Jermaine Dupri: Chris Brown Will Become "More Famous Than Tupac" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jermaine Dupri once said in 2001 that Dr.Dre and Timbaland could not do what he does from a production standpoint. During the BET Awards weekend, the So So Def leader decided to return to his old polarizing ways and declare that Chris Brown will soon ascend to being more popular than Tupac.

After Tupac was released from prison in October 1995 after Suge Knight posted a $1.4 million bail, the rapper went on to have his two most successful albums All Eyez On Me four months later. During an interview with Miss Info, Chris Brown’s recent stint in prison will do more for Brown’s career than it ever did for Tupac’s:

I told people when he came out of jail, ‘He’s going to be Tupac’. He’s an R&B singer and R&B singers’ music are supposed to go further than rap. It stretches over different boundaries. To me, he’ going to be more famous than Tupac. [Laughs]

Check out Miss Info’s interview with Jermaine Dupri below:

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83 Responses to “Jermaine Dupri: Chris Brown Will Become "More Famous Than Tupac" (VIDEO)”

  1. Mr. Starr Vision

    Makes Sense…When You Take All Bias-ness out of it, Chris Has A Bigger Outlet Than Pac had as Well, The Internet and Social Media Wasn’t As Big When Pac was Alive and Chris May Actually Have a Longer Life Span (God Willing) to Continue His Popularity.

    • John Q. Public

      Chris Brown could been huge and was on the way when he was 16 and everyone in the world loved him. Black, white, kids, and parents but he f*cked it all up. He even was just getting into acting and was about to be big in film.

      Now he pigeonholed himself. He will still continue with success because like you see females still want him (dumb hoes) but he lost that universal superstardom love he coulda had for a whole career.

      BET Awards is where he will continue to get his shine. if he was bigger than pac he could skip out on shows like that, like real superstars do (Beyoncé & Jay Z types)


        Not a big fan of Bet, but atleast they try to represent all forms of Black Music, so I guess u think Mtv, Billboard Awards, grammy etc,is the place to be. Guess if it white it’s right. SMH!

      • John Q. Public

        too bad the best music gets played into the commercial breaks.

        the “music matters” artists, and what looked like Tyrese about to do a Bobby Womack tribute all got played during commercial breaks. but we got to see lil wayne 3 or 4 times and chris brown twice.

        ..not to mention lets close the show with a youtube video performance from Beyoncé & Jay z


        Yeah u know it wack that u can almost predict what happens, but still good to see My people together having a good time.

      • Ipullcards

        Don’t take anything away from Elvis the whigger could dance! He’s the first entertainment whigger ever! He stole but so do the greatest artistic minds of any genre. To steal and to still do as good or better as the artists you’re still from was an accomplishment for him..ppl still in music everyday most hits, i don’t hear u talking bad about Jay-z..

      • Twonpass

        give me time…….hahahahahah
        im not a jayz fan anyway……he’s a clown to me…

        just speakin on elvis, and thats your opinion, respect…

      • Sean Taylor

        Nas, Jay-Z, Diddy etc. etc. all stole from 1980 songs.


        naw not stole, they paid and “remixed” never stole! Elvis never paid cash or homage, fact!

  2. jacksjus

    JD must have been on a crack binge all of these years. CB is very taleneted just to get that out of the way, but let’s be serious here.

  3. GP

    this the same guy that xzibit dissed so hard he never made a record again. for that statement he made he should be shot, stabbed, beat down both legs broken and face smashed in. this midget should never be able to do a radio interview again.

  4. Quintin Williams

    Chris Brown is one the most talented artist in the game. He raps, acts, dance, play basketball, he’s a gang member, he writes music, sings and he has been to jail. Now I dont condone a few of the things I’ve listed but let’s keep real the kid is TALENTED! He neds to have a few kids and enjoy life

  5. Brindle

    I love my family from the South, BUT… Southern people say some dumb sh!t, only the south would compare Chris Brown to Tupac or Rick Ross to Biggie or Gucci Mane to Malcom X, only a southern nicca would put out an Iggy, making a mockery of black women… Once again, I do apologize to my fam from the South but damn ya’ll come across in the media like ya’ll just can’t get right (CGR)…

      • Brindle

        ok, ok, i exaggerated on that one… but it will happen soon, just give the south bout 5 more minutes

      • Immortal

        Nah bruh illseed reported on BooPac remember? Folks still thinks Jeezy reps the streets, Wayne is actually a MC, and JD is only known for SSD. I’m not on JD like that, but dude did have a day dedicated to him (in the south) for awhile, and no matter what we think of him, he was knockin the dust of Janet for a few good years. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was knockin Mariah back in the day too.

