Funk Flex-DJ Envy

Hot 97's Funk Flex Puts Power's DJ Envy On Blast For "Snitching"; Envy Responds

(AllHipHop News) Celebrated radio personality Angie Martinez’s decision to leave Hot 97 and join rival station Power 105 apparently has not caused a temporary ceasefire in the ongoing war between the two stations. In fact, two of the central stars of the respective channels are already back throwing shots at each other.

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Hot’s DJ Funkmaster Flex continued his personal beef with Power’s DJ Envy via Instagram. Flex posted a picture of a cease-and-desist letter from Envy’s attorney. The picture included the caption:

McGruff the Snitch aka lil power ranger always talking to police and lawyers sending over paperwork!!! #stoptalkingtopolice

Funk Flex

Envy then used his Instagram page to refute Flex’s charges of him being a snitch. He uploaded the same letter and added the following statement with the post:

Now this is a Cease & Desist…. Full letter… No snitching, no police, no statements… this is a letter to a business… Stopping a coward from lying and making up stories… Any TRUE Dad or HUSBAND would do the same… Chess not checkers… @djfunkflexYour a lying, worthless, jealous, pathetic, old man… we all know your going thru a lot.. But lying is not the answer.. You have been in this business to long to go out like a bitch!!! You are 55 years old acting like a child… Be truthful with yourself bruh.. you are killing your legacy… We know your not tough, your not a thug, no fists, no gunplay just a man that likes to DJ… Be that man… We are excited Angie is part of the team and will continue to celebrate that…. I will not respond to your shenanigans again… Lights Out!!!

DJ Envy

Envy and Flex have been engaging in a back-and-forth for years. Flex also had issues with Envy’s Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God. Using his “Donkey of the Day” segment in 2011, Charlamagne labeled his rival “Flex Hogan.” Envy referred to allegations Flex was physically abusive toward women during the DOTD as well.

The Funk Flex/Breakfast Club feud was ignited when the morning show covered Hot 97 DJ Mr. Cee being involved in transsexual sex scandal that same year. Flex took offense to the way his friend was depicted and called out the people “over there in that building.”

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80 Responses to “Hot 97's Funk Flex Puts Power's DJ Envy On Blast For "Snitching"; Envy Responds”

  1. GP

    Skunk flex looks like a hoe. he the type that prolly would hit a lady but talk tuff on i.g. Like em said to zino . Flex let it go dog its over. and for this fool to take up for a friend who tricks with trannies kinda make you wonder does flex trick with trannies as well. Lmao envy said flex a 55 year old man who likes to dj, if he 55 he mind as well settle for early retirement!

  2. Jovaughn

    A more appropriate title would be “Funkmaster flex ACCUSES DJ Envy of snitching. Envy responds”. I am sure this was an oversight on your part. You would not intentionally mislead the public for “clicks” right…nah. Also what is “DOTD”?

  3. I_AM_Houston

    I cant stand Funk Flex. His whole style is annoying to me. Dude been droppin them same annoying bombs since I could remember, messin up my mixtapes lol.

  4. ILL Will

    If the beef got that far, they know where each other work so I don’t see what the problem is to go and handle grown man biz face to face. Str8 fade or shut the fk up.

      • ILL Will

        Naw sucka nijja, done seen plenty fades where no one went in. step to that man face to face work out the details, go to a secluded area, just yall two…dust em up , dap it up at the end if u think he was a worthy opponent and squash it. Done deal unless a cat wanna go into the other zone. I see you’ve never been challenged to a good ol fisticuffs duel.

      • RightOn

        Ill Will, I heard that. Unfortunately, cats nowadays, especially those somewhat”famous” don’t welcome them fades like back in the good old days.

      • Spirit Equality

        Flex is 46 years old. You would get in a fistfight with a 46 year old? Get outta here. Flex isn’t going to go to a “secluded area” with anybody. What would happen is, he would run up on Flex and Emmis security would clothesline him and throw him out of the building. This isn’t “Scarface” and Envy isn’t Tony Montana.

