part. I just did me. I gave it to Tyga, and they dropped it the next day.

On the G-Unit reunion:

Congrats on G-Unit getting back together. That was cool… I saw the pictures online, and I actually, genuinely, from my heart thought it was a cool thing. Especially for Buck who is a good friend of mine. I just think anything that keeps him going musically is dope. Yayo, 50, and Banks and I haven’t talk to in a long time, but just seeing them back together that was cool. I thought that was dope.

When DJ Skee asked Game what he thought it would take to for him to reconnect with 50 and the rest of G-Unit, The Documentary creator suggested Skee “work that out.”

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Watch Game’s interview where he also talks about his upcoming music projects and more below.