      • Brindle

        he probably was but she was on the pills back then so she probably don’t remember

    • Obi Won

      I agree with everything you said except “a southern nicca would put out an Iggy”
      I felt like TI was taking the Akon approach. White girl raps, TI collects checks

      • Brindle

        i get it, but he should be ashamed… it’s a menstrel show

      • Brindle

        you proven my point F*CK A PIMP… step up your thought process

      • GP

        I really don’t because this they business just making a comment! since you seem to be so pro black take you issue up with t.i. and the south

      • Brindle

        so pro black? this is mild… and its not their business, it’s my business, along with all other things I choose… don’t just comment, take a stand on something worth standing for, things that seem small now become major issues in 10-15 years.

    • heavyboy

      So the south says “dumb ish” but other regions don’t??? You really think you’re prepared to defend that??? State where you’re from. I’m pretty sure we can find some flaws in your theory*

      • Brindle

        Nah. Everyone says dumb ish. I’m from Cali, and we do some real dumb ish, but when NY and Cali express ignorance its usually past tense or present tense with a story or reason, many times even a consequence. This doesn’t apply to Scar face, outcast, big krit, etc. But to way too many it does. And this ain’t like in the day where record labels was picking the idiots from the west or east, THESE NIKKAS IS PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT NOW… so whom shall I blame.

      • Faceda59

        That was a bad comment bruh.Just like white people saying all black people are lazy and don’t want to work.Cali,don’t get me started on dumb ish in Cali.Lets see there is Oj,Gang banging for no reason,riots that tear up your own shit in your own community etc.But I don’t think all the people In Cali or any of the places you named are stupid and ignorant.Just you!!!!!!!!!

      • Brindle

        that’s all politically correct and cute… OJ is a person, not a mind state, gang bangen is somethen humans been doing since the beginning of time in many different ways… all riots every where take place in the area’s that the people rioting live (you get mad at your wife, you don’t go next door and punch their wall)… but in the south, there’s another level of ignorants going on, you can see it in there smiles when nothing going thru their heads (that was mean) but everyone been noticing it, why do you think the phrase “dumning down hiphop” started? southern rappers, most of them would be hype men for cali or ny rappers…

      • Faceda59

        Jermaine Dupree is a person ,not a mind state,my point is you threw us from the south under the bus because of the ignorants that stand out .Hype men to who?We get our own money down here.That’s the problem your fav rappers aint eating like they use to so now it’s ”dumning down hip hop”.The music sucks everywhere not just the south.For every Gucci mane there is an odb, or eazy -e.I don’t like most of the rappers today no matter where they live.because music itself has went to shit.But you crossed the line with that comment but it’s your god given right to be a-hole.

      • heavyboy

        You said “The South” compared CB to Pac… Bruh, do you really think niggas in the hood are comparing CB to Tupac??? Ain’t nobody around here talking about that ish bruh*

    • Sy

      “People” in the south do not think that Chris Brown is the next Tupac, a person “Jermaine Dupree” thinks that. I’ve never heard anyone say that Rick Ross is compared to Biggie, and I definitely never heard anyone compare Gucci to Malcolm X. JD is not a street dude, and is clearly out of touch, so he doesn’t represent what we southerners think. If I wrote down the mistakes made by so called representatives from any region…it would be thicker than the bible. I would think twice before I accuse a certain region of being anything, cause there’s enough embarrassment to go around for all of us.

      • Brindle

        nah bruh, ya’ll got some unique representatives… we got Coolio, NY got flavor flav and french montana… The south got yin yan twins, lil wayne, bird man, gucci mane, young thug, the list goes on forever, ya’ll come with a new one each week…

  6. GP

    he needs money, midget man taking hell’a L’s. his lable sunk, he lost janet, he broke, ol boy from kk died, don’t got da brat or bow wow no more, nobody in the rap game jigging with dude, he got the t-pain look alike, dude just headed toward the slumps

  7. Vic Sage

    Hey Jermaine do is all a favor and shut the Fck up!!” Chris Brown is just going to be a derelict with talent and an Anger Mgmt. problem (that has yet to be addressed…”) “No one on this Planet Earth is going to be the next PAC anything!!” What a fcking clown you are as announcing some Bullsht like this to the Public at Large…stop gassing and attempting to put batteries in the backs of this young dumb violent and influential generation with some Bullsht like this and in trying to place this cowardly asshole on some imagined pinnacle platform..” Find yourself a chair Duke…” and proceed to sit the fck down in it..”

  8. El Dogga

    Now if he said this lets see…….pre the EPIC RIHIANNA beat down he would be spot on. He messed up and them people got something on him to hold him down. He was about to be a cross-over star like a Justin Timberlake movies, dancing, singing……BUT…..he failed at that. He’ll only be in the lane he is in now for his career which isn’t all that bad.

