Chuck D Shares A Letter He Received From 2Pac

(AllHipHop News) It is rare that Hip Hop fans get the chance to see how some of their favorite rappers interact with each other off camera. Chuck D allowed the world to get a glimpse at his relationship with the late icon Tupac Shakur.

Chuck posted a picture to Twitter of a letter 2Pac supposedly wrote to him in September of 1995. In the hand written note, Pac said he loves and respects Chuck, and he also asked the Public Enemy member if he would collaborate with him on a new program, song, and movie.

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Read Tupac’s letter below.

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41 Responses to “Chuck D Shares A Letter He Received From 2Pac”

      • Chrisblackusa

        Now know I know this…im stating roses future on hot97 if he doesnt back off chuckie he will get bumrushed ..chuck aint playing. .word from fam its war…

      • EDOGZ818

        No doubt, but Rosey already backed off, but it’s too late, he already bit off more than he could chew with Chuck, now he’s choking on it!

        Rose is finished, he just doesn’t know it yet!
        >> In my Papoose voice : “He hangs out with wierdos!”

        Then brags about how much he’s done for Hip Hop by breaking new acts, but beefing with chuck shows how much he’s done TO Hip Hop by breking those new acts.

        Ninjaz wearing skirts & promoting Ni99ativity as opposed to Chuck to started Consciousness in rap with Nation Of Millions?

        You see Angie Martinez left & she’s been with them damn near since Day 1.

      • Chrisblackusa

        Notice flex aint join rose and ebro on this suicide mission.

      • EDOGZ818


        Flex has taken too many lumps to get in with Chuck!

        He knows the deal, even if Ebro is just now learning!

  1. Qaadiru Rashaad

    You’ve got to love Pac’s passion for music and more importantly his people and the plight of the poor. He embodies the definition of being real. What could you say about Chuck D, he’s honorable and man of respect, who has sacrificed on behalf of the people to bring light to issues directly effecting the community. We need more men like this in music, especially hiphop. #MyThoughts

    • Ipullcards

      We really do. Blacks need to just change for the better. It’s ok to stunt have fun, let another rival know you think you’re better, but adding violence to anyone of those is the main reason why we aren’t where we suppose to be. We need leaders and Pac was one and so was chuck D. Who’s going to step up now?

      • GQ

        Ha! Yea with that “religion” he was trying to create, right?

      • EDOGZ818

        The Temple Of Hip Hop is a movement about education, not religion.

        Stop The Violence was another movement he created.

      • Ipullcards

        Relevant & current rappers is what I meant. Krs has been on his mission for a minute hasn’t really panned out due to his influence to the current generation

      • EDOGZ818

        The current generation is lost!

        They are a precursor to what the future holds…the extinction of Black people.

    • RightOn

      I agree with you on Chuck D. The brother has consistently been fighting for the cause. Nothing but mad respect there.
      Pac not so much. No one can deny his talent and he is def one of the best to ever do it. But let’s be honest here, he was blowing in which ever direction of the wind was. Go back and listen to Holler If Ya hear me and Strictly For My N.*.*.*.@$ and then fast forward to All eyez on me. Dude sold out and was one contradicting hypocrite that had a negative impact on the community like most rappers did during that period and still are. So let’s really keep it real shall we.

      • Qaadiru Rashaad

        Peace bro. Believe me I hear where you’re coming from whole heartedly. But I offer this as a point of view building on what you said. To me Pac should the complexity of being so authentic, real and transparent with the people. You didnt have to wonder what he was thinking because he shared that. At the end of the day his heart and intentions were always on point and centered in TRUTH. Rappers today, consider and think twice about what they say, there more politically correct. There more considered with how there perceived, how shit effects their brand and brand this, brand that. Were 2Pac (RIP) was unfiltered raw and brutally transparent even showing his weaknesses and short comings .

      • 1SOFLO1

        I do agree with you, but that’s exactly what made him real. He made heartfelt music. The truth is human our emotions do shifts. Let’s fast forward to the “Makaveli” album, he gave us “White Man’z world” and then gave us “against all odds”. Not too many artists can consistently make you feel their pain, laughter, joy, sadness etc. You can only compare Tupac’s music with the greats like Bob Marley etc, Not so much as the message/content, but the way it touches your soul. Off topic, someone told me “I don’t see How lil boosie has all this fans” My response “heartfelt music is rare, positive or negative”.

    • EDOGZ818

      Yeah, Rosenburg should have just shut the fugg up & took it on the chin.
      He just caught a stray shot, center mass, with this letter & Chuck wasn’t even aiming for him.

  2. water_ur_seeds

    Thats dope, you dont really get people sending letters anymore (even though its from jail) in general its a dying art form, people just send txts and emails…

    • Ipullcards

      If he was the greatest what was he so great at besides creating division and trying to fix his mistakes? He was great at his attempts of redemption but don’t act like he wasn’t apart of the problem. U can talk a good game but your actions are what’s remembered mostly

      • B.U.

        He didn’t created division, the media did. He had a problem with a few people and the media ran wit it.

  3. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Behind the Scenes Chuck did much greater than the picture we see.
    He’s just not the brag and boast guy. For Pac. He talked a lot, but did
    any of these things happen when he left jail? He just went back to the
    destructive path that would have gotten him killed later. No PE
    collaboration in sight. He just made Jimmy Iovine rich by further fueling

    the east coast west coast beef. If he were as smart as some of his lyrics
    he could have seen that he was just a tool in the industry.

    • RazaBladeKing

      “Went back to the destructive path”? You must not have heard “Me Against the World”, the album he recorded right before he went to prison. Or any of his albums other than “Thug Life.” Matter of fact, the fact that you talk about the “east coast west coast beef” as if it was something real and not manufactured by the media, let alone blame someone for it… man. The entire East Coast and West Coast had beef, not two rappers. Man. “Just a tool for the industry.” I’d suggest you stick to talking about things you actually know about. Cuz anybody knowledgeable about those things can smell this bulls***.

  4. GQ

    Now Rosenburg wanna play the “scary, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, please don’t hurt me!” jew role. Fukk him! Chuck D has EARNED respect, and whether right or wrong, his input on the culture should always be heard.

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