      • ILL Will

        Flex is 46 right? If he chooses to act like a 13 yr old on air, personally attacking that man and his fam why not? Wtf 46 got to do with it? To be honest he needs the ass whooping even more cuz he should know better. He could act 46 and settle it with the man like a gentleman but that’s not the case. They going back and forth on social media, if they wanted to be grown about it this wouldn’t be happening. Therefore, since they wanna act like they got nuts why not go down the road I was referring to? Me myself I’m whooping ass ages 1 to 100 if it’s that’s what a dude wants to do….so the answer to your dumbass question is yes I’d drop bows on a 46 yr old if it was warranted. Gtfoh.

      • Spirit Equality

        No one’s ever heard of Flex getting in a fistfight in his 20s, let alone his 40s. All swinging on him would get Envy is fired from his job and thrown in jail. Clearly you’ve never been in any position of responsibility anywhere in your life or you’d know this, keyboard tough guy. And 9 times out of 10, guys like you talking tough on the Internet wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. The only Ill Will I know is dead. Get yourself an original name to rep and grow up.

      • ILL Will

        All I can tell you is that I’m one out of those ten that will throw my hands up and make you feel what I’m saying. Never been one of those keyboard warriors bruh sorry. Never been in a position of responsibility? My guy u have to be kidding, I’ve been in war on the streets and military not that it’s any of ya biz. Just know I’ve probably had more responsibility in a half a calendar than you’ve had your entire life. Lmao I was just letting you know if u wanna be passive and let dudes walk all over u that’s ur B I, just know that some of us ain’t letn that sht slide. U make getn punked sound soooo cool.

      • ILL Will

        How so homeboi? Seriously I wanna know what u come up with. They could settle it like two gentleman……buuuuuut…they on air with the bullsht….so if they going that route what’s wrong with what I said? Seriously. Maybe I didn’t clarify instead of believing a person could read thru the lines. If that man wants to act childish, why not whoop that ass like a child? U sound like the bitch of the day…5 percent Garvey, 95 percent cottonelle cuddly soft.

  5. Clondyke Classic

    Fucc everybody involved in this shit but when you put shit on record using a lawyer that is kinda snitch’n

    • Spirit Equality

      There’s no such thing as “kinda snitching” between two civilians not engaged in a criminal lifestyle. That’s like saying when someone gets in a car accident and want to sue the drunk driver that hit them, they’re “snitching”. LMAO. Stop ruining the meaning of that term, fam. If Flex got on the radio and said something defamatory about Envy’s wife, what’s he supposed to do? Shoot Flex? Stop it…

      • ILL Will

        Naw u passive pussi he supposed to go get it settled like a man. That’s like me walking in your home and calling ur wife a hoe and slapping ur food off the table. Pretty sure that mans family or someone he knows listens to the radio. I usually don’t call people names but what would u do if it happened to you and your fam? I’m all for us brothers working things out but sometimes enough is enough. You sound like Terrence Howard on that movie where the police went up his wife’s skirt and he ain’t say nutn….I’m just letn u know, when it comes to fam homeboi either you or I gon get some straightening (you sound white so that means understanding) going on to squash it or we clashing….simple…don’t talk sht if u gotta glass jaw bruh. I only called u a pussi for emphasis tho don’t take it personal, i just ain’t rocking wit dudes thinking they can pop fly at the mouth without repercussions.

      • ILL Will

        Anything else to say….u used that line already…..95 percent fuckboi….lmao I’m beating a hunnit percent of ya azz no matter what percentage u wanna use.

      • Spirit Equality

        Your keyboard is mighty gangsta. I can picture you punching the keys mad hard. You’re hilarious. You wouldn’t say any of that to me face to face, but keep your keyboard gangsta image up.

      • EDOGZ818

        True, but so is homey’s drunk driving allegations.

        A drunk driver crashes your whip, it seems perfectly logical to fly his head like a Pan Am jet, but you will get into more trouble than he would if he killed someone….if he’s the white killer of a Black life & you are the Black puncher of a white one.

