Hip Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Goes Ape Over Rihanna Played In The Club?

Chris Brown is still clearly not over Rihanna, and made it painfully obvious in a L.A. nightclub, when he demanded that the DJ played her songs.

Star Magazine says:

“An employee at L.A. hookah lounge The Spot tells Star that the singer threw a fit during a recent visit when the DJ queued up songs by his ex. “Chris was in good spirits until Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” started playing,” the eyewitness explains. “Suddenly, he was fuming, pacing around like he was about to start a fight!”

Never one to take the high road, Chris brattily demanded that the DJ strike RiRi from the playlist. “Things got pretty heated,” the employee recalls, adding that the DJ retaliated by playing “Started From the Bottom” by Rihanna’s on-off boyfriend Drake!
“Chris was absolutely livid,” the spy adds. “Thankfully, the DJ laughed and changed the song — but it did make a few good minutes of entertainment at Chris’ expense!”

Talk about case of the ex…


  • Another Incident of People Going Out of They’re Way To Incite Celebs…If You Know The Man Don’t Eff With Certain People, Just Respect His Presence and Not Play They’re Music…And That Goes For Anything, If Actors Get Into It, Don’t Play Another Actors Movies, Don’t Show Art to An Artist of Someone He Hates Etc.



      • Terrance

        Nah. Chris is being a Patron to your set.

        If you know the man is there, use COMMON SENSE. Of course it will put Chris in a different mood which can in turn put others in a different mood.

        As a DJ, that is the OPPOSITE of what you wanna do when playin ya set.


      • Exactly

      • stealth


      • Terrance

        Devil’s advocate

      • Real spill!

        I would have played it, sent Breezy over a drink & laughed it out with him while playing Breezy’s newest music, but I would have had to fugg with him a bit…just because.

      • Terrance

        Which would be funny…


        sh*t plays out like that Hopefully, Maybe, Kinda sort of…

        KATS BE SENSITIVE about sh*t…

      • Yeah, that’s exactly why I would have fugged with him about it, so the Ninja could learn to lighten up!

        I hooked one of my peeps up with a jumpoff once, this ninja wifed it! ( Already had a family, etc. )

        So I tried to tell him that she was a monkey wrench hoe, but he didn’t listen. He was new in town, etc., & literally linked up with the 1st jawnt we came across.

        ( My B’ish went on to become a C.O., his went to jail, etc. )

        Anyway, the monkey wrench hoe stepped to his wife, etc. ( You know how they do, etc. )

        Homey comes home from jail & against my advice, go gets his son from the MWH. He didn’t have too, we been getting him while he was down, even had custody ( not sure of the timing, etc. )

        Anyway, 2 weeks later, she accuses him of molesting his son. Now here’s a Ninja with 1 wives, 2 mistresses & 3 girlfriends, + random B’ishes. etc.

        When i got the news, i called him up while he was damn near on the verge of tears & I was hollaring! Didn’t say nothing, dialed him, when he picked up, I just started laughing as hard as it was funny!

        Hit him with the ” I told you not to fugg with that monkey wrench hoe!”

        He shook it off & agreed, then laughed a bit too, even thanked me, because that was the best he felt since the ‘chet popped off.

        2 weeks later, after all that didn’t work, the B’ish gave him full custody & disappeared. He raises his child with his wife and his others.

        Every now & then, the B’ish pokes in & does some fugg ‘chet.
        She gonna call his wife & tell her that he’s in the bar with another hoe!

        She lucky it’s him, I would have put her @$$ on child support for that ‘chet!

      • Terrance

        KRAZY sh*t!

        As wild as that story is, I hear/see that kind of stuff ALL the time.

        I probably would have put her @ss on it for ALL that as well.


      • King Alvarez

        dont forget to kiss the ground when they walk in as well, they hate when you do that.

      • Its Not Even About Chris, Its about ppl doing sh*t intentionally to piss off celebs, and all and all they’re wrong for that, as a business owner your job is to make the celeb feel comfortable and want to return as well as boost on your venue…but now a days you have these Dj’s who wanna be bigger than the stars (which they will never be) and they do stupid sh*t like this, all and all CB will Still be CB the Next day but the DJ may be unemployed for intentionally pushing away celebs…its not about CB

  • scullyson

    Rihanna got that brotha losin his mind.

  • Charlotte

    I really don’t know what to say about these niggaz anymo but I damn sure love that Justin Beiber….wait, how the song go? “One less lonely nigga” yeah that’s it


    This dude is a real sucka and Rihanna must have some really good kitty!!!

