50 Cent Suggests The Game Is Bipolar (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The “will they or won’t they” talk about 50 Cent and The Game reconnecting has been a discussion in Hip Hop since the two rappers first fell out a decade ago. 50 was able to move past his differences with other G-Unit members this summer, but Game was left out of the festivities.

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In an interview with Jenny Boom Boom, 50 once again addressed the possibility of smoothing things out with the California emcee, but it does not seem likely.

“My issue with Game is I don’t know what happened with him period,” says 50. “How could you have an assessment on a person who’s flipped flopped their entire career? He’s almost bi-polar. If you watch it, the way he does things. He’s extremely emotional, then he goes to extremely aggressive.”

Game recently spoke about the G-Unit and whether he would like to be a part of the reformed crew. He congratulated 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck on their reunion. The Jesus Piece rapper then suggested that DJ Skee “work that out” when asked what it would take to settle the issues between he and 50.

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Watch 50 Cent’s interview below.

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  • wickedjones

    i dont blame 50 on this one. You can’t be associating with some unstable n1gga.

  • El Dogga

    People seem to forget that when 50 announced on the radio station that Game was out of the Unit. The Game and his goons stormed the station and there ended up being a shoot-out in the streets.

    Why in the world would you want to speak to anyone that pulled heat on you???!?!?

    • GP

      ask buck that question after he played the tape of him crying on the phone

      • El Dogga

        After he got shot 250K for taxes? I can forgive that. 50 could’ve gotten killed by Game.

      • GP

        i mean that goes to show how gangsta some rappers are. how you go to shoot someone and someone in your crew gets shot!

      • El Dogga


        Aim a quality missed in the rap game. lol

      • GP

        lmao you right about that. the only aim these rappers got is knocking up whores and bankruptcy court.


        They did what 2 n*gg*s do when they twirl, They separated Geto boys from Girls. (Geto Boys).

      • GP


    • Rhaegar Targaryen

      It was Games homie that got shot.

      Game tried to claim he got shot by cops but that was such a blatant laughable lie that not even his fans really believed it/

      • El Dogga

        He got shot as a result of going down there to shoot though.

      • Dat nicca Emm

        Game never said he got shot, try and be factual or I am sure you got yo info from a gossip site. I saw a Video of game saying that the bullet got his young homie “Red” in the leg and he felt that he let his guys down. Why lie when the internet is here. Do your homework before typing false infos.

      • Rhaegar Targaryen

        That’s what I mean dude, Game said red got shot by cops.

        But that’s impossible because NYPD would never shoot to defend a rapper.

      • Dat nicca Emm

        Game never had 15 guys with him my dude lol!!! he had a gang of BWS bloodz wit him!!!! The so called NYPD got scared and someone fired a shot. The news even says it for itself, and Game gave a vivid explanation on what happened. I don’t think you were there with him to want to be a smart ass. Check that video on youtube, I think it is there.

  • Obi Won

    We all know Game is bi-polar, It reflects in his music too. Sometimes he makes weak music, but when Game spits he SPITS (ie: Bigger Than Me).

    • Infinite8

      Chiraq remix! Go hard period!

  • Rhaegar Targaryen

    I am 20 now and have been paying attention to the Game/50 feud since it’s Heyday when I was like 13-14

    I used to post on Black Wall Street Forums and had personal conversations with former artists like Eastwood.

    I can say without a doubt 100% that Game is a disturbed erratic emotional manchild.

    I have seen him cry multiple times, read/watched interviews where he talked about suicide, and I also watched a nearly hour long documentary where he simply stayed in a hotel room talking shit about 50 cent called “Stop Snitching Stop Lying”

    Game had a good 2-3 years of relevancy with no album solely based on dissing 50 and G-Unit and he did absolutely nothing with it.

    Black Wall Street never turned out to be shit and Game never ever seriously tried to build another rapper because he was a power hungry ego driven maniac which is what lead him to beef with 50 in the first place.

    As a fan I would love to see a “full” G-Unit reunion including Game but as a 20 year old man who prides himself on critical thinking skills I can more than understand why 50 doesn’t want anything to do with it.

    • Other than failing to capitalize the 1st letter of the last paragraph, your mmar is impecible.
      Very impressive, I mean, not saying no names but follow my eyes :

      QQ’ing @ comments.below.

      If you want work, check out 4UMF(.)com & hit me up :

      • GQ

        Y’all aint paying shyt tho LOL Jp..

      • Hahahahaa!

        That is true, we barely beat commenting on AHH….

    • trilltalk1

      i couldn’t have analyzed this any better, trillest statement about this beef i have ever read on hear.


      Nice post Lil Homie. Good observation.

    • Myleage

      i agree but some say (like his baby momma) 50 is like that too. plus friends say he is cold like when he was unsympathetic to Banks when his pops died. Game isnt a follower type of dude and he really wasnt part of G-unit all that long so i dont see them getting together unless for some serious money.

      • GP

        I would have shot 50 if I was banks

    • Dat nicca Emm

      Preach!! But you need to know that when you blow up so terrifically and getting too much attention as Game did back in 2005, He needed to be given some space to do what he wanted. 50 Never wanted that for Game who was getting calls and cosigns from other rappers whom 50 never wanted. Can’t you see how Dr Dre Let Eminem to build his Shady empire without hating?. When a member of your crew or industry grows, you grow as well. To me I guess, Game felt himself to be in a box and wanted some space and freedom after gaining recognition but 50 kept saying trash about him at the radio stations how his album won’t do 500 thousand copies. I give you an example, check out G-unit affiliate TRAV; and see what he had to say about 50 cent and G-unit. The guy doesn’t want his guys to become bosses which to me isn’t cool.