        A Cease & Desist letter is part of the legal process, so I would send one if I had a lawyer who worked for a % of the lawsuit, etc.

        On dissing wife : Now if there was no $$$ involved, then yeah, whuppin that @$$ creeps that much higher on the options list…usually to the #1 slot!


      To hell with all of them….We got young talented kids out here trying to get a chance at doing everything that these old dudes are doing and can’t because of these old people taking up space…The best way to stop all this beefing and drama it to fire out all these old folks and bring in some new faces. #justsaying

      • MrsOno

        Remember your statement when you are old trying to make a living and some youngster wants your job. Make sure you get out of the way and make room for them just because they’re young.


        I am and I will…..Isn’t that the reason why most of those older dudes got a chance too? because they were young and hungry and someone older invested time and effort to give them a chance….The point I was trying to make is that nowadays you don’t really see people in the industry helping or at least mentoring the younger generation so they can have a chance….Everyone is old and trying to do things that they should be passing on to younger folks, that’s how the world works that’s how we evolve..If you think about it it’s only white people who create shows like Idol, The Voice and all the talent shows to recruit fresh blood….in the 90’s it was people like Diddy, Jay-Z, Dre and later on 50 cent, but all that has stopped when is the last time they introduced a new face to the world?…And I am targeting these people because they have the means to create new stars but are choosing to invest into other already established artist that end up being a flop because they don’t have the hunger.


        I think we would all be happier if this article was about FunkFlex or Envy creating a new breed of DJ’s or a new style of delivering music to people or creating a show to recruite some of the best DJ’s….But no instead we get two wealthy Dj’s who can’t be seen in the same room with each other because they have YEARS of bad blood and drama inside them. So If that is “Shit” then yeah I do believe that I am talking it.


        You have to give me more than one sentence to back up what you are saying to me….Let’s talk what else do you have to say?

    • Da Ledgendary

      Sending a letter ordering someone to stop slandering your name is not classified as “snitching.” Mf’s attached the word “snitching to any damn thing.

  6. Poseidon

    Flex is moist about losing his main girl to Envy. With all the back and forth between the two stations, for this to happen right now is a major L for Hot 97. Juliette just left her lifelong family to go be with Romeo. A Hatfield woman very publicly left to marry a McCoy lol. People’s feelings are gonna be seriously hurt and quite naturally.

    Flex is losing though by taking the podium and trying to convince the people that Envy’s “snitching”. It just makes him look desperate to win support. He’s reaching hard for something to save face right now in the middle of what he perceives as the ultimate mutiny from one of his dear comrades. This move just made it painfully obvious to everyone which team is the winning team and Flex can’t handle that…..

    (His loyal followers on IG roasted him for it too. #fail #moist #scornedwoman)


    Here we go again, these old ass Dj’s, Rappers, and Record labels always beefing…Why are these old heads always beefing…I wish Hip-Hop could get a complete make over and start over with all new faces from Dj’s to Rappers to Radio personalities….Dam these people are old and bitter.


        It makes sense when younger people beef over stupid stuff, because they don’t know any better…But older people been on the earth longer and should know how to deal with certain situations. That’s all I”m saying.

      • Tone B TV

        That’s a copout though. Young and older people have the good sense to realize “hold up, maybe this isn’t a good idea”…. Then you throw in the fact that you’re in the public eye and trying to keep up appearances and reputations. Things can get WAY out of control fast.

    • Weedras

      Envy 36, Flexx 46…. mature men but go easy on the old labels… because i know your not far off Envy’s age…

  8. TruthSerum

    Flex should be glad that dude only sent him a cease and desist after attacking his wife on the air like that. People die for less everyday out here.

    I had no idea dude was that old though, to be 55 and still on radio acting like that?? SMH, too many old folks in hip hop suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome.

