Lil Wayne: "Hov Is The God" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne has always been open about being a huge fan of Jay Z. The Young Money rapper even shouted out Hov on his “D’usse” single released earlier this year.

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While the two superstars have fired subliminal shots back-and-forth at each other in the past (see “H.A.M.” and “It’s Good”), Wayne reinforced his respect for the Roc Nation emcee in an interview with MTV.

“Hov is the God. I give Hov a big shout out at all times,” said Wayne of his “Hello Brooklyn 2.0” collaborator. “We was just on that D’usse heavy. I don’t write none of my music – what I mean by that is I don’t write it down – so I just go in there and say whatever come to my mind. So what came to my mind that night was what was on my mind that night.”

When asked if Jigga might make an appearance on Tha Carter V Wayne states he doesn’t want to bother Jay, but another collaboration is not out of the question.

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Watch Lil Wayne’s interview below.


  • johnblacksad

    Props to Weezy…

    “I put my hand on my heart, that means I feel ya
    Real recognize real and you’re lookin familiar”

    Everybody knows Hov is The G.O.D.! What a career!

    • johnblacksad

      “If you can’t respect that… your whole perspective is wack”

      Maybe you’ll love Hov when he fades to black!

      • FRUKOH

        you are the epitome of a di** rider, get a room if you gonna slob on his n*ts that bad john white sad

      • johnblacksad

        lol… what’d I say? your perspective wack as fcuk bruh…

        I only got one thing to reply to that, and it’s, in that particular order : fcuk you, your moms, your sisters and your cousins! Anybody in your family that I forgot to mention, fcuk them too!


      • Sean Taylor

        Don’t let others bring you down to their level.

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        I respect where you are comming from. What a career. But to dudes reply:
        Why do hip hop fans always bring out the fruitiest imagery to insult each other. What kind of dude puts that type of imagery out.

      • reg joe

        And you are the reason and folks like you, the very reason why Rap cant get any credibility and cant get the love and respect for its old heads like Jazz and Rock artists get. Its ok for them to love the Stones all up in their 70’s but you call it dickriding w hen its one of our own. Make up your mind! Do you want the craft respected and venerated or do you want to call it dickriding? You young kids make me sick. No appreciation. Too much machismo and ego. The art as a whole suffers because of it. When I say young, Im not referring to your physical age at all.

      • Ihadtocommentonthis


  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    Seen it all hov kilt dat mannnnnnn

  • bigdoe6

    Jay is a great rapper, but he’s no God. People need to stop sucking him off. Just mentioned the man is a great rapper and had a successful run. I’m speaking in terms of music not anything else.

    • nothing3

      you say had in the past tense.. mchg is still better than anything anybody else is putting out

      • Dhz30

        lol u dont even believe that shit yourself

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        Shout out to you for that avi. Not just a southern classic; a classic that put the south on nationwide.

      • RapItUp

        Pretty sure he meant commercially, at his level of exposure.. Is what I got out of it..

    • Ihadtocommentonthis

      People lyrically the man is just okay. Better than 50, Wayne, Two Chainz, Ludacris, T.I. and the rest of the mainstream radio riders but he isnt the coldest doing it. I agree with you. These dudes in the mainstream take from him and try to emulate his style and success but lately we catch him rapping like them. Listen to his verse on Drunkin Love and tell me he wasnt bitting Two Chainz’ Titty.

      • IceBergSlim

        Everyone influences someone and that’s not a bad thing it saids a lot about you and the person you maybe be emulating. If you so a huge star digging your style that’s a compliment to you and all it does is inspires you to do more

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        There is nothing wrong with that. But he is supposed to be the innovator who always gets his flo bit up.

  • Trill Gates

    Niggas ride Jay toooooo damn hard. his 16s are that godly

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  • Ryan Cole

    This is the problem. “I don’t write my lyrics down. I just go in there and say whatever comes to mind”. That’s why your rhymes are trash. Your thought process ain’t shit. Dudes don’t care to write and say something profound. Dudes just want to say “I had to fart/ She gave me brains, and I’m smart” bullshit over a “hot” beat.

    • He doesn’t freestyle in the old school sense of the word. You know, go in the booth, one take and bam. No. What Wayne does is come up with a couple lines, exit the booth, then go back in and add on to that once he comes up with the next line. So its like he’s writing, but he’s just writing it right into the mic instead of on paper.

      • Ryan Cole

        And it’s still wack.

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        He isnt wack but for the last seven years it feels like him and his crew have been making one long song that gets weaker lyrically as it gets closer to the end.

      • I dig what u saying….lol tru

      • That’s your opinion. I’m not a huge Wayne fan, but he spits a lot better than most of these other rappers who are out now.

      • Ryan Cole

        That’s like being the best player on the Sixers, though.


        LOL! AGREE.

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        Yeah, thats a method that wouldnt work if he was coming up budgeting for studio time.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    You rap never know what you want. When diss jay he was whack now he showing him love he’s a dick rider….rap fans are the worst. I don’t see nothing wrong with him giving jay a shoutout and some respect. You niggas need to make up y’all mind.

  • Clondyke Classic

    Jay Z is the top rapper period. And all them rap niggas know it.

  • vincenzajlogsdon

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  • Eli Pinilla

    It’s funny, cuz if you ask all these materialistic rappers who they think is the best, they say jay. If you ask rappers that think more, that cares about the craft and message, they say pac or nas.

