50 Cent-Ja Rule

Bang Em Smurf Confirms Ja Rule Had A Bat, But 50 Got A Punch In During ATL Fight (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule’s new book Unruly has people talking about his former feud with 50 Cent once again. The autobiography reportedly includes passages where Ja reflects on an infamous fight between his crew and 50’s crew in Atlanta.

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In the memoir, Ja claims to have struck 50 with a bat during the A-Town melee and his entourage then ran off. Ex-G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf was not present during the altercation, but he does assert to have information about what happened.

“[50] told me about the incident. Ja did have a bat in his hand,” said Smurf. “Ja was getting all hype, out of control. 50 is a calm n***a. He’s ain’t really the type to argue with you face-to-face, so he punched the n***a in the eye.”

Smurf then adds that he did not see 50 injured after the fight, but Ja suffered a black eye. He also claims Ja lost his chain during the altercation.

“How you beat a n***a up when you got a black eye and you got your chain took?” asked Smurf. “That n***a 50 walked off like they didn’t even try to get the chain back.”

According to Smurf, Ja is following the same path as former G-Unit member Prodigy. He feels both rappers used their books to make money off of implicating other people.

“He doing the same s**t Prodigy did. You know Prodigy did a lot of f**k ass s**t – incriminated n***as and all kind of s**t in his book,” said Smurf. “This is what sucker n***as do. Sucker n***as write books and try to incriminate n***as for money. I don’t respect Prodigy neither.”

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Listen to Bang Em Smurf’s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star  below.


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    Unfortunately unless you write books for a living, people need to put “DRAMA” in these books for anyone to at least pay attention let alone buy the book. But do cats in the hood really read books?!?!!?……HELL NO!!!!!

    • scullyson

      Guess thats why prodigy put out an audio book.

      • Eli Pinilla

        “Yo dun, this is the beginning of my life b. Little Prodigy infamous was born on…..”

      • El Dogga


        Word up*20,000 times on that joint lol

      • scullyson


    • Eli Pinilla

      Nggz in jail read all that sh*t. That’s who the book was for. Tell them sh*t that happened in the outside that the feel they getting the inside scoop on.

  • Carlos

    why is this dude still defending 50. I thought 50 didnt pay your bail.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      So are you gonna lie just because someone doesn’t pay your bill?

      • Carlos

        who said anything about lying. I just figure if i have beef with someone, i aint going to be talking about them. Bang em, says here that Ja and Prodigys book incriminate nigg8s, but he is giving more details into their stories.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        If that’s the case then I hear you

  • Killuminati

    he said in the interview he dont even like 50 but hes just bein real abt the situation…..did u even listen?

  • walkerboy86

    50’s the last authentic mainstream rapper. I laugh every time i think
    about this nigga blackin his eye taking his chain and wearing it in that
    vid, if that aint gangsta I dont know what is. So Ja had people with
    him, a bat & he still got his chain snatched? lol, how you gonna
    have a bat and let a nigga leave with your chain, especially If your
    with 8 people.
    When they were shooting a video in queens, 50 got
    word and went down there on his own on his motorbike with a pistol and
    as soon as Supreme saw him he went running over there to stop 50.

    • I couldn’t of said it better homie! Most niggas who understand the streets know 50 was really in the streets and Ja was hanging with niggas in the streets. Niggas be talking about his music fell off but you dumb muthafuckas don’t realize that shit was a stepping stone. Murder Inc was on fire way before 50 and none of them niggas did shit to use that shine outside of music. Real street niggas who REALLY did it/do it is always looking for other avenues to generate $.50 got on and been popping ever since, say what you want but ask yourself where’s Black Child and the rest of them niggas? Jarule can’t give a damn cd away, but the Unit back and poppin and 50 like uncle sam… He got his hands in everything. But some of you niggas won’t understand this shit. LMAO!!

  • Dadon850

    “I wasn’t there but 50 said…..” No need to read the rest.

    • El Dogga

      Right! Like someone is really gonna come back like

      “Aye man!!! Last Friday????? Last Friday my G?????? I got served! I took two jabs, a hook and I was out! I’m only here by the grace of GOD!”


      • justmathoughts

        true but if you hit someone with a bat youd expect them to get hospitalized or at least knocked out right?

      • El Dogga

        Not if your weak or hit on the arms or shoulders. I never heard anyone say he hit him in the head.

      • justmathoughts

        thats the point……ja rule obviously didnt get the job done

  • El Dogga

    Whatever happened to people writing books and changing names of characters and specific details to protect the “innocent”????

    I can just picture Ja Rule looking at his bank account crying and opened up a Word Doc and was like “F’ this I’m telling on EVERYBODY (whips tear)” hahahahahaha

    • therealjjohnson

      For a fictional tale yes, for a memoir no.

      • El Dogga

        LOL this ain’t no memoir! This just a couple of fools with a word doc!

  • Eli Pinilla

    Read this off another website a few weeks ago…gonna leave it here:

    I have first hand info on the happenings in Atlanta. It was actually 99,
    my 1st semester at Clark Atlanta. Fif was on the strip doin signings 
    along with Nas. nikkas wasnt showin Fif no love cuz all he had was How 
    to Rob at that point. The nikka sat there and mugged the whole time, had
    the iced out watch on and a black leather FUBU lookin mad uncomfy, not 
    shook but annoyed that Nas was gettin all the love. Thats the first time
    I ever saw Horse also. He stayed behind those 2 the whole time. Anyway,
    fast forward to a lil later that night. 50 and Rule were performin at 
    the same spot, I forget the name of the club. I had a connect cuz one of
    my nikkas ran wit JD’s “Street Team” and not the n8ggas that walk wit 
    posters on sidewalks. So my peoples is at spot, Im runnin late waitin on
    my roomie, we get there and my dude tells me that 50 had to fukk Rule 
    up right quick cuz the nikka was feelin himself too much and stepped to 
    50. Fif did blacken his eye and Rule had to perform wit shades on. And 
    he swole that shyt up too. nikkas and bring it on fif, it was a fair, 
    and the nikka Horse was there holdin him down and from what my people 
    said, nikkas wanted “NO PARTS” of that nikka. I have no reason to lie 
    for ole boy at that time, VVV was my shyt so I favored Rule. But it is 
    what it is.

    and a radio host also confirmed 50 punched Ja in the face and was then walking around wearing sunglasses

    • Myleage

      nas was on the strip at Clark? wow

  • Markus

    Average 40 year olds don’t reminisce about fights they had 10,15 years ago. When do these musicians let that studio gangster nonsense go? Lames.

    • DJ7

      You’re right…average cats don’t because they’re……..average! Now I guarantee an average cat got mad stories about arguments he had on the job with the boss / co worker… you know….average cat sh*t…point being…if you’ve never encountered anything remotely interesting in your life to recollect on to share the story for, whose fault is it that you’ve lived an uneventful average life?

      • Lucky Luciano

        FACTS!!!!! The nigga shut his mouth after that

      • Markus

        That’s because people especially those who frequent sites like these don’t tell the truth that they are average or regular if that’s a better description for you. Dudes always claim extraordinary status when that’s not the case. And fault for not having a life like a musician isn’t an issue. My point is a musician in their 40s should look ahead to a new phase in their life rather than entertaining fools with stories in their past where they had time to act like buffoons in between making songs like Always on Time and Do You Think About Me? Lames.

      • Jake Zero

        You’re talking absolute nonsense. If you got into an altercation with world famous dare I say ‘superstars’ you’ll be recollecting that sh!t for ever too.

      • Markus

        I was talking about two musicians squaring off against one another. Two musicians that’s had far more positive things occur besides some fight. Not a celebrity and a regular person. If you needed things clarified, just ask.

      • Jake Zero

        Yet even with the point you just ‘clarified’…
        You’re still wrong!

        Michael Jackson and Madonna had a sexual encounter (FACT), and even with both of their individual achievements, it was still something neither of them would ever forget. Especially that it ended badly with Madonna being ejected from MJ’s house.

        The above story by the way, is ALL FACT! In

      • Markus

        Okay but we’re talking about an altercation. Not someone being thrown out of someone’s home. And Michael Jackson and Madonna these two rappers are not so that’s not the same thing. Their exploits are solely supposed to entertain those who are intrigued by people who enjoy being ignorant. And what’s even worse it’s two people who are pushing 40. Sorry but if you’re interested in two AARP dudes at war in the clubs then enjoy yourself.

    • Brindle

      when they with their homies, or asked a question… They do

  • trilltalk1


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  • Ipullcards

    Ridah smurf! To bad he can’t come back to the states. Would be interesting

  • R.E Dykes

    ok ko em

  • Don Flex

    50 got with the bat bang em just suckn on 50

    • u make no sense

      • Don Flex

        50 did not take ja chain 50 got hit with the bat 50 punch both was brawling on the floor..some dude did snatch ja chain but supreme say give it back ja got his chain back in 2 hours.

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