  9. Kevin Anthony

    See what Mike did? Mike had so much influence..that..even if you sound remotely like have potential to be a star. From Neyo, Justin, Chris, to Donnell and so on..not to take anything away from these dudes..they are all crazy talented Obvi. But, that’s none of my business..Hip Hop is what I know best. Soundcloud Kevin Anthony

  10. IceBergSlim

    Man where did you find this clown @…The HipHop rehab..He has no clout in the game every artist he has went from 10 to 0 just like him. His words mean nothing. This bamma aint had a hit sense the nineties no what I will give him early 2000..Da Brat, Bow Wow and Kris man yanked that bammas neck wit a cane

  11. Eli Pinilla

    Yea, cuz the only reason we know and love pac is cuz of his time in jail. That’s right, pac is a legend cuz he got in trouble…..When Chris Brown makes songs like dear momma, Brenda got a baby, keep your head up, actual music that speaks to his people in a positive way, then get killed; the conversation can be brought up then.

  12. Poseidon

    Buahahaha. Someone’s had a little too much time off. You’re starting to get delusional.

    Chris Brown’s not even felt like that. At all. Little girls in high school (and Jermaine Dupri) are the only ones pushing his movement and cementing his legacy. Period. Pac isn’t beloved the world over because he did a prison sentence. Not even because he got shot either. Sorry Jermaine, you must of missed the whole body of work he produced. The words that were spoken…

    Your legacy is Bow Wow and Da Brat. Timbo’s is Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z, Aaliyah and many others. Dre’s is Eminem, 50 Cent, and Snoop amongst others. Do the math. You obviously ain’t been feelin the music the way the rest of the world has.


  13. Htwn5440

    Nigga Please, Chris Brown could die and still not be as famous as Pac. When you broke you talk a lot of false prophesy.

  14. Mitraised

    Man tell JD to put that strait shooter down cuz only crack have niggas saying shit like that. There ain’t one nigga in rap or music for that matter fuckin with Pac. Alive or dead. They could drop All eyes on me right now and that shit would go diamond all over again. 20 years later his shit still bang like he just dropped. Often imitated NEVER to be duplicated!! JD looking for attention. FOH!!

  15. Markus

    How do you let dude get away with making a statement like that? Chris Brown had an opportunity to be a great artist. Now at best you can say he is decent. Brown like Tupac? Test that man for drugs.

  16. ShortDogg

    Chris Brown is definitely a bad boy! Dude ripped it last night, but famous than PAC. No way! Tupac legacy will carry on as long as hip hop stands! Dude was one of the greatest of all time. There is only a few!

  17. soyhiphop

    Really? Lol bigger than pac theirs people Ive worked with that came from countries I never heard of like Malta and tokelau myramar I’ve never heard of their countries yet they all 2pac fans I doubt Chris has or will have that type of impact in he s life span or after his death..ten years from now chriss will be in 2024 edition of celebrity rehab

  18. hoeyuno

    K-rino is the closest rapper to 2pac…there styles are mad different but they touch on important social issues in our society

  19. hoeyuno

    O yea and JD is dumber then I thought. ..what a dumb comparison…pac cared about the people and wanted them to stand up for there rights….I like the breeze man but hes not gonna be doing speeches on oppression and waya to fight it…

  20. Jason

    chris brown isnt in any league near tupac dont be stupid, soon everyone will forget about brown like they do most artists, but pac is a different story everyone knows pac.


      No Chris is in a league close to Tupac, meaning that he is a sensation to the world, but Tupac is an icon, who is gone, you just can’t really mix the two, they both are great people in their own right.

  21. Chuck Francis

    he said ‘famous’. not ‘bigger impact’, not ‘better artist’….he said ‘famous’. and he is right. fame is visibility and ability to be recognized and talked about. with the internet today, that is not hard.

  22. Brindle

    I don’t care what non of ya’ll say, the south needs to be put on hiphop restriction for 2 years… those that are talented, i’m sorry but you should be punished for doing features with the non talented idiots you work with…


    What a silly comment……Chris Brown is an international superstar, who has reach the top of his own career…Tupac is a Hip-Hop Icon, you can’t compare the two…Sounds like a comment from a person less than smart.

  24. pauleyPee

    How do you quantify the weight of fame to an artist’s overall and lasting popularity? I don’t know but I know this… What JD is saying is like someone arguing that Sean Paul is going to soon be more famous than Bob Marley just because music reaches more markets these days… Anyone with half a brain knows that Bob Marley is an institution… So there will be no eclipsing his legend. The legend of Tupac Shakur follows… Again, we’re talking institutions vs. fame.

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