Jermaine Dupri: Chris Brown Will Become "More Famous Than Tupac" (VIDEO)

Jermaine Dupri: Chris Brown Will Become “More Famous Than Tupac” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jermaine Dupri once said in 2001 that Dr.Dre and Timbaland could not do what he does from a production standpoint. During the BET Awards weekend, the So So Def leader decided to return to his old polarizing ways and declare that Chris Brown will soon ascend to being more popular than Tupac.

After Tupac was released from prison in October 1995 after Suge Knight posted a $1.4 million bail, the rapper went on to have his two most successful albums All Eyez On Me four months later. During an interview with Miss Info, Chris Brown’s recent stint in prison will do more for Brown’s career than it ever did for Tupac’s:

I told people when he came out of jail, ‘He’s going to be Tupac’. He’s an R&B singer and R&B singers’ music are supposed to go further than rap. It stretches over different boundaries. To me, he’ going to be more famous than Tupac. [Laughs]

Check out Miss Info’s interview with Jermaine Dupri below: