Opie and Anthony Host Goes On Racist Rant After Being Assaulted

(AllHipHop News) Slavery, Civil Rights Act of 1964 and animals galore. Yesterday (July 2nd) SiriusXM’s Opie and Anthony host  Anthony Cumia made racist comments on his personal Twitter account after allegedly being assaulted by a woman.

Accordin to Cumia, a woman began punching him after he attempted to take a picture of Times Square with her in the frame. After the attack, Cumia vented his frustrations with the powerlessness of white people in such a situation:


Cumia states he did not press charges on his assailant because there were no police officers in the area but then later stated he didn’t because it wouldn’t be taken serious due to him being white. Cumia also later claims he was legally carrying and sustained temporary vision impairment. Cumia did manage to get a photograph of his alleged assailant. The controversial proceeded to attribute his assault to an overarching issue in the Black community:



The Opie and Anthony Show is off for the July 4th weeknd and returns on Monday. SiriuaXM has not responded to the comments from Cumia.

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