    • Twonpass

      the sucker part, no playa genes no where, a bunch of sucka ass ninja chasin da same trick

  • $30071418

    Who’s paying these mofos to come up with this stuf. Even if the homie comes out and denies the claim, he’ll just be a liar because the media always tells the “truth”, thinks no one should be judged and would like to see all our people living in harmony

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  • lmfao classic. i honestly would’ve been the dick head dj and kept playing rihanna. wtf u gonna do hit me? cmon homie it aint that serious.

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  • El Dogga

    That DJ was being disrespectful. I would’ve just left if it was that serious.

    • Terrance

      Walk out and have the DJ lookin’ KRAZY…

      • El Dogga

        Took all the bad chicks in there off top and rolled. Bet that DJ would’ve been laughing than! lol

      • Celz

        Fa real.. When I was in my early 20s we used to hit other niccas functions and tell everyone our shyt was more crackin.. I woulda found the closest spot bought the bar and invited the whole club.. And then come back next week when it’s a new Dj that had the don’t lose business memo spinnin..

    • hoeyuno

      I give the dj props for not giving in to that cry baby celebrity shyt..I think its hilarious that he threw drake on after..

      • El Dogga

        I’m looking at it as if I were the club owner / the promoter. Disrespecting celebrities who are known to spend EXTRA $ on drinks and bring larger crowds is horrible business!

        Funny yes, smart? No.

      • True.

      • King Alvarez

        but the first sentence clearly states that he wanted the DJ to play the records.

      • El Dogga

        I’m assuming that’s a typo because the first sentence doesn’t make sense. I don’t think you would request something than spazz after you got it! lol

      • That ‘chet was He-Larry-Us!

      • Terrance

        Give a dude a break. Ain’t he just get home? Y’all ready to pop it off ALREADY.

        Funny Tho…

  • Tiffany Hill

    I don’t think CB is even thinking about Rihanna that’s what people want him to do.he is over Rihanna

  • Tiffany Hill

    these fake ass stories the media like to make up

  • ericsmith

    homeboy is over his x so why talk about it

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  • I am confused the beginning of the paragraph clearly states that “Chris Brown is still clearly not over Rihanna, and made it painfully
    obvious in a L.A. nightclub, when he demanded that the DJ played her
    songs.”—–Did he demand the DJ to play her songs or got upset when her song was played, I am totally confused AHH you all need a better writer.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      “AHH, did I just type that” should be then name of this website. when they clearly don’t know what they are doing. They should press the gas pedal, get out then jump in front of the same car.

      • They just need to hire better writers….So many hungry journalists looking for work and they are too cheap to go find the right person for the job.

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  • majesticking

    Grow up let her be she industry property anyway she’s not worth it Chris..

  • tray


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  • Hahahaa!

    The DJ a fool for fuggin with CB!

    • Timothy Fields

      These CA people crack me up. CB is nothin but a lil pu$$. They should have just thrown his butt out and banned him.

      • Nah, not a good business move.

        Best to make him comfy!

  • Immortal

    CB gets out of jail and claims to have gotten rid of the “bad” influences in life and wants only positivity. Got it. Fuming over a song? Getting butthurt when you know the DJ’s pulling your leg waiting for a response? And you falling into it? Dude if this all is true, you might want to reserve your suite at the LA Detention Hilton early.

  • I’m happy that Chris didn’t totally play into the DJ’s hands.

    The DJ clearly wanted Chris to react in a way in which he could then go on to sue his arse.

    Seems like being locked up has taught Chris a lesson.

    • esha

      you really believe this story…

  • LoverOfHipHop

    lmaoooooo the dj is petty

  • digitallife

    Mofo’s never learn…why are you in a club with a possible pending case over your head. Sit down somewhere..let the paparazzi show you chillin’ and enjoying your life carefree and drug free. That prosecutor might have to shut down that case..instead show me in the club chillin’…

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “Chris Brown is still clearly not over Rihanna, and made it painfully obvious in a L.A. nightclub, when he demanded that the DJ played her songs.”

    Im sorry did I read that wrong?

    • No you didn’t…I caught that too…everyone else missed it….lol

  • Ninasky Antonioli

    Chris is stupid. You are always going to hear a RiRi song anywhere! what do you expect from a hit maker, her songs get played everywhere.

  • esha

    yea right!

  • chiboy773

    why do i smell big bulls**t over this story…AHH is bcoming like TMZ. Do us all a favor an kill yaself asap

  • Poseidon

    CNN Headline: Homicidal shooter opens fire on crowd and kills 3 people.

    AHH Headline: Homicidal shooter opens fire on crowd and doesn’t kill 3 people.

    • Poseidon

      Smfh…. Come on, man…

  • Papi Peligro

    Man how long ya’ll been on this.

  • Sleep

    Did he demand that the DJ play her songs, or get pissed cuz the DJ played her songs? Get it together, AHH, or get a better editor.

  • trlvman357

    He need to to retire. This fame shit is too much for him. I think the worst is yet to come with this dude.