      • Da Ledgendary

        LOL, yea but still, Flex too damn old to be acting like a damn teenie bopper. He think he 21 or something, lol. He need to act his damn age.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        isnt the only person flex put his hands on was Steph Luva… flex a biotch for real!

  9. dee

    the funny thing is the guys at the bottom going at flex on his own IG when he thought he was going to expose somebody and it back fired.



    “WAKE UP NOW”~in Juelz Santana voice~


    Why is he attacking anybody with his old ass. I bet this fool wears diapers, crybaby…
    yelling asshole. Now you want to attack someone wife. Fuckflex is clown and needs calm down before someone calms him down

  12. digitallife

    You can’t call yourself Dj Envy showing up to events and playing a pre-mix while sitting there the whole time texting on the phone not touching the turntables once. These n’s have the nerve to call themselves dj’s…funny Envy didn’t say jack shhh to Ready Cee when he put him on blast just two weekends ago in front of 2,000 plus people about being a fake DJ. All these radio people are straight up suckas…Flex on the other hand is just as bad old payola ruiner of hip-hop mofo..i’d love the chance to slap him with a turntable. Where hip-hop lives but slide me a check for 25 g’s to support NY hip-hop and i’ll guarantee you one spin…fk outta here..both stations could fold into each other and NY would be better off without either one.

    • calikushisthebest ho

      This is true. But, Envy did used to actually spin. He has become more of a public figure now and got lazy when it comes to actually spinning records. But, Envy in early 2000’s on the mixtape scene was def a real DJ.
      Flex on the other hand has always been a real dj, but that nigga also always been a shady, bitter ass mawfucka.
      Hot 97 lookin pretty shaky right now: Rosenberg a clown, Ebro a clown….could be the end for them. I think they gotta make a drastic move…bring back Star n Buc.

      • digitallife

        Hot 97 been shaky, since they were put under investigation by spitzer eons ago..they’d never recover.

    • hoeyuno

      I agree. .I think if anybody wants the title “DJ” they have to learn the ropes on a pair of technics 1200s..too many of these cd players give therself the title DJ without ever touching a record…..but on the flipside I think if your an accomplished turntablist you have earned the right to play music on the radio or at a club with the latest technology.

      • digitallife

        I agree but let’s be real…pushing play on a mix and putting on a pair of headphones no matter what your name is ain’t a proper DJ. At least other technology DJ’s mix live..Envy don’t mix shhh live. The dude is just like Tony Touch..if you are old enough you know Tony Touch was a joke for a long time cause he couldn’t blend a record for shhh..neither could DJ clue…them dudes would just hit the crossfader mid record and say some stupid DJ clue-ue-ue-ue shhh into the mic to hide the fact it sounds like shhh. Real Dj? Ron G to this day is one of the baddest mofo’s on earth to touch some tables but never got his due.

      • hoeyuno

        Haha….I had Clues “the professional” but never knew he couldn’t really spin records..

      • EDOGZ818

        The Mighty Zayquan is the type to bring a towel to wipe the sweat from his set!

        Talk about putting in that work!

      • that dude

        You know what’s funny. Clue is Envy’s idol. No wonder he can’t DJ either.

      • Dennis Cruz

        That’s why I like DJS like Camilo, Spinbad and Bedrock from 107.

  13. hoeyuno

    Flex is a bitch for this one…..trying to turn radio beef into envy being a snitch….hot 97 was taking low blow shots to envys wife and envy got a lawyer to say stop involving my family or ill sue the shyt out of you!!!…flex needs to focus on playing records, we all got sick of his voice by like 99…..

    And the rest of you a snitch is a person who gives the police incriminating information that could get you locked up……and if I was attacked by say Donald trumps security cause I was asking for a picture or some shit id sue the shyt out of him..same with 50, the game or any other pop star out there. First and foremost i think slowbucks got what he desrved and shoulda just took the L, but if 50 just randomly jumped him with no motive I woulda supported them kids lawsuit.but there was a reason 50 took your balls from you infront of thousands of people and that shyt was entertaining as hell. ….

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