Busta Rhymes Announces Release Date For "Calm Down" Single Featuring Eminem

(AllHipHop News) Fans of Busta Rhymes and Eminem can expect a new collaboration between the two Hip Hop legends in the coming days. Busta revealed an upcoming single titled “Calm Down” featuring Slim Shady will be available in time for Independence Day.

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“Calm Down” has been described as a six-minute respectful battle between Bust and Em. The track was produced by Scoop Deville and will appear on Busta’s Extinction Level Event 2.

Look for the Busta Rhymes/Eminem collabo to drop on July 1.

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    • Spirit Equality

      On the “Get By” remix, Busta’s verse was better than Jay’s, to me. What song were they both on when Busta couldn’t eff with Jay?


        busta said him and Jay had a straight up battle, and Jay beat him….He admits he lost…


      Who the hell is ESAU???

      • Terrance

        Right click and google it mang…

      • JUSROMAN

        Got it bruh. Thanks for the insight. Ironically, my name is Terrance as well..

      • Terrance

        Ha Ha… #BLESS #IRONY

      • The whiteboy.

  • Killuminati

    i though busta was wit young money?????

  • GP

    I mean busta and em on a track could be a classic, but busta cant roll with em, on that touch it remix, em laid down the law, not to mention dmx verse was hard, and da kid papoose sheesh set it off. busta got flow but to me I haven’t heard a hard verse from busta in a while.

    • diggdoug

      the song was hot without a remix!!! foh

  • Markus

    I give credit to Busta for doing the best he can to stay relevant but as talented as he is and as successful as he’s been, I don’t think there’s an audience for him out here anymore. Its tough to realize when you’ve ran your course and I hope he figures it out sooner than later.

    • I agree, but more importantly, things have changed most of these people been around for so long…Today’s society is in love with all things new, most of these older rappers don’t have that wow factor…I am one of those people old rappers have no space in my music player…..Out with the old and in with the new.

      • Markus

        Now don’t get me wrong. I would put Busta’s catalog up against any of the current popular rappers out right now and on his rhymes alone, he would have them beat. Dude was an artist and he had several shining moments. It’s just like you said a new day and a new era.

  • Phatt Killah

    WHAT??? BUSTA NOT RELEVANT? Must be a youngster

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  • Unless they are giving us something that is out of the norm then I won’t be checking for this…..I am on a new artist movement, these older artists got their chance in my music player, time for others to get a chance as well.

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