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Questlove Says Chris Rock May Open Up For Dave Chappelle, Compares The Roots To The Fugees + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Questlove further reaffirms the belief that he knows every secret in the music industry. During a recent interview, Questlove and Black Thought discuss The Roots legacy in comparison to The Fugees, Chris Rock potentially opening up for Dave Chappelle and more.

Dave Chappelle is scheduled to perform his 10th and final show at Radio City Music Hall tonight (July 27th). The interview with HuffPost Live was recorded the on Wednesday (June 26th), a day after The Roots performed with Dave at Radio City this past Tuesday (June 25th). Dave is not scheduled for any more shows at Radio City Music Hall after tonight and Questlove hints that the final guest will be the biggest one of the 10-show run:

He has a slew of his comedian friends opening up. I know Chris Rock is supposed to…might..great..did I just..[Laughs]. Chris Rock is HOSTING the BET Awards.

In his book Mo Betta Blues, Questlove spoke on a “creative rivalry” between The Roots and The Fugees back in the mid to late 90s. His perspective on the two careers’ trajectories now has changed in hindsight:

Would you rather sell 17 million records of your sophomore album and blaze the world on fire. Then sort of vanish around 2000..2001. Or, would rather know that even in your 40s and your 50s and 60s you’re still making  It’s almost neck-in-neck.

Check out Black Thought and Questlove’s full interview with HuffPost Live below:

  • therealjjohnson

    In relation to ?uestlove’s question…i would take the first. If ultimately youre going to end up neck and neck, i would rather not be working until im 40,50.60 etc. Give me my money, fame, and memories upfront (so to speak) and let me chill for the rest of my life and make an appearance here and there.

    • John Q. Public

      Pras and Lauren Hill aren’t exactly chillin on top a mountain of money or anything

      • therealjjohnson

        Boys II Men is…which is who he was talking about.

      • John Q. Public

        in the video? because the article don’t mention Boyz II Men…

        I woulda watched the vid but I don’t got 40mins to spend

  • Dee Moe

    Rock is funnier onstage than Chappelle. Why would he open?

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  • BeeChevezubi

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  • drac215

    I know what quest is talkin bout! Im from west philly and back in 93 me and my man(rest in peace) use to try and get on. The roots(quest love mainly) use to be at a station called wkdu(drexel) and they were building a buzz on the underground radio in philly. Ruffhouse records was a philly label that kriss kross,fugees,cypress hill,tim dog, and so many other people got put on at. Fugees probably felt like they could mess with the roots because they had a major deal in their city ,
    newyork was the mecca and so forth. The fugees in interviews took shots at the roots indirectly all the time cause they feared them. They(fugees) called themselves a hiphop band when only clef played an instrument. Make a long story short my name is drac and I was there(never thought it would become a story anywhere) but philly makes the world takes!!!! Quest is a real humble dude. I say that because I chilled wit quest plent of times(fluid) and hes really Philly!!!! Big up Roots, Drac. My music(drac) sunwun films on YouTube, check it for the real ,God bless

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