  • The irony of 50 sprung on a Bx chic like J Lo!

    >>Big Upz the Bx!

    • Rhaegar Targaryen

      Girls that are actually from Puerto Rico are better.

      None of that shitty ghetto attitude.

      • True, plus they don’t have or know the game like BX chics who ain’t taking no ‘chet from ” they baby dad”, you , I or 50.


      • Eli Pinilla

        Them chick’s from the BX want half lol gotta always get em from the island

      • Them B’ishes go for the juglar to get that 1/2!


        Flipside is, when it’s good, it’s the best! They keep it 200%, all the way live, Bronx Style.

        You already know she got ( or will after a big fight ) have :
        “The Bridge Is Over” as 50’s ringtone.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I got a love/hate thing with Puerto Ricans chick’s from The Bronx….. Even the black chick’s from there don’t go that hard…..

      • That’s normal…it’s either all good or all bad!

        That missing middle ground is the problem.

      • That knife can cut both ways thoughs!

  • TimeWillTellu1

    I would pay to watch these dudes box it out!

    • GP

      doubt it. games cries and 50 don’t do his own work

  • GP

    bottom line 50 woke up and saw he cant make no doh without the unit. all his albums sales were ok after the unit broke up. everybody knows buck da hardest. don’t believe me peek the summer jam footage. when 50 came out they were ight, when banks came out they were ight, when yayo came out they were ight but when buck hit the stage you would have thought jay-z came out. they were amped for buck. 50 knows what he doing.

    • baller187

      too late, no body looking for them, what i dont get is why buck aint signed to someone yet, CASHVILLE was one of the best c’ds ever. I go out at night quietly body a nigga and then tuck in the bed and no one knows, its crazy

      • GP

        right a lot of people looked at me funny when I told them buck album was going be hardest next to 50 get rich, when buck album came out all I was hearing was shorty wanna ride, welcome to the south, etc. somebody should have been signed buck, but im thinking they didn’t because they thought 50 would shut em down like he did irv. but everybody talk about New York rappers make the best music, the best cd’s put out came from southern rappers.

  • GP

    50 cent was one album away from touring on a chitling circuit tour.

    • Savimbi


  • baller187

    thats all 50 does it talk bout the past, cuz they aint no future in rap for him, just enjoy your 100 mill and let it go already

    • Look At Me!!! ☺

      He should realize that all interviews ask him about is other ppl. They want him to say negative things. He done in rap.

      • baller187

        he been finished, im tired of hearing of the old days, we all have stories shit

    • Ipullcards

      Yet you’re commenting on a post if an interview of him. Smh sound cray

  • walkerboy86

    “He’s Extremely Emotional & Then It Goes To Extremely Aggressive”

  • Ipullcards

    Ppl talking bout how irrelevant 50 is let’s talk about games decline he doesn’t have anywhere near 100-300 mill 50 has.. He is bipolar crying one day extra gangsta the next.. Love his brother one day next day he’s beefing with his own brother.. Jayceon a lame n a head case

    • Sounds like an excellent marketting opportunity!


      Peep some Fiyah from Game that Could contribute to G Unit.


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  • comeon man…aint nothing wrong with 50….that cat just set a high expectation when he came out but if you listen to the music its still quality music…especially compared to a lot of the cats out now

  • Brindle

    f*ck Game, bring back Spider Loc… he better than all of’m

    • Dat nicca Emm

      You just pathetic, why can’t you say that infront of Game’s face and get D-boed!!!

      • Brindle

        Nikka I don’t know where game is. Back to reality, just cause he’ll debo u don’t mean it would happen to me

  • Elayorx El

    I see where 5if coming from, but the differences between the two, are minimal, where 50 comes off looking better, for obvious reasons. As I recall though, Game made a statement years ago, about being here, “for the next 10 summers”, or something like that, and so far, he seems to be doing just that. Short of comparing his career to 50’s, his success has been nothing to scoff at. I would pay descent money, to the book, movie, album, one-man monologue, etc, where 50 deals, in-depth, with the harsh realities of not having a father, and losing a mother early in childhood. If nothing else, being raised by the streets will make you bi-polar, if one was not already. The monster the streets create, has been exploited well by “Hip-Hop”, and like similar magnetic polarities, Game, and 5if are the same, and probably will always repel one another. Too bad, because they were great together, minus the drama. Lastly, the background fringe parties involved with all of that prior(and probably still ongoing) beef, is probably enough to cement an everlasting rift anyway, just off of that, without the music. Still got love for both. #GUNITBLACKWALLST

  • joey fingaz

    Game was way too disloyal and disrespectful, from rolling to Jimmy Henchmen, throwing the GUnit chain in the crowd in NY, the dvd, and the whole GUnot (which 50 bought the rights of LOL) I don’t see it happening

  • SteffGibbonsrae

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  • Mack

    In other news from 2005…

  • Dreday410

    IF G unit reunion did not take place would The Game still showed 50 cent love in his video “Bigger then Me” Because in FEB/MAR he was saying F G Unit not realize 50 was putting it all together behind seen…….now its all good and Game has love

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