Bang Em Smurf Confirms Ja Rule Had A Bat, But 50 Got A Punch In During ATL Fight (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule’s new book Unruly has people talking about his former feud with 50 Cent once again. The autobiography reportedly includes passages where Ja reflects on an infamous fight between his crew and 50’s crew in Atlanta.

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In the memoir, Ja claims to have struck 50 with a bat during the A-Town melee and his entourage then ran off. Ex-G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf was not present during the altercation, but he does assert to have information about what happened.

“[50] told me about the incident. Ja did have a bat in his hand,” said Smurf. “Ja was getting all hype, out of control. 50 is a calm n***a. He’s ain’t really the type to argue with you face-to-face, so he punched the n***a in the eye.”

Smurf then adds that he did not see 50 injured after the fight, but Ja suffered a black eye. He also claims Ja lost his chain during the altercation.

“How you beat a n***a up when you got a black eye and you got your chain took?” asked Smurf. “That n***a 50 walked off like they didn’t even try to get the chain back.”

According to Smurf, Ja is following the same path as former G-Unit member Prodigy. He feels both rappers used their books to make money off of implicating other people.

“He doing the same s**t Prodigy did. You know Prodigy did a lot of f**k ass s**t – incriminated n***as and all kind of s**t in his book,” said Smurf. “This is what sucker n***as do. Sucker n***as write books and try to incriminate n***as for money. I don’t respect Prodigy neither.”

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Listen to Bang Em Smurf’s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star  below.


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