    • Ihadtocommentonthis

      In my opinion rappers that can really go in say none of these dudes. Aint a rapper out here that gets mentioned as the best outrhyming Blackthought, or Mos Def, or Pharoe Monce, under any context. Jay is just okay compared to them but his ability to market himself and make his name a brand is phenomenal. He invested heavily in himself and now like Puff his name alone is a part of the entire HipHop culture. For him hip hop is a business domain, he dominates it by owning his image.

      • Michael Thompson

        people forget that nov always gave those guys like Mos def and blackthought they props. with stuff like “Lyrically id be Talib Kweli”

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        That line made Jay weak not stronger. He has made a living off of telling his fans that he could rap way better if he tried. That makes him kinda wack in my opinion.

      • NJNATL

        wrong interpretation of that line sayin lyrically Id b like talib dosent mean better just mean on some different shit deep political etc.. but being deep dosent automatically equate u as a better or the best rapper

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        If skills sold….

      • Ihadtocommentonthis

        My point is simply, he is not that nice. Master P showed the world you dont have to be a beast to make waves in hip hop, Birdman shows the same. Jay is a King in the culture but as a wordsmith he’s just cool.

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      Or Rakim depending on their age.

      • Jared

        I say Rakim if 32 or older…

      • NJNATL


      • Jared

        I feel I’m 29 and I’d go with Nas. Too young to listen to Rakim in his prime.
        I was trying to account for dudes a bit older than me…

  • olgahmccoin

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    Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

  • plsDontreply

    Does jay have one heartfelt song that is not about himself … That has replay value.. Like keep your head up by Tupac? Dear mama? Or brenda’s got a baby?
    Real talk he dont…

    • NJNATL

      yes jay does i mad it from kingdom album song dedicated to his mother.

      • plsDontreply

        I will give you that I guess on account I never heard that song or album. The single show me what you got had me drop jay from my top ten and he was suspended from my playliist for a few years. Still that’s an old perspective filled jay. Pac was like 23

      • NJNATL

        well its hard for yo to talk shit on jay if u havent heard half his shit. Surley just because u have sum heart felt songs or insprirational does nt make you the better rapper perhaps more versed well rounded but not better

      • NJNATL

        meet the parents bp2 another song althought nt hearfelt deep message

    • IceBergSlim

      That’s not his style so why would he write about it.. Pac was a different spirit.. Their could never be another Pac and I like that. His mama was a former Black Panther this mans blood runs deep in regards to humanity and at the time the plight of young black america..

      • plsDontreply

        A true artist can master all styles. He call himself god not me.

      • IceBergSlim

        Not true if that is not your lane that’s not your lane..God on the mic ..Not in Life ..differentiate playa

      • plsDontreply

        Rap style is not a lane. If you are a god mc master all mc styles. He has tried and failed. Let’s see rap fast was his original style like fu shnikens. Tried rapin fast again on is that yo chick. Fast style. Story tellin style like nas on meet the parents. Story tellin style like big on dead presidents 2. Slow flow style like too short on real niggaz do real things. Many styles he changes his flow all the time if you have a good ear. Being heartfelt is also a style he just lacks it. Stop making excuses for him he just has little emotion on the mic so he is incapable.

    • Junis

      Word I like Jay but he doesnt have n e thing memorable.. Pac got dear mama, california love, changes… Biggie got juicy and big poppa,hypnotise.. Nas got if I rule the world,aint it hard to tell ahh just illmatic in general is a classic lol… dmx got slipping, ruff ryders anthem, that sisqo joint, Who we be…kanye got jesus walks, through the wire..even big pun, ll cool j… But hey the man knows how to make music n be at the right place at the right time n always had a hot beat to compliment his style


    Everbody still wanna to hate on jay is he the best rapper to ever touch the mike probably not although he is up there. However no one has consistenly put out quality music as much or as long as he has….. nigga got countless flows knows how to ride beats raps true shit and and make good songs who else got 13 number one albums no one comes close..

  • I used to be the biggest Pac fan, still am to this day. I remember my brother buying reasonable doubt and begging me to give it a listen…I was like gtfoh wit that bullsht….to be honest if you go through jay catalog that brother is definitely one of the best to spit it. Sometimes u gotta listen to that boy a few times to get his full message. I wasn’t a fan at first but that boy is that pure uncut dope….If you say he ain’t you lying.

    • IceBergSlim

      Pac 4life

      • Oh 4 sho..I swear I wasn’t even interested in listening to jay z until I had a lot of time on my hands…jigga man dope tho can’t knock the hustle for real…that boi rhymes be coming tru like he knew he was gon be rich…lmao…Pac my number 1 all time tho hands down.

      • IceBergSlim

        You sound like me after Pac then Biggie I was done with the rap game. I didn’t listen to Jay Z until he release the black album and my homie kept pushin me to listen to him ..The rest is history

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  • IceBergSlim

    HipHop is from the heart and from the streets..Lil Wayne comes from the heart I like that he goes in on the mic and does not write his lyrics down. Pac was the same way and I understand Jaz z does the same and Biggie as well. Lil waynes admiration for Jay z shows nothing but growth in this man it takes a real soldier to say it and you can not deny Jay z track record. Jay z consistently puts out hits he re-invents himself and stays a head of the game. Their is no other rapper out here who can compare to his business savvy, his self made wealth and his longevity to stay on top and impact a culture. That’s Black History baby

    • Str8 up……and I didn’t like him at first but nobody can deny Jay z did it like no other, if they do they hating from point blank range. Dude damn near prophesied what he was gon do in the game album to album and he wasn’t lying. Plus he did it in a dope way hit after hit…Pac is my favorite rapper but I think jay z that dude.

      • IceBergSlim

        True